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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who watches the Cross house at night?
(a) FBI
(b) Casanova
(c) Mastermind
(d) William

2. Where does Cross go after leads dry up?
(a) Washington, D.C.
(b) New York
(c) Charlotte
(d) Los Angeles

3. Who does Cross meet for dinner to reminisce?
(a) Christine Johnson
(b) Betsey Cavelierre
(c) Martha Wiatt
(d) Kate McTiernan

4. What type of vehicle do the brothers steal?
(a) Sports car
(b) SUV
(c) Van
(d) Motorcycle

5. Where do the vampires stop to feed?
(a) Birmingham
(b) Savannah
(c) Atlanta
(d) Houston

6. What is the purpose for the visit?
(a) FBI training
(b) Vacation
(c) Murder
(d) Family reunion

7. Who makes threatening calls to Cross?
(a) Escaped convict
(b) Casanova
(c) Vampires
(d) Mastermind

8. Who ventures eastward?
(a) Jamilla
(b) Daniel and Charles
(c) Craig
(d) Alexander brothers

9. Cross heads to the next crime scene in which state?
(a) South Carolina
(b) North Carolina
(c) Kentucky
(d) Georgia

10. What happens to the victims after they are killed?
(a) Covered with sheets
(b) Displayed and photographed
(c) Thrown into a dumpster
(d) Hung upside down

11. Michael refers to the cops as being:
(a) Stupid
(b) Useless
(c) Corrupt
(d) Toothless

12. Who calls and upsets Cross?
(a) Mastermind
(b) Casanova
(c) Fresno Kid
(d) Craig

13. Cross is relieved when what agent arrives on the scene?
(a) Sampson
(b) Craig
(c) Westin
(d) Hughes

14. Who is not present in Cross' house at night?
(a) Michael
(b) Damon
(c) Mastermind
(d) Nana

15. In which state do the brothers stop?
(a) Arkansas
(b) Texas
(c) Georgia
(d) Alabama

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the brothers go when then need a safe place to find a victim?

2. Where do William and Michael go after they leave California?

3. Who were the victims?

4. Where are the latest victims found?

5. Where does Cross spend the day with his family?

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