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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mary decide she must do as soon as possible?
(a) Call her lawyer.
(b) Call her father.
(c) Call Edgar.
(d) Leave the villa.

2. Why does Rowley ask for the gun?
(a) To put it by Karl's body.
(b) To throw it in the river.
(c) He does not ask for the gun.
(d) To clean it so it will not be noticeable that it was shot.

3. What does Karl's landlady know about Karl just before his disappearance?
(a) That he had money when he left Peppitos.
(b) That his mother wrote him recently and asked him to come home.
(c) That he was about to be married to a girl who is pregnant.
(d) That he was unhappy in Italy.

4. What is rumored about Karl?
(a) That he hasn't paid rent for three weeks.
(b) That he was murdered.
(c) That he has gone to join the Nazis.
(d) That he is having an affair with a lady of high rank.

5. Who comes to ask about the gunshot?
(a) Nina.
(b) No one.
(c) The police.
(d) Ciro.

6. What does the Princess say she would do if she were such a poor musician?
(a) Shoot herself.
(b) Take lessons.
(c) Find a different job.
(d) Tell everyone to like it or leave.

7. What does Mary say about Karl when asked?
(a) That he seemed odd.
(b) That he seemed sad.
(c) That he wasn't a good musician.
(d) That he was handsome.

8. What does the Princess say she learned from the restaurant manager?
(a) That the violinist is a refugee.
(b) That the violinist became violent when fired.
(c) That the owner of the restaruant is returning part of the Princess' check.
(d) That the violinist is related to the cook at the restaurant.

9. What else does Mary have to consider about Karl's death?
(a) That she needs to notify Karl's mother.
(b) That the police would have absolutely no reason to suspect her if she keeps her head.
(c) That she has gotten Rowley involved.
(d) That she needs to notify Karl's sister.

10. What does Rowley insist that Mary do?
(a) Take a sleeping pill.
(b) Call her lawyer.
(c) Go to the hotel with him.
(d) Call Edgar.

11. Who is Mary relieved to find at the social function at the Villa Bolognese?
(a) No one she knows.
(b) Lord Seafair.
(c) Rowley.
(d) Edgar.

12. What does Karl do when Mary pulls out her gun?
(a) He tells her to shoot him.
(b) He laughs.
(c) He grabs the gun and shoots at her.
(d) He turns and runs.

13. Why doesn't Mary think it would be wise to call the police?
(a) She is not a citizen of that country.
(b) Because Nina had come and said she heard a bang.
(c) She thinks she should call the police.
(d) She is afraid that they will arrest her right away.

14. How does Mary explain sleeping so late?
(a) That she took a sleeping pill after Nina had come to her room in the middle of the night.
(b) That she had been reading in bed until quite late.
(c) That it is so overcast, it seemed earlier than it is.
(d) That she wasn't feeling well.

15. Why doesn't Mary say anything as Karl is talking?
(a) She does but it doesn't help.
(b) She believes he brought some of his problems on himself.
(c) He glares at her as she starts to comfort him.
(d) His situation was so dire, nothing would help.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Karl join?

2. What makes it easier to hide Karl's death?

3. What do Mary and Rowley do when a car comes towards them?

4. What changes Karl's life?

5. About whom does the conversation turn to?

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