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Anne, September, 1945

• Anne Welles is a Radcliffe graduate and only 19 years old when she leaves the small town of Lawrenceville, Massachusetts for New York City.

• Her family is upset to hear that she is leaving, especially when they realize this trip is not a vacation and Anne intends to stay.

• Anne gives up a "planned" marriage to Willie Henderson and takes the money she inherited from her father's death and sets off to New York.

• The city is dirty and crowded as her family predicted it would be, but Anne loves it anyway.

• Instead of squandering her savings, Anne decides to get a job and save her money.
• Anne goes to an employment agency to be placed at a job.

• The agency suggests she contact a modeling company because of her good looks.

• Anne says she would prefer to be a secretary and is sent to Bellamy and...

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