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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the newest murder suspect do to Cross?
(a) Bites him
(b) Stabs him
(c) Taunts him
(d) Confesses

2. Who do the police find during the raid?
(a) Runaways
(b) More victims
(c) Vampires
(d) Mastermind

3. What trait in Cross and/or Craig causes fear in William?
(a) Determination
(b) Powerful energy
(c) Track record
(d) Physical size

4. Whose body is exhumed?
(a) Jamilla Hughes
(b) Martha Wiatt
(c) Baetsey Cavelliere
(d) Mary Alice Richardson

5. What instrument does Cross keep on the porch?
(a) Saxophone
(b) Guitar
(c) Drums
(d) Piano

Short Answer Questions

1. Cross is relieved when what agent arrives on the scene?

2. What is the last name of the murderous brothers?

3. How are Cross and the dinner guest connected?

4. The Mastermind feels what toward Cross?

5. Who are the brothers' next victims?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does the Mastermind sit and think about his superiority? In what areas is the Mastermind superior to Cross?

2. Why did the brothers stop in Savannah? What was their opinion of the city?

3. How are Craig and Cross tied to Kate McTiernan? How has their relationship changed?

4. Who is John Sampson? How does Sampson play an integral role in the story?

5. Why does Cross think that becoming involved with Jamilla could be dangerous? How does Jamilla react to Cross' distance?

6. Why does Cross return to Washington? How does it affect the investigation into the vampire murders?

7. Why did William reject the trampy girls? How did the girls react to the rejection?

8. What prompted William and Michael's love of extreme sports? Why are the sports so appealing?

9. What did Snyder intend to do after the murders? How did Irwin plan to live out his dreams of being a true vampire?

10. How do you think the Mastermind is connected to Cross? Why do Cross' partners keep being murdered by the Mastermind?

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