Velvet Song Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jude Deveraux
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Part One: Chapters 1-2, (pg 3-28)

• The reader is introduced to the protagonist of the novel, Alyx Blackett.

• Alyx is a talented singer and musician.

• Alyx lives alone with her father in a village called Moreton, in England.

• The townspeople are in awe of Alyx's talent, and Alyx is the main singer at the church.

• One day, an Earl named Pagnell makes advances on her, but Alyx manages to get away.

• One night, Pagnell and his men enter Alyx's house and kill her father. Alyx manages to get away.

• Alyx receives help from the priest and Pagnell's servant. Alyx is forced to disguise herself as a boy to hide from Pagnell.

Part One: Chapters 3 - 4 , (pg 29-57)

• Alyx enters the camp of Raine and his band of misfits, where she will be his squire.

• Alyx is upset that she will be the servant of a noble.

• Alyx is...

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