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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Craig claim he won't be convicted?

2. Mastermind believes what is about to happen?

3. How does Cross taunt Craig?

4. To what does Cross tie the murders?

5. Where does Aunt Tia live?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Jamilla so angry with Craig? Is the anger based on reality or perception?

2. Why does the Mastermind choose not to kill Cross? How long will the Mastermind wait to murder the detective?

3. How is Cross able to stay in San Francisco when his family might be in danger?

4. Why do such famous magicians perform in small venues? If there is opportunity to make more money, why settle for less?

5. How does Cross react when Jamilla reiterates her intense dislike of Craig?

6. What prompts Cross to wonder about the new Sire? Will there be someone to step into the role?

7. Why do some of the fetish ball participants agree to talk during the police interview?

8. Why is Craig so pleased with himself and his unique accomplishments?

9. Why does Cross resign from the police department? How will the change affect Nana and the kids?

10. Why does the Mastermind call Cross to talk about the Taylors' murders?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Cross manages to take time out from the case to spend at home with Nana and the kids. Describe how the breaks affect Cross. Is the detective able to put the case aside in order to spend time at home? How does Nana react to the hectic lifestyle?

Essay Topic 2

John Sampson typically plays an integral role in the Alex Cross series. However, in "Violets are Blue," Sampson has a supporting, albeit important, role. Why is Sampson's role in the story important? How might the story have changed if Sampson had not been involved?

Essay Topic 3

Craig fell in love with Kate McTiernan during the Casanova case and still has feelings for the doctor. Why does Craig choose to involve Kate in the plot to kill Cross? Is Craig able to keep his affections separate from the plan?

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