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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom has Mrs. Olinski been considering as the fourth member of her team?
(a) Jared Lord.
(b) Hamilton Knapp.
(c) Julian Singh.
(d) Michael Froehlich.

2. Which source does Mrs. Olinski NOT use in selecting questions for practice?
(a) The news.
(b) A trivia game.
(c) Standard seventh grade questions.
(d) Standard sixth grade questions.

3. What does the commissioner do after Maxwell's response to the match-point question before moving on?
(a) He adjusts his glasses.
(b) He makes a note on the question card.
(c) He thanks the panel of experts.
(d) He clears his throat.

4. Where is the state championship going to be held?
(a) Seneca Falls.
(b) Albany.
(c) Rochester.
(d) Ithaca.

5. Which fictional character is featured in the match-point question at the Academic Bowl?
(a) Mother Goose.
(b) Humpty Dumpty.
(c) The Cheshire Cat.
(d) Little Bo Peep.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one of Mr. Singh's "specialties"?

2. Where does the author mentioned in the follow-up question teach?

3. What does Mrs. Olinski tell the principal one must risk when defending her way of choosing her team?

4. What does Mrs. Olinski think when she sees the place at the table The Souls have set for her?

5. What two countries does Julian explain are connected with the origin of the word "posh"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mr. Fairbain do during the district championship, and why does this make Dr. Rohmer so uncomfortable?

2. Describe the conversation Mr. Singh and Mrs. Olinski have in the car on the way to the state championship.

3. How do Dr. Rohmer's instructions to Dr. Fairbain backfire on him in the end?

4. Why is Dr. Rohmer so worried about the district championship?

5. When she arrives at Sillington House to visit Margy, Mrs. Olinski is overcome with emotion. Which emotions is she feeling and why?

6. Describe the brief conversation that Mr. Singh and Mrs. Olinski have just before The Souls begin to practice in chapter 8.

7. Explain Julian's answer to the question about acronyms that have entered the language as words.

8. What goes through Mrs. Olinski's mind as Mr. Singh wheels her in to Sillington House?

9. How does Mrs. Olinski outsmart Ham Knapp in chapter 6?

10. Describe Dr. Rohmer's reaction to The Souls' publicity.

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