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Sherrilyn Kenyon
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Maggie deal with what Wren is telling her?
(a) She slaps Wren for lying.
(b) She kills herself now rather than waiting for the full moon.
(c) She curls up next to Wren for comfort.
(d) She calls her dad and asks him to help her.

2. What does Maggie do when they start to put a collar on Wren?
(a) She "wishes" them away.
(b) She attacks the leader of the were tigers.
(c) She asks them to collar her, too.
(d) She changes back to human form and pulls out her rifle.

3. How does Karina react to news that Wren is to inherit all of Aristotle's estate?
(a) She sobs and asks why Aristotle does not love her.
(b) He is happy her son is going to be provided for.
(c) She asks Aristotle to give her a trust fund from his estate.
(d) She screams and throws things, breaking them.

4. What contributes to Wren and Maggie's lust for each other?
(a) Their were sides.
(b) The knowledge that they have much more stamina as animals.
(c) The musk perfume Maggie is wearing.
(d) They aren't really that attracted to each other.

5. How long is Wren unconscious?
(a) 4 days.
(b) Several hours.
(c) A week.
(d) He never actually loses consciousness.

6. What did Aristotle say about who raised his son?
(a) Aristotle cannot believe that a full human would have raised his son.
(b) Aristotle said he had provided for his sister to care for Wren.
(c) Aristotle said he would kill Bill now if it would keep Wren from being raised by a full human.
(d) Aristotle was happy that Bill was willing to take on Wren.

7. What is the result of what Maggie does in question 159?
(a) They end up in the 1980s at Aristotle's room.
(b) The leader throws her against the wall and knocks her unconsious.
(c) The leader teleports Maggie into the lake.
(d) They comply and collar her.

8. Who does Karina call after leaving the room where she and Aristotle are talking?
(a) Mr. Garvy.
(b) Grayson, Wren's Uncle.
(c) Her lawyer.
(d) Dr. Alexander.

9. Where do Wren and Maggie go after leaving Maggie's cottage?
(a) To New York to visit Aristotle.
(b) To Paris.
(c) To one of Wren's mansions.
(d) To the college for Maggie to withdraw.

10. Why does Wren's mother spare his life?
(a) Because she loved him so much.
(b) Because she was afraid Wren would haunt her.
(c) Because she did not trust Wren's uncle.
(d) It was an accident that his life is spared, for which she had no responsibility.

11. When Maggie and Wren go see Bill Laurens, what does he tell them?
(a) That he had a package years ago, but it was destroyed in a fire.
(b) That he has no package for Wren from Aristotle.
(c) That the package only contained a will, which Wren has seen.
(d) That he is going to have to have Wren arrested.

12. What is Wren's only hesitation about saving his father's life?
(a) Wren will not have the experience of learning about full-humans.
(b) Wren will create a time paradox.
(c) Wren will have to endure his mother over the years.
(d) Wren will never meet Maggie then.

13. When Aristotle discovers Wren and Maggie in the closet, what does Aristotle ask?
(a) "Wren? Is it you......from the future?"
(b) "Wren? My astrologer predicted your appearance."
(c) "Wren? Just in time for breakfast."
(d) "Wren? How the... hell did you get here?"

14. Who knocks on Maggie's door after she and Wren finish talking?
(a) Blaine.
(b) Dr. Alexander.
(c) Dev.
(d) Nicolette.

15. Why does Wren go to Sanctuary?
(a) To ask for Dev's assistance.
(b) To confront Nicolette and to ensure Maggie's safety.
(c) To kill his cousin.
(d) To destroy the house.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who killed Karina?

2. What does the caller want?

3. How long does it take for Maggie to get accustomed to her powers?

4. After spying his mother and uncle toasting the death of Wren's father, what is the next thing Wren remembers?

5. Who did Wren actually see dead twenty years ago?

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