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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the biggest clue about Craig's obsession?
(a) Dislike for Cross' relationship
(b) Works excessively long hours
(c) Calls home every hour
(d) Collects photos of vampires

2. How does Cross react when he learns that Jamilla is missing?
(a) Decides she is out working the case
(b) Shrugs it off
(c) Panics and calls FBI
(d) Worried enough to call police

3. Hughes questions what action of the performers?
(a) Final disappearing act
(b) Use of predictable props
(c) Choice to play small venues
(d) Using volunteers from the audience

4. Mastermind believes what is about to happen?
(a) Cross will figure out his identity
(b) Hughes will get kidnapped
(c) Cross will fly home
(d) He will be caught

5. What causes Cross to link Craig to his brother's death?
(a) Instinct
(b) Scrapbook
(c) Informant
(d) Sibling rivalry

6. How does Craig view Cross?
(a) Brother
(b) Mentor
(c) Enemy
(d) Supplicant

7. Why is the Mastermind superior to other killers?
(a) He has had a long career
(b) They made mistakes
(c) He hasn't been caught
(d) He is in law enforcement

8. The case is winding up but Cross is still uneasy. Why?
(a) Jamilla won't return his calls
(b) Mastermind is still at large
(c) Another murder happens
(d) Craig is missing

9. What was the purpose of Daniel and Charles' deaths?
(a) Power struggle
(b) They made Michael angry
(c) They were no longer needed
(d) They gave vampires a bad name

10. Where does Craig's family live?
(a) North Carolina
(b) New York
(c) Virginia
(d) Washington, D.C.

11. Who hands out the assignments for the newest operation?
(a) Sampson
(b) Cross
(c) Craig
(d) Hughes

12. Who is the latest victim of the vampires?
(a) Westin
(b) Craig
(c) Teenage boy
(d) New Orleans detective

13. To what does Cross tie the murders?
(a) Traveling magic show
(b) Mastermind
(c) Alexander brothers
(d) Tiger

14. What does Cross do to check up on Hughes?
(a) Alerts FBI
(b) Calls all Hughes' phone numbers
(c) Calls Tim
(d) Flies to California

15. Where is Cross attacked?
(a) Living room
(b) Shed
(c) Bedroom
(d) Basement

Short Answer Questions

1. What must happen before Craig is caught?

2. Who treats Cross to breakfast in bed?

3. How does Cross taunt Craig?

4. Who are Cross' next victims?

5. What item is burned into the gate?

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