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Epiphany, New York

This is the small, upstate town where Mrs. Olinski and The Souls live.

Century Village

This is the name of the retirement community where Izzy, Margy, Nate and Sadie live.

Sillington House

This former farmhouse becomes a bed & breakfast inn during the story.

The Calligraphy Pen and Bottle of Ink

These are gifts given by Tillie Nachman to Noah and by Noah to Julian.

Post-it Notes

Noah uses these to include a special message inside the five wedding invitations that are damaged with cat paw prints.

The Red Wagon

This object is used to deliver many things during the wedding preparations.

Julian's Book Bag

Hamilton writes on this object, in pen, before Julian revises the writing to read: "I am a passenger on Spaceship Earth."

Saturday Teatime

This is a symbol of kindness, friendship and courtesy, and is how The Souls first come together.

The Ivory Monkey

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