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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What word does Noah look up after Izzy's comment about his divorce and his father's marriage?
(a) Ironic.
(b) Chupah.
(c) Fact.
(d) Divorce.

2. What does Nadia think is the most glorious time of year?
(a) Winter.
(b) Spring.
(c) Autumn.
(d) Summer.

3. Where does Noah's brother Joey go for the summer?
(a) To Noah's other grandparents' house.
(b) To his grandparents with Noah.
(c) To his dad's house.
(d) On a cruise.

4. Which county do the Potters live in?
(a) Genesee County.
(b) Saratoga County.
(c) Rockland County.
(d) Clarion County.

5. What word do the onlookers keep saying while Izzy and Margy are digging out the turtles' nest?
(a) "Fascinating."
(b) "Unreal."
(c) "Fantastic."
(d) "Incredible."

6. What does the narrator compare Nadia to when first introducing her in chapter 2?
(a) Waffles with strawberries.
(b) Oatmeal.
(c) Cinnamon toast.
(d) Pancakes with syrup.

7. Who approves people to move turtle nests?
(a) The Environmental Protection Agency.
(b) The Florida Sea Turtle Initiative.
(c) The United Nations Environmental Program.
(d) The Department of Environmental Protection.

8. What is Mrs. Olinski wearing at the Bowl?
(a) An evening gown.
(b) A long skirt.
(c) A hat.
(d) A T-shirt with her team's logo.

9. What does Nadia think of Margy?
(a) She doesn't understand what her grandpa likes about her.
(b) She doesn't like her much.
(c) She thinks she's smart.
(d) She thinks she's beautiful.

10. When does Ethan ring in after the question about the places in New York State is asked?
(a) Last of all the contestants.
(b) After a brief moment to think.
(c) At the sound of the last syllable.
(d) Before the commissioner is finished asking the question.

11. The second Academic Bowl question, posed in chapter 2, revolves around what?
(a) Turtles.
(b) Seashells.
(c) Sand.
(d) Seaweed.

12. Which student asks Mrs. Olinski to write higher on the board?
(a) Julian Singh.
(b) Michael Froehlich.
(c) Hamilton Knapp.
(d) One of the two Jasons.

13. Why does Noah say he can't write a B&B letter to his grandparents?
(a) He doesn't know what a B&B letter is.
(b) He doesn't have any paper.
(c) He doesn't have time.
(d) He doesn't think they deserve one.

14. According to the narrator, sixth grade is the place where kids...
(a) ...can get into big, dangerous fights.
(b) ...can figure out how to manipulate their teachers.
(c) ...stop caring about school.
(d) ...can get inside the print to the meaning.

15. What does Ethan notice that Julian's father is wearing?
(a) A pair of jeans.
(b) A Punjabi.
(c) A turban.
(d) A green hat.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nadia say had been the worst part of her trip to Florida?

2. Julian shows his friends a tiny sculpture of _________.

3. What is the "bombshell" Allen drops after going to the show with Nadia and Ethan?

4. What game does Noah compare collecting coupons for the groceries to?

5. How many lines of poetry did the sixth graders have to memorize each month at Mrs. Olinski's first job?

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