Velvet Song Short Essay - Answer Key

Jude Deveraux
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1. Describe the protagonist of the novel.

The protagonist of the novel is Alyx Blackett. Alyx is a twenty-year-old woman who lives with her father in the village of Moreton, England. She is a talented singer and musician, and is known as such among her townspeople.

2. How did Alyx discover her musical talents?

Alyx discovered her musical talent when she was ten years old. A traveling troubadour gave Alyx an instrument to play, and Alyx found that she had a talent for it. Later, the priest overheard Alyx sing and was so overcome with emotion that he dropped to his knees in wonder. From then on, Alyx became the main singer at the church.

3. What happens to Alyx when she is walking to practice one day?

One day while Alyx is walking to practice, three men approach her on horseback. These men are obviously of the higher echelons as they are dressed in furs and jewels. One of the men, Pagnell (a soon-to-be Earl) grabs Alyx violently and kisses her. Then, all three men pursue her. Eventually, one of Pagnell's footmen take pity on Alyx and helps her get away.

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