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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mary think the tip she leaves will mean a great deal?
(a) She noticed how shabby the person's shoes are.
(b) It is done in generosity rather than condescension.
(c) The person will not expect it.
(d) She does not really think about it.

2. What does Mary say when the Princess points out what a good catch Edgar would be?
(a) The woman Edgar has asked to marry him is very lucky.
(b) The Princess should consider him.
(c) That Edgar is like an older brother to Mary.
(d) That Edgar is unlikely to ask Mary to be his wife because of their great age difference.

3. Who is Princess San Ferdinanado?
(a) A woman who is hostessing a party that evening.
(b) Mary's childhood friend.
(c) The Princess of Tuscany who is a recent widow.
(d) A woman who holds grand parties to which Mary has never been invited.

4. What does Edgar want Mary to carry with her to Florence?
(a) A gun for protection.
(b) A bottle of vintage wine for the Princess.
(c) A bottle of vintage win for an old friend.
(d) A note for the Princess.

5. Why does Mary have second thoughts about attending the party?
(a) She knows no one at the party.
(b) Edgar is not there to escort her.
(c) Her sister arrives the next day and the house needs cleaning.
(d) Her mother wants her to come to Rome right away.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Karl point out to Mary as they are driving to her villa?

2. What does Rowley say about his reputation?

3. Of what is Rowley concerned?

4. What city can Mary see from the terrace of the villa?

5. How long has Mary known Edgar?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mary say about why she marries Matthew Panton?

2. What is surprising about Mary's response to Edgar's proposal?

3. How does Rowley find the handgun in Mary's purse and how does that change the conversation?

4. How long has Mary known Edgar and what was Mary's mother's opinion of the man?

5. How does Karl present himself?

6. How has Mary been spending her time lately and what bearing does that have to do with Mary being at the villa?

7. Why does Rowley propose to Mary and how does she respond?

8. How does Mary meet Karl Richter?

9. Why does the Princess choose the restaurant they are at for the party and how is she disappointed?

10. What is paradoxical about the Princess's personality?

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