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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the first acronym that Maxwell suggests in chapter 9?
(a) MADD.
(b) SONAR.
(c) RADAR.
(d) WASP.

2. What is one of Mr. Singh's "specialties"?
(a) Weights and measures.
(b) Making people feel at ease.
(c) Advanced math.
(d) Jeopardy.

3. Which of the following characters do not attend when Holly Blackwell comes to visit?
(a) Mr. LeDue.
(b) Dr. Fairbain.
(c) Dr. Rohmer.
(d) Mrs. Olinski.

4. Mrs. Olinski's reason for going to Sillington House in chapter 8 is half of an invitation from The Souls and half what?
(a) Half a promise to herself.
(b) Half worry that the team wouldn't be ready for the championship.
(c) Half an invitation from Mr. Singh.
(d) Half a promise to Mrs. Laurencin.

5. What does Julian say "tip" was an acronym for?
(a) To Insure Promptness.
(b) Truly Important Present.
(c) Timely Important Polite.
(d) To Imitate Politeness.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which source does Mrs. Olinski NOT use in selecting questions for practice?

2. How does Mrs. Olinski feel about Julian when he disappears before the play?

3. What does Mrs. Olinski tell the principal one must risk when defending her way of choosing her team?

4. Which member of the Epiphany team answers the final question?

5. What is the first thing Mrs. Olinski says to Mr. Singh on the way home?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain Julian's answer to the question about acronyms that have entered the language as words.

2. Describe the relationship between Epiphany and Knightsbridge in chapter 7.

3. Explain the discussion The Souls have with Mrs. Olinski before they begin practicing in chapter 8 and what the outcome is.

4. What goes through Mrs. Olinski's mind as Mr. Singh wheels her in to Sillington House?

5. In chapter 5, the reader finds out how Mrs. Olinski chose each of the members of her Academic Bowl team. Explain how she did it.

6. How do The Souls raise the money to pay for the buses to Albany?

7. Explain what The Souls do after their win to show their support and unity with Mrs. Olinski.

8. Why is Dr. Rohmer so worried about the district championship?

9. How do Dr. Rohmer's instructions to Dr. Fairbain backfire on him in the end?

10. Describe the thoughts Mrs. Olinski has while watching Noah, Nadia, Ethan and Julian drink tea together at Sillington House.

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