Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

Act 1, Part 1

* George and Martha return home from a faculty function.

* Martha tells George that Nick and Honey are coming for drinks.

* George fixes cocktails for Martha and himself.

* George works Martha into a belligerent frenzy as Nick and Honey arrive.

Act 1, Part 2

* Nick and Honey arrive.

* Martha tells the guests that her father is the President of the university.

* Honey and Martha excuse themselves to go to the bathroom.

* Nick tells George that he works for the Biology department.

* Nick tells George that he and Honey are waiting to have children.

* Martha tells Honey about her and George's son.

Act 1, Part 3

* Martha returns in a sexy outfit and flirts with Nick.

* Martha tells the story of her boxing match with George.

* George fires the toy gun at Martha.

* George accuses Nick of a plot to genetically modify the world.

* Martha mocks George about his son and his...

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