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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mary remember as they are down the road a bit?
(a) The bloody towel is still in the car.
(b) She is supposed to have breakfast with friends that morning.
(c) Karl had laid his wallet on her dresser.
(d) Edgar is supposed to be there for breakfast.

2. What does Karl imply that Mary is?
(a) A temptress.
(b) Confused.
(c) Nervous.
(d) Cruel.

3. What does Mary impulsively offer?
(a) To put an ad in the paper asking about Karl.
(b) To write Karl's mother and ask if he is there.
(c) To pay Karl's back rent.
(d) To talk to the landlady.

4. What does Karl join?
(a) The resistance.
(b) The Hitler youth group.
(c) A group of people who decide to leave the country.
(d) The Germany military.

5. About what is Rowley concerned?
(a) He is confident and unconcerned.
(b) That Mary will break down and admit her part.
(c) That the gun can be traced.
(d) That someone might accuse him of killing Karl in a jealous rage.

6. Who is Agata?
(a) Mary's lawyer.
(b) Rowley's mother.
(c) The cook who lives in the village.
(d) The Princess' hairdresser.

7. What do Mary and Rowley do when a car comes towards them?
(a) Jump in the car and keep driving to find another place.
(b) Push Karl's body down the hill instead of carrying it.
(c) Hide in the bushes with Karl's body.
(d) Pretend to be locked in a passionate embrace.

8. What does Mary decide she must do as soon as possible?
(a) Leave the villa.
(b) Call her father.
(c) Call her lawyer.
(d) Call Edgar.

9. What does the Princess say she learned from the restaurant manager?
(a) That the violinist became violent when fired.
(b) That the violinist is related to the cook at the restaurant.
(c) That the owner of the restaruant is returning part of the Princess' check.
(d) That the violinist is a refugee.

10. Why does Mary call Rowley for help?
(a) She thinks he'd be discreet.
(b) He's in the same motel as Edgar and she knows that number.q
(c) She is afraid of the police.
(d) She thinks he is smart.

11. What frightens Mary?
(a) A police investigation finding evidence in her home.
(b) Nina knowing she had a male visitor the night of Karl's death.
(c) The idea of Rowley returning to the site where they put Karl's body.
(d) Nothing since things seems to be working out fine.

12. What changes Karl's life?
(a) Nothing yet.
(b) Seeing his best friend murdered.
(c) His meeting with Mary.
(d) A spiritual teacher in France.

13. About whom does the conversation turn to?
(a) Edgar.
(b) Karl.
(c) Mary.
(d) Lord Seafair.

14. What is Rowley's first inclination when he sees Karl's body?
(a) To yell at Mary.
(b) To dig a grave in the garden.
(c) To leave.
(d) To call the police.

15. How does Rowley reassure Mary?
(a) He says no one would suspect a respectable, upper-class woman of being involved with a refugee.
(b) He is unable to offer any reassurances.
(c) He says that all the signs point to Karl running off.
(d) He says he will assume the blame if something happens.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mary do at the end of the chapter?

2. Where is Mary supposed to be at one o'clock?

3. Why does Rowley wish they had left the gun with Karl?

4. What does Rowley insist that Mary do?

5. What is Karl's major?

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