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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Noah say he can't write a B&B letter to his grandparents?
(a) He doesn't have any paper.
(b) He doesn't think they deserve one.
(c) He doesn't have time.
(d) He doesn't know what a B&B letter is.

2. Which of the following does the narrator NOT mention as something that might cause Mr. Fairbain to embarrass himself?
(a) A word with more vowels than consonants.
(b) The names of the ministers of Japan or Zaire.
(c) The name of the former Soviet Socialist Republic.
(d) The capitals of far-away countries.

3. What does Noah say is enough when Julian suggests The Souls need a project?
(a) Regular tea parties.
(b) Learning magic.
(c) Peeling wallpaper.
(d) Doing puzzles.

4. What did Mr. Singh do for a living before buying the Sillington place?
(a) He was a chef.
(b) He was a ship's captain.
(c) He was a teacher.
(d) He was a policeman.

5. What answer do The Souls shout out before Mrs. Olinski is finished asking the question about Martin Luther?
(a) "The Ninety-five Theses."
(b) "The Reformation."
(c) "The Catholic Church."
(d) "The Bible."

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mrs. Olinski wearing at the Bowl?

2. The second Academic Bowl question, posed in chapter 2, revolves around what?

3. What holiday has just passed when Ethan suggests that Nadia have Ginger try out for Annie?

4. Whom does Mrs. Olinski ask to write the instructions for the new "lesson" on the board?

5. What problem does Noah see with Nadia having Ginger audition for the part of Sandy?

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