Venetia Character Descriptions

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Venetia - This character is the novel's protagonist.

Damerel - This character is a rake.

Aubrey - This character has a diseased hip-joint.

Edward Yardley - This character speaks to the protagonist as though the person is still a child.

Oswald Denny - This character is younger than, and fascinated by the protagonist.

Mrs. Priddy - This character takes care of Aubrey when he is sick.

Lady Steeple - This character gives the protagonist an invitation to Paris.

Sir Lambert - This character visits a jewelers with the protagonist.

Conway - This character is in the military.

Mrs. Scorrier - This character drives the protagonist from her own home.

Charlotte - This character is expecting a child.

Mr. and Mrs. Hendred - These characters invite the protagonist to stay in London.

Lady Denny - This character tries to act as a mother figure to the protagonist.


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