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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose name did Mr. Fairbain mispronounce during the previous year's championship?
(a) Michael Jackson's.
(b) Queen Elizabeth's.
(c) Nelson Mandela's.
(d) Pope John Paul II's.

2. Who said she knew all along that The Souls would beat the eighth grade?
(a) Ms. Masolino.
(b) Mrs. Sharkey.
(c) Mrs. Olinski.
(d) Mrs. Laurencin.

3. Who ended up being the "real news" from Holly Blackwell's visit?
(a) Dr. Fairbain.
(b) Mr. LeDue.
(c) Mrs. Olinski.
(d) Dr. Rohmer.

4. What does Mrs. Olinski think when she sees the place at the table The Souls have set for her?
(a) "A space with a view".
(b) "VIPs only".
(c) "Handicapped parking".
(d) "Guest of honor".

5. What does Julian say "tip" was an acronym for?
(a) To Insure Promptness.
(b) Timely Important Polite.
(c) To Imitate Politeness.
(d) Truly Important Present.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Michael Froehlich and his friends pin on their shirts when Epiphany wins the district championship?

2. Who is Mr. LeDue?

3. What does Mrs. Olinski say about Julian's intelligence in chapter 5?

4. What is Mr. Fairbain's first name?

5. How does the commissioner respond to Maxwell's answer to the match-point question?

Short Essay Questions

1. In chapter 5, the reader finds out how Mrs. Olinski chose each of the members of her Academic Bowl team. Explain how she did it.

2. Describe the brief conversation that Mr. Singh and Mrs. Olinski have just before The Souls begin to practice in chapter 8.

3. What does Mrs. Olinski ask The Souls in chapter 12? What does she mean by this question, and what is The Souls' answer?

4. Describe how Mrs. Olinski uses real life to prepare practice questions for The Souls and give an example.

5. Describe the relationship between Epiphany and Knightsbridge in chapter 7.

6. What goes through Mrs. Olinski's mind as Mr. Singh wheels her in to Sillington House?

7. How does Mrs. Olinski outsmart Ham Knapp in chapter 6?

8. Explain what happens on the issue of Julian's answer of "tip" to the acronym question in the end.

9. Why is Dr. Rohmer so worried about the district championship?

10. How do Dr. Rohmer's instructions to Dr. Fairbain backfire on him in the end?

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