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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Cross sever connections with the Mastermind?

2. What does Cross do to check up on Hughes?

3. What is the irony in Craig's murderous career?

4. Who spots the cops at the magicians' house?

5. Who is jealous of Cross' feelings for a colleague?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Cross' opinion of Charles? Is the opinion based on fact or instinct?

2. Why does Cross fly to California? Does the sudden flight have more to do with the case or Jamilla?

3. How does Cross react when Jamilla reiterates her intense dislike of Craig?

4. What is the result of Cross' trip to see Martin Craig? Does Martin confirm or deny Cross' analysis?

5. Why does Craig suspect that the FBI knows about his alter ego?

6. Why is Craig so pleased with himself and his unique accomplishments?

7. How does Cross handle staying at home during his recovery?

8. Why do some of the fetish ball participants agree to talk during the police interview?

9. Why is Jamilla so angry with Craig? Is the anger based on reality or perception?

10. Why is Cross in a panic when he reaches San Francisco?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At the end of the story, Cross knocks Craig unconscious and then phones home to capture the killer's confession on an answering machine. How did Cross known Craig would confess? Examine Patterson's use of irony in this final stage using Craig's tool of terror.

Essay Topic 2

Early in the story, Michael refers to the cops as "toothless." Why did Michael make that comment? Examine the author's use of irony in the scene when Craig has his teeth knocked out by Cross.

Essay Topic 3

The Mastermind is revealed to be Kyle Craig, Cross' friend and colleague. How is it possible that the Mastermind could stalk and terrorize Cross for so long without being found out? Why was Cross blind to Craig's clues? What was the biggest clue left by Craig?

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