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Short Answer Questions

1. Cross is led to what other southern town?

2. Which philosopher believed that the world only gets more vile and wicked?

3. In what hotel do the victims have a suite?

4. Which southern town does Cross visit?

5. What kind of act do the brothers go to see?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is John Sampson? How does Sampson play an integral role in the story?

2. What was Craig's opinion of Kate? Has the opinion changed since Craig last saw Kate?

3. Why does Cross not feel the usual sense of relief after Westin is caught?

4. Why did the brothers stop in Savannah? What was their opinion of the city?

5. How does the crowd at the fetish ball react when they realize Cross and Hughes are cops?

6. Why is Craig so pleased with himself and his unique accomplishments?

7. Who is Irwin Snyder? Why is he important to the story?

8. Why does the Mastermind choose not to kill Cross? How long will the Mastermind wait to murder the detective?

9. How are Craig and Cross tied to Kate McTiernan? How has their relationship changed?

10. Who are the kids found in the old house? How do they react to outsiders?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Part of the Mastermind's plan was to stalk and harass Cross before killing the detective. The Mastermind made good use of the phone to complete the plan. Craig electronically altered his voice and set up a remote trigger to place the calls. Explain how this might have been achieved.

Essay Topic 2

Kyle Craig is a murderous sociopath who is able to fool master profiler Cross. How is this possible? Does the friendship between Cross and Craig have any effect on Cross' opinions?

Essay Topic 3

What is a fetish? What is the purpose of having a fetish ball? Would the story be able to move forward given a different setting for the final murders?

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