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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who corroborates Cross' theory about Craig's brother?
(a) Hughes
(b) Dr. Finlay
(c) Sampson
(d) Martin

2. Mastermind believes what is about to happen?
(a) He will be caught
(b) Hughes will get kidnapped
(c) Cross will figure out his identity
(d) Cross will fly home

3. Who is not present in the tunnel?
(a) Westin
(b) Charles
(c) Jamilla
(d) Michael

4. Who breaks into Hughes' house?
(a) Mastermind
(b) Burns
(c) Vampires
(d) FBI agent

5. How does Cross taunt Craig?
(a) Receiving a commendation
(b) By going to the press
(c) Moves in with Jamilla
(d) Reporting him to FBI headquarters

6. What is the irony in Craig's murderous career?
(a) He helped capture many serial killers
(b) Craig's father was a serial killer
(c) He is Cross' friend
(d) He will be his own undoing

7. What new item does Cross find at the murder scene?
(a) Cape
(b) Scarf
(c) Blood stains
(d) Doll

8. How does Cross react when he learns that Jamilla is missing?
(a) Worried enough to call police
(b) Panics and calls FBI
(c) Decides she is out working the case
(d) Shrugs it off

9. Where does Cross meet up with his family?
(a) House on 5th Street
(b) FBI headquarters
(c) Airport
(d) Aunt Tia's house

10. Where do Cross and Hughes go after dinner?
(a) Fetish ball
(b) Hotel bar
(c) FBI headquarters
(d) Magic show

11. What causes Cross to link Craig to his brother's death?
(a) Scrapbook
(b) Sibling rivalry
(c) Instinct
(d) Informant

12. What does Cross do to check up on Hughes?
(a) Calls all Hughes' phone numbers
(b) Flies to California
(c) Alerts FBI
(d) Calls Tim

13. Why does the Mastermind target Cross' partners?
(a) It's a game
(b) He is jealous
(c) Cross deserves to be miserable
(d) He hates women

14. What was the purpose of Daniel and Charles' deaths?
(a) They were no longer needed
(b) Power struggle
(c) They gave vampires a bad name
(d) They made Michael angry

15. Where is Cross when the Mastermind calls?
(a) In his car
(b) In Jamilla's house
(c) At home
(d) At the airport

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Cross sever connections with the Mastermind?

2. How did Cross get inside Jamilla's house?

3. What happens to the new Sire?

4. Who do the magicians emulate?

5. What happens to Hughes?

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