Valley of the Dolls Character Descriptions

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Anne Welles - From a small town in Massachusetts and Ivy League educated, this New Yorker makes it big as a television star.

Neely O'Hara - A member of the gaucheros, this vaudeville star becomes a huge star.

Jennifer North - Using good looks to gain success, this character's body is her ticket to fame and fortune.

Lyon Burke - A veteran who returns to New York after WWII and works for a successful law firm representing actors. Eventually, this character leaves New York for England and publishes several books.

Henry Bellamy - A theatrical lawyer who has never married and is the owner of a law firm serving clients in showbiz.

Helen Lawson - A living musical legend, this character has been married several times and after each failed relationship, makes a comeback on Broadway.

Allen Cooper - A millionaire who hides money when dating in...

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