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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Karl ask of Mary, which she says no to?
(a) If he can stay in the villa with her.
(b) If she will go with him to have a late night swim.
(c) If she is dating someone seriously.
(d) If he can see her again.

2. What is Mary's first instinct to do about Karl?
(a) Set fire to the villa and make it look like a fire kills him.
(b) Call Edgar.
(c) Call the police.
(d) Drag his body out of the house.

3. Where is Mary when she receives a telegram?
(a) In the garden at her villa.
(b) Asleep.
(c) Having dinner with Rowley.
(d) Still at Villa Bolognese.

4. What is the Princess going to do about getting Karl fired?
(a) Find him and give him some money.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Find him another job.
(d) Send him to the United States where he'll be safe.

5. Why does Rowley ask for the gun?
(a) To put it by Karl's body.
(b) He does not ask for the gun.
(c) To throw it in the river.
(d) To clean it so it will not be noticeable that it was shot.

6. How has Mary's opinion changed of Rowley?
(a) She thinks he helped her for his own reasons.
(b) Because he has been a good friend when she was in need.
(c) It hasn't.
(d) She thinks he may be planning to blackmail her.

7. How does Mary explain the sound Nina heard?
(a) An animal in the crawl space.
(b) A car passing the villa.
(c) A hunter.
(d) She does not offer any ideas.

8. What does Mary say that further angers Karl?
(a) She says she went to bed with him on a dare from a friend.
(b) She offers him money.
(c) She says the sex was terrible.
(d) She says she would never marry a penniless man.

9. What does Karl tell Mary and she says she does not feel the same way?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Karl tells Mary he loves her.
(c) Karl says his time in bed with her was the best experience he has ever had.
(d) Karl tells Mary he wants to gain revenge against the Germans.

10. What does Karl imply that Mary is?
(a) A temptress.
(b) Cruel.
(c) Nervous.
(d) Confused.

11. Why is Rowley driving fast?
(a) He is nervous.
(b) To get finished before daylight.
(c) He is angry that Mary called him.
(d) He always drives fast.

12. What does he say she should do about her commitments that day?
(a) Call in an excuse.
(b) Attend them at least briefly.
(c) Attend them.
(d) Whatever she wants to do; it did not matter.

13. What does the Princess say she would do if she were such a poor musician?
(a) Find a different job.
(b) Shoot herself.
(c) Take lessons.
(d) Tell everyone to like it or leave.

14. What does Rowley say about the gun?
(a) He will take care of the gun.
(b) They will have to trust to luck.
(c) They will have to report it stolen.
(d) They will have to toss it in the Arno River.

15. Who is Agata?
(a) Rowley's mother.
(b) The Princess' hairdresser.
(c) The cook who lives in the village.
(d) Mary's lawyer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Karl do when Mary pulls out her gun?

2. What does Mary say in response to Rowley's explanation about Karl's death?

3. Where is Karl sent?

4. What does Rowley reply to Mary's repeated thanks?

5. What does Karl do after laying Mary on the bed and kissing her repeatedly?

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