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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2-3

• Betsey Cavalierre is murdered

• The Mastermind makes a call to taunt Alex Cross

• Martha Wiatt and Davis O'Hara are murdered in Golden Gate Park

• Killers bite the victims as does a large animal

Chapter 4-9 | Chapter 10-11

• The Mastermind continues to plague Cross

• Cross gets called to a vicious murder scene in California

• Cross connects up with FBI contact and friend Kyle Craig

• Cross meets San Francisco detective Jamilla Hughes

• Readers are introduced to William and Michael Alexander, brothers who claim to be vampires

• The Alexanders attack and kill a wealthy couple

• The killers have no interest in money or material possessions

Chapter 12-16 | Chapter 17-18

• Cross continues to work with Hughes

• Kyle Craig agrees to go to San Francisco

• The Mastermind continues to plague Cross

• Cross and Hughes exhume a body that may have been a vampire victim

• Another couple is murdered

• Hughes plants...

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