Venetia Character Descriptions

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This character is the novel's protagonist.


This character is a rake.


This character has a diseased hip-joint.

Edward Yardley

This character speaks to the protagonist as though the person is still a child.

Oswald Denny

This character is younger than, and fascinated by the protagonist.

Mrs. Priddy

This character takes care of Aubrey when he is sick.

Lady Steeple

This character gives the protagonist an invitation to Paris.

Sir Lambert

This character visits a jewelers with the protagonist.


This character is in the military.

Mrs. Scorrier

This character drives the protagonist from her own home.


This character is expecting a child.

Mr. and Mrs. Hendred

These characters invite the protagonist to stay in London.

Lady Denny

This character tries to act as a mother figure to the protagonist.

Clara Denny

This character is expected to marry one of the protagonists siblings.

Sir John

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