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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Karl doing after Mary and he have sex?
(a) Chopping wood for Mary.
(b) Sitting at Mary's feet smoking a cigarette.
(c) Playing his violin.
(d) Sleeping.

2. What is the explanation Rowley offers for Karl killing himself?
(a) Karl didn't think the gun was loaded.
(b) Karl's life was devoid of beauty and hope and Mary had offered that and then told him the truth.
(c) Karl was insane.
(d) Karl was planning to anyway and just found it an opportune moment.

3. What does Mary force herself to do?
(a) Clean up a little blood remaining on the floor.
(b) Eat some breakfast.
(c) Act naturally.
(d) Bathe.

4. Why does Mary decide she will tell Edgar the truth about her and Karl?
(a) To get out of the marriage proposal.
(b) To enter marriage with a clear conscience.
(c) To seek Edgar's advice.
(d) She is not going to tell Edgar the truth.

5. What is rumored about Karl?
(a) That he hasn't paid rent for three weeks.
(b) That he is having an affair with a lady of high rank.
(c) That he has gone to join the Nazis.
(d) That he was murdered.

6. Why does Mary call Rowley for help?
(a) He's in the same motel as Edgar and she knows that number.q
(b) She is afraid of the police.
(c) She thinks he is smart.
(d) She thinks he'd be discreet.

7. What does Mary tell Karl the reason she has sex with him?
(a) She was curious.
(b) As an act of kindness to give him a short time of happiness.
(c) She was lonely.
(d) She does not know why.

8. From what country is Karl?
(a) Germany.
(b) Austria.
(c) Poland.
(d) France.

9. About what is Rowley concerned?
(a) That someone might accuse him of killing Karl in a jealous rage.
(b) That Mary will break down and admit her part.
(c) He is confident and unconcerned.
(d) That the gun can be traced.

10. Why does Mary think of the handgun in her purse?
(a) She forgot she has the handgun.
(b) She wonders if she could kill a man.
(c) She becomes frightened.
(d) She feels suicidal for being so cruel to Karl.

11. What else does Mary have to consider about Karl's death?
(a) That she needs to notify Karl's mother.
(b) That she needs to notify Karl's sister.
(c) That the police would have absolutely no reason to suspect her if she keeps her head.
(d) That she has gotten Rowley involved.

12. What changes Karl's life?
(a) Nothing yet.
(b) His meeting with Mary.
(c) A spiritual teacher in France.
(d) Seeing his best friend murdered.

13. How does Rowley get to Mary's villa?
(a) Walking.
(b) Cab.
(c) Bicycle.
(d) Train.

14. Where is Mary supposed to be at one o'clock?
(a) Villa Bolognese.
(b) To have lunch with Rowley.
(c) The Princess' villa.
(d) To meet with her lawyer in Florence.

15. What does Mary realize about the gun?
(a) That Ciro would know that it had been fired.
(b) That it could be traced to her.
(c) That it probably has Karl's fingerprints on the grip.
(d) That it may have her fingerprints on the grip.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mary feel when the conversation turns away from the subject of Karl?

2. Why is there little blood to contend with?

3. About whom does the conversation turn to?

4. Why doesn't Mary say anything as Karl is talking?

5. What does Karl join?

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