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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Craig stay away?
(a) Hates magicians
(b) Dislikes Hughes
(c) Doesn't fit in
(d) Wasn't invited

2. Where does Cross wait for the Mastermind?
(a) Jamilla's house
(b) At home
(c) At the farmhouse
(d) At the FBI

3. What item is burned into the gate?
(a) Fangs
(b) Reverse pentacle
(c) Magic symbol
(d) Tiger head

4. Who/what does Cross request at the new headquarters?
(a) Magicians
(b) Animal control
(c) Vampire expert
(d) Jamilla

5. Who does Hughes ask to go along when she decides to check out the area?
(a) Cross
(b) Westin
(c) Craig
(d) Tim

6. What causes Cross to link Craig to his brother's death?
(a) Sibling rivalry
(b) Scrapbook
(c) Instinct
(d) Informant

7. Who corroborates Cross' theory about Craig's brother?
(a) Sampson
(b) Martin
(c) Hughes
(d) Dr. Finlay

8. Who serves as protector to Nana and the kids?
(a) Westin
(b) Hughes
(c) Craig
(d) Sampson

9. How did Craig's brother supposedly die?
(a) Hunting accident
(b) Car accident
(c) Suicide
(d) Robbery

10. What was the purpose of Daniel and Charles' deaths?
(a) They made Michael angry
(b) Power struggle
(c) They were no longer needed
(d) They gave vampires a bad name

11. Hughes questions what action of the performers?
(a) Choice to play small venues
(b) Final disappearing act
(c) Using volunteers from the audience
(d) Use of predictable props

12. What does Cross find in the darkened place?
(a) William's corpse
(b) Dead pigs
(c) Tiger
(d) Rats

13. What happens to the new Sire?
(a) He is arrested
(b) He flees from the scene
(c) The tiger attacks and kills him
(d) Cross shoots him

14. Who is Burns?
(a) Hughes husband
(b) Director at the FBI
(c) Cross' partner
(d) San Francisco detective

15. What is the suspected location of the vampires?
(a) Burned out tenement
(b) Old farmhouse
(c) Warehouse
(d) Magician's basement

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the latest victim of the vampires?

2. Who do the magicians emulate?

3. What is the supposed Vampire Capital of the World?

4. Who follows the magicians to New Orleans?

5. To what does Cross tie the murders?

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