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Sherrilyn Kenyon
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Aristotle bring Karina home?
(a) He plans to murder her.
(b) He wants her to be more of a mother to her son, Wren.
(c) He wants another child and hopes she'll agree to have one.
(d) He is making her the CEO of his company.

2. Whose powers are passed to Maggie?
(a) Wren's paternal grandmother's.
(b) Aristotle's.
(c) Karina's.
(d) No one's.

3. What is Karina's basic plan?
(a) To sabotage Aristotle's sports car's brakes, which he tends to drive very fast.
(b) To cause a gas link and then set off a spark from a remote-controlled unit.
(c) To act like she wants to see Wren one last time and, when Aristotle lets her in to see him, she will kill both of them.
(d) To hire a Mafia hit man to do the job.

4. Who does Wren leave his dad to follow?
(a) Karina.
(b) Greyson.
(c) Aloysius Grant.
(d) Zack.

5. What does Wren say will happen to Maggie at the full moon?
(a) She will have no control over the animal in her.
(b) She will stay in human form for two days before and two days after.
(c) She will have to eat human flesh or die.
(d) She has to go to Sanctuary and be tied up.

6. Who does Karina call after leaving the room where she and Aristotle are talking?
(a) Mr. Garvy.
(b) Grayson, Wren's Uncle.
(c) Her lawyer.
(d) Dr. Alexander.

7. Where do Wren and Maggie go after leaving Maggie's cottage?
(a) To New York to visit Aristotle.
(b) To the college for Maggie to withdraw.
(c) To Paris.
(d) To one of Wren's mansions.

8. Who is with the person in #170?
(a) The were bears.
(b) No one.
(c) Nicolette.
(d) Two detectives.

9. How does Maggie deal with what Wren is telling her?
(a) She slaps Wren for lying.
(b) She curls up next to Wren for comfort.
(c) She calls her dad and asks him to help her.
(d) She kills herself now rather than waiting for the full moon.

10. What does Maggie reveal to her father about Wren?
(a) That he owns a majority stake in Tigarian Tech.
(b) That she is quitting school.
(c) That she is pregnant with Wren's child.
(d) That she is tired of him pushing her around.

11. Why does Wren's mother spare his life?
(a) Because she did not trust Wren's uncle.
(b) Because she was afraid Wren would haunt her.
(c) It was an accident that his life is spared, for which she had no responsibility.
(d) Because she loved him so much.

12. What are some of Maggie's new skills when in tiger form?
(a) She can read minds.
(b) She is much more intelligent.
(c) She is more fertile and can conceive easily.
(d) She smells keener, can hear much further, and her eyes are very sharp.

13. Why did Aristotle not come to see Wren?
(a) Because Wren was so slow and Aristotle did not want to be saddled with raising him.
(b) Because Aristotle thought Wren had died in the fire.
(c) Because it would have altered the future.
(d) Because Bill Laurens would have turned Aristotle in for arson.

14. With whom was Wren's mother having an affair?
(a) Wren's uncle.
(b) Dr. Alexander.
(c) Zack.
(d) No one.

15. What does Maggie tell the caller?
(a) That he deserved everything the law could throw at him.
(b) That she cannot go to the party unless it was next week.
(c) That she has no idea where Dev is.
(d) That she is running away with a tiger.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Maggie do to Wren's shirt?

2. What else will Maggie not ever swallow again?

3. Who helps Maggie defeat those who transported her out of Savitar's island?

4. From whom does Maggie receive a phone call?

5. What decade is it at the opening of Chapter 11?

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