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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Mastermind do at the Cross house?
(a) Watches the family sleep
(b) Bakes a cake
(c) Goes to a picnic
(d) Sets the house on fire

2. What is said to the second victim?
(a) The victim has been chosen
(b) The victim must pay
(c) It's only fun and games
(d) The victim should have been more careful

3. Who/what does Snyder want to follow?
(a) Tiger
(b) Circus
(c) Vampire master
(d) Cross

4. What is the first big lead tying the murders together?
(a) Type of victim
(b) Bite marks
(c) Common suspect
(d) Cross' hunch

5. To whom does Cross routine confide?
(a) Nana
(b) Sampson
(c) Christine
(d) Jamilla

Short Answer Questions

1. What animal is tied to the murders?

2. Cross is relieved when what agent arrives on the scene?

3. Where does Cross spend the day with his family?

4. Where do the brothers go for entertainment?

5. With whom does Cross meet at the University?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the purpose of the Mastermind breaking into the Cross house?

2. What do you think the killers meant when they told Martha Wiatt that she had been "chosen?" Why is it important for the vampires to "choose" their victims?

3. Why did Irwin Snyder kill his parents? Were the murders part of the larger plot?

4. While at home, Cross takes little Alex out for a walk in his stroller. What does Cross request from Little Alex?

5. What are some of the reasons that becoming an FBI agent seems appealing to Cross? How would leaving the Metro police department affect Cross?

6. Why did William reject the trampy girls? How did the girls react to the rejection?

7. What prompted William and Michael's love of extreme sports? Why are the sports so appealing?

8. What is the one thing that makes William most angry? Why is it such a problem?

9. Why did the brothers stop in Savannah? What was their opinion of the city?

10. Why does Cross return to Washington? How does it affect the investigation into the vampire murders?

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