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Sherrilyn Kenyon
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who pulls up to Maggie's house as she and Wren are making love?
(a) Bill Laurens.
(b) Maggie's father.
(c) Vane.
(d) Savitor.

2. What is Vane's plan to exonerate Wren in his parents' deaths?
(a) Vane hasn't a plan yet, but is working on one.
(b) To go back in time to view the scene again.
(c) To find a secret safety deposit box that has papers and photos that will explain the truth.
(d) To torture Zack to gain the truth.

3. What is Karina's basic plan?
(a) To hire a Mafia hit man to do the job.
(b) To cause a gas link and then set off a spark from a remote-controlled unit.
(c) To sabotage Aristotle's sports car's brakes, which he tends to drive very fast.
(d) To act like she wants to see Wren one last time and, when Aristotle lets her in to see him, she will kill both of them.

4. What does the group that is spirited to the bowels of a ship decide?
(a) That they will start their own Sanctuary far away from there.
(b) That they have to come up with some way to prove that Wren did not kill his parents.
(c) That the only way to solve the problem of Wren's accusation is to kill Zack.
(d) That Wren should give himself up to save the rest of them.

5. What does Wren tell Maggie about chocolate?
(a) It is very empowering.
(b) It can make her stay in tiger form much longer than usual.
(c) It is off limits for her.
(d) It will enhance her senses even further.

6. What is overwhelming to Wren?
(a) How much work there still is to prove Wren's innocence.
(b) The lack of caring by the were bears.
(c) The love and protection Maggie bestows upon him.
(d) The fact that his cousin lies about Wren's parents' deaths.

7. Who raised Wren after the death of his parents?
(a) Dr. Alexander.
(b) Mr. Garvy.
(c) Bill Lauren.
(d) No one; he was old enough to live on his own.

8. Where does Wren go when he leaves Nicolette's sanctuary?
(a) To Paris.
(b) To Savitor's island.
(c) To Maggie's.
(d) To his father in New York.

9. What is the result of what Maggie does in question 159?
(a) They end up in the 1980s at Aristotle's room.
(b) The leader throws her against the wall and knocks her unconsious.
(c) The leader teleports Maggie into the lake.
(d) They comply and collar her.

10. What is Maggie searching for in the refrigerator?
(a) Whiskey.
(b) A chocolate bar.
(c) Orange juice.
(d) Some raw meat.

11. What does Wren think of Vane's plan?
(a) He wants to be the one to torture Zack.
(b) He thinks the key to the deposit box is at Tigarian Tech.
(c) He at first scoffs at it.
(d) He is confident that Vane will come up with a good plan, even though he hasn't yet done so.

12. When Aimee and Nicolette hear a noise in Wren's room and investigate, what do they find?
(a) Zack rummaging through Wren's stuff.
(b) A were cat that had gone feral.
(c) Dev eating a jar of Wren's honey.
(d) Maggie struggling with Zack.

13. What does Wren do after the conversation about leaving?
(a) He goes back to sleep to try to recover more from his wounds.
(b) He says he needs more clothes if they are going to stay there for awhile.
(c) He asks Maggie to go find Nicolette and arrange a meeting.
(d) He says goodbye and disappears.

14. What does Maggie do when they start to put a collar on Wren?
(a) She "wishes" them away.
(b) She changes back to human form and pulls out her rifle.
(c) She attacks the leader of the were tigers.
(d) She asks them to collar her, too.

15. What does Aristotle do to Maggie?
(a) He teaches her how to time travel.
(b) He takes Maggie into a spare bedroom, shoves her to the floor and bites her on the shoulder,
(c) He shows Maggie where the family treasury is hid.
(d) He extracts a promise from Maggie to marry and care for Wren.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Aristotle give Wren before he leaves Savitor's?

2. Who shows up at Savitar's when Savitar is about to judge Wren?

3. Why does Wren's mother spare his life?

4. What does Wren know that Maggie does not know?

5. While Wren is gone, what does Aristotle show Maggie?

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