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Sherrilyn Kenyon
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Back in another, earlier decade, what is Wren witnessing?
(a) Maggie being kidnapped and held hostage.
(b) A conversation between Bill Laurens and Aristotle.
(c) A conversation between his mother and uncle.
(d) A no-holds-barred physical fight between Aristotle and Karina.

2. Whose powers are passed to Maggie?
(a) Karina's.
(b) Aristotle's.
(c) No one's.
(d) Wren's paternal grandmother's.

3. What does Wren ask Maggie?
(a) To go to Paris with him.
(b) If he could move in with her.
(c) To marry him.
(d) If she regrets becoming were.

4. What is Karina's basic plan?
(a) To cause a gas link and then set off a spark from a remote-controlled unit.
(b) To sabotage Aristotle's sports car's brakes, which he tends to drive very fast.
(c) To act like she wants to see Wren one last time and, when Aristotle lets her in to see him, she will kill both of them.
(d) To hire a Mafia hit man to do the job.

5. How does Maggie react when Wren explains about the full moon's effect on were creatures?
(a) She feels confident she can handle it.
(b) She asks to be changed back to fully human.
(c) She gets angry that she was made were without first being consulted.
(d) She becomes frightened.

6. Why does Wren go to Sanctuary?
(a) To ask for Dev's assistance.
(b) To kill his cousin.
(c) To confront Nicolette and to ensure Maggie's safety.
(d) To destroy the house.

7. Where does Wren go when he leaves Nicolette's sanctuary?
(a) To Savitor's island.
(b) To Paris.
(c) To Maggie's.
(d) To his father in New York.

8. Why does Aimee return to Sanctuary?
(a) To ask her mother for money to help Wren.
(b) She is the only daughter of Aubert and Nicolette and they would hunt her if she did not return.
(c) To ask her mother for permission to marry Vane.
(d) To find Zack and torture the truth out of him.

9. Who do Wren and Maggie hear arguing?
(a) Dev and Nicolette.
(b) Aimee and Vane.
(c) Mr. Garvy and Dr. Alexander.
(d) Aristotle and Karina.

10. What do Maggie and Wren do when they realize they've been found by the hunters?
(a) They hold up their arms and show they are unarmed.
(b) They start shooting the hunters with Maggie's rifle.
(c) They transport to Wren's father's room.
(d) They try to reason with the hunters.

11. What are some of Maggie's new skills when in tiger form?
(a) She can read minds.
(b) She is much more intelligent.
(c) She is more fertile and can conceive easily.
(d) She smells keener, can hear much further, and her eyes are very sharp.

12. Who flashes into the room where Maggie is sleeping and Wren is watching her?
(a) Savitar.
(b) Dev and the were bears.
(c) Nicolette.
(d) Were tigers.

13. How long does it take for Maggie to get accustomed to her powers?
(a) A year.
(b) A few days.
(c) She will never be able to control her powers since she obtained them as an adult.
(d) Several hours.

14. Who does Maggie's father think Wren is?
(a) A homeless derelict.
(b) A mere bus boy.
(c) An irresponsible playboy.
(d) A wealthy CEO.

15. What does Maggie reveal to her father about Wren?
(a) That she is tired of him pushing her around.
(b) That he owns a majority stake in Tigarian Tech.
(c) That she is pregnant with Wren's child.
(d) That she is quitting school.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Maggie deal with what Wren is telling her?

2. Why does Wren want to bring Maggie along to the past?

3. What does Aristotle give Wren before he leaves Savitor's?

4. Who shows up at Savitar's when Savitar is about to judge Wren?

5. What does Aristotle do to Maggie?

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