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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom did Iboya go with to these clandestine gatherings?
(a) Rozsi.
(b) Babi.
(c) Mother.
(d) Aunt Lujza.

2. What news did Mother get of Lilli, Lajos and Manci?
(a) They were seen boarding a train.
(b) They had escaped.
(c) They were dead.
(d) They were sick.

3. How did this change things for Piri's family?
(a) They had money to flee with.
(b) Lilli was living with them full-time now.
(c) They were determined to stay together, now.
(d) They had more help in the house.

4. Why was Piri expelled from school?
(a) She was unruly.
(b) She was Jewish.
(c) She was insubordinate.
(d) She had stolen money.

5. What happened to Dr. Feher?
(a) He was arrested.
(b) He left for America.
(c) He shot himself after his wife and daughter had been raped.
(d) He stopped making house calls.

6. What plans were made at the places Iboya went in secret?
(a) To shelter Jews.
(b) To harass Jews.
(c) To escape from Beregszasz.
(d) To kill Nazis.

7. What was Mr. Schwartz' response to Mother?
(a) He said that the resistance didn't need her help.
(b) He told her how much it would cost to be smuggled out.
(c) He assured her he would keep Iboya safe.
(d) He said there wasn't any space for her to be smuggled out.

8. Why did Mother leave the city?
(a) To tell Lajos' family what happened.
(b) To buy another goat.
(c) To secure passage out of Beregszasz.
(d) To look for Father.

9. Who told Mother that Dr. Feher was dead?
(a) Mrs. Gerber.
(b) Iboya.
(c) Piri.
(d) Mr. Hirsch.

10. What did Mother received from Lajos' parents?
(a) A key.
(b) A gift.
(c) A letter.
(d) A telegram.

11. What did Piri and Iboya find when they went to the provision center?
(a) There was a ranking system that governed who got the supplies.
(b) There wasn't enough of anything to go around.
(c) The Germans were keeping everything for themselves.
(d) The Jews wouldn't get anything.

12. Why did Mr. Shuster oppose Mother's plans?
(a) He feared reprisals if the Jews rose up.
(b) He was forbidden to allow any luxuries.
(c) He was full of his own power.
(d) It would anger the Germans.

13. Where were Jews being taken?
(a) To death camps.
(b) To work camps.
(c) To a ghetto.
(d) To work in factories.

14. What did Iboya confess about Mr. Schwartz?
(a) He was smuggling Jews.
(b) He was a bootlegger.
(c) He was her lover.
(d) He was reporting Jews to the police.

15. What did Mother try to do?
(a) Organize the prisoners.
(b) Bargain with the guards.
(c) Hang out sheets for privacy.
(d) Talk to the officials about supplies.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Manci need to be picked up?

2. What special allowance did the family have to make to keep the goat?

3. What was the ultimatum the German soldiers gave Mr. Hirsch?

4. How has Lilli and Lajos been sent away?

5. What did Mother have to wait for?

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