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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Anne and Helen have a falling out in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?
(a) Because Anne criticized Helen's performance in "Hit the Sky."
(b) Because Anne skipped going to a party with Helen to attend a party with Neely.
(c) Because Anne quit Bellamy and Bellows and as a result they dropped Helen, her friend, as a client.
(d) Because Anne broke up with Allen, which resulted in Gino no longer coming to see Helen.

2. What does Neely give Mel credit for in regards to her career?
(a) Booking the acts that are in her show.
(b) The songwriting.
(c) The publicity.
(d) Her improved voice.

3. How much does Anne's room cost?
(a) $25.
(b) $15.
(c) $5.
(d) $18.

4. To what does Anne compare her job?
(a) A human dictaphone.
(b) A human typewriter.
(c) A human stenograph.
(d) A human pencil.

5. What color are Neely's diet pills?
(a) Blue.
(b) Green.
(c) Red.
(d) Yellow.

6. Where is Jennifer originally from?
(a) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
(b) Madrid, Spain.
(c) Cleveland, Ohio.
(d) Los Angeles, California.

7. Who was Anne supposed to marry back in her hometown?
(a) Jacob Sans.
(b) Willy Henderson.
(c) Henry Gillmore.
(d) Lyon Burke.

8. In what restaurant do Mel and Neely have lunch at the end of Neely, February, 1946?
(a) Sardi's.
(b) The Persian Room.
(c) El Morocco.
(d) 21.

9. Why did Jennifer leave the prince?
(a) He was gay.
(b) He raped her.
(c) He didn't want to have kids.
(d) He had no money.

10. What word does Neely use to describe the pregnancy?
(a) Marvelous.
(b) Unbelievable.
(c) Happy.
(d) Stupendous.

11. With what agency does Jennifer register?
(a) Johnson Harris.
(b) The Longworth Agency.
(c) Bellamy and Bellows.
(d) John Powell.

12. What phrase does Neely say too often?
(a) Geeze!
(b) Oh my!
(c) Like...
(d) Golly!

13. What magazine does Anne read about Lyon?
(a) Time
(b) Life
(c) US News
(d) Newsweek

14. For what reason does Anne begin taking "dolls"?
(a) To gain energy.
(b) To sleep.
(c) To lose weight.
(d) To stay sane.

15. What does Tony Polar give Jennifer for Christmas?
(a) An aquamarine ring.
(b) A diamond necklace.
(c) A mink coat.
(d) A pearl necklace.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jennifer not like the sun?

2. How old was Miriam when Tony was born?

3. At what theatrical law firm does Anne work?

4. Who does Anne have a crush on from the office?

5. What is Lyon's secret dream that he shares with Anne while at lunch?

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