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Chapter One

• Venetia has lived in virtual seclusion at her family manor for most of her life.

• Venetia's brother, Aubrey, is a scholar and not good company.

• Venetia disliked her father for never showing an interest in her. She shocks people by saying does not miss him now that he's dead.

• Lady Denny tries to act as a mother figure for Venetia.

• Venetia's suitors, Oswald Denny and Edward Yardley ride up to the manor.

• Yardley is convinced that he will marry Venetia even though she has told him it will never happen.

• Oswald hopes to woo Venetia into marrying him and tries to act romantic, but ends up looking silly.

Chapter Two

• Venetia goes berry picking without an attendant.

• Venetia gets tangled in some brambles. Her neighbor, Damerel, appears to help even though they never met.

• After freeing Venetia from the brambles Damerel forcibly kisses her.

• Damerel explains...

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