Velvet Song Character Descriptions

Jude Deveraux
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Alyx Blackett

This character must pretend to be a squire to avoid capture.

Raine Montegomery

This character is of noble birth but lives in the forest with a band of outlaws.

Jocelin Laing

This character becomes a traveling musician with the protagonist of the novel.


This character's face is horribly scarred.


This character burns the protagonist's home to the ground.

Roger Chatworth

This character accidentally kills his younger brother.

Elizabeth Chatworth

This character is described as kind and meets the protagonist at a wedding.

Miles Montgomery

This character marries the person who this character had supposedly kidnapped.

Stephan (Montgomery) MacArran

This character arrives at the camp for a visit with a hearty laugh and makes friends with the protagonist quickly.

Bronwyn MacArran

This character is kidnapped by the family with which the hero is feuding, but this character manages to escape.

Judith Montgomery

The protagonist is...

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