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Essay Topic 1

How does Gloria Knudson's death affect Horselover Fat? In what way is he prepared to let her death affect him in a negative way?

Essay Topic 2

Why does Phil create Horselover Fat as his alter ego? In what way does it distant him from Horselover's own actions?

Essay Topic 3

Why does Horselover Fat need to find the fifth savior? What will it do for his life if he does find what he is looking for?

Essay Topic 4

Why is deep religious belief often connected with mental illness? Is there evidence that Horselover Fat's search for the fifth savior is a disconnection from reality?

Essay Topic 5

In what way is Stephanie the only positive relationship Fat has with a woman character in this story? How does their relationship effect Fat?

Essay Topic 6

Examine Fat's exegesis.

1. What is Fat trying to explore in his exegesis?

2. Why is Fat's...

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