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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one of Mr. Singh's "specialties"?
(a) Advanced math.
(b) Jeopardy.
(c) Making people feel at ease.
(d) Weights and measures.

2. What does Mr. Singh refer to when explaining that Julian is the necessary Soul?
(a) A box.
(b) A tree.
(c) A monkey.
(d) An atom.

3. Whom has Mrs. Olinski been considering as the fourth member of her team?
(a) Jared Lord.
(b) Julian Singh.
(c) Hamilton Knapp.
(d) Michael Froehlich.

4. What does Julian say the people in the pubs do with the boxes on the bars?
(a) They put notes in them.
(b) They pick notes out of them.
(c) They take coins out of them.
(d) They drop coins in them.

5. What does Mrs. Olinski tell the principal one must risk when defending her way of choosing her team?
(a) Making people angry.
(b) Doing what's unpopular.
(c) Hurting peoples' feelings.
(d) Making a fool of oneself.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the beginning of chapter 7, which team does the narrator claim would worry about Julian's defiance of the commissioner?

2. What does Mrs. Olinski say about Julian's intelligence in chapter 5?

3. Which quiz category do The Souls and Mrs. Olinski debate when getting ready to practice at the end of chapter 8?

4. How many regions are there in the state of New York?

5. What does Julian do in the car on the way home from the state championship?

Short Essay Questions

1. What answer does Mr. Singh give Mrs. Olinski for how she chose her team?

2. In chapter 5, the reader finds out how Mrs. Olinski chose each of the members of her Academic Bowl team. Explain how she did it.

3. Describe how Mrs. Olinski uses real life to prepare practice questions for The Souls and give an example.

4. What happens to Mrs. Olinski as she is having tea?

5. How do The Souls raise the money to pay for the buses to Albany?

6. Describe the thoughts Mrs. Olinski has while watching Noah, Nadia, Ethan and Julian drink tea together at Sillington House.

7. Explain the discussion The Souls have with Mrs. Olinski before they begin practicing in chapter 8 and what the outcome is.

8. What goes through Mrs. Olinski's mind as Mr. Singh wheels her in to Sillington House?

9. Explain how Mrs. Olinski feels when the state championships are over and why.

10. Describe how each of the Academic Bowl teams reacts to Epiphany's win.

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