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Sherrilyn Kenyon
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long is Wren unconscious?
(a) He never actually loses consciousness.
(b) 4 days.
(c) Several hours.
(d) A week.

2. Why does Aimee return to Sanctuary?
(a) To ask her mother for money to help Wren.
(b) To ask her mother for permission to marry Vane.
(c) She is the only daughter of Aubert and Nicolette and they would hunt her if she did not return.
(d) To find Zack and torture the truth out of him.

3. What does Maggie do to Wren's shirt?
(a) Tries to get the blood stains out of it.
(b) Puts it on because she likes his smell.
(c) Rips it off him.
(d) Gets rid of it by her magic.

4. What is Wren's response to Maggie's offer of protection.
(a) He says the were would just slaughter the cops.
(b) He says that even a were mouse would be stronger than Maggie.
(c) He tells her should could never stand against the were with a mere rifle.
(d) He says that perhaps if they put double locks on the doors, her plan will work.

5. Who pulls up to Maggie's house as she and Wren are making love?
(a) Bill Laurens.
(b) Savitor.
(c) Maggie's father.
(d) Vane.

6. What happens to some young were animals at full moon?
(a) They revert to their human form forever.
(b) They cannot control their were side.
(c) They commit suicide.
(d) They eat chocolate and become brain damaged.

7. While Wren is gone, what does Aristotle show Maggie?
(a) The location of Aristotle's will and other important papers.
(b) The history of their were family.
(c) The thirteen-year-old Wren in his bedroom.
(d) A way to get out of the house if it is on fire.

8. Why does Maggie ask Wren to tell her about the deaths of his parents?
(a) Since she is studying to be a lawyer, she wants to be his defense attorney.
(b) She thinks it will be cathartic for Wren to tell the story.
(c) She is voyeuristic and wants to hear all the juicy details.
(d) In case she can find some evidence they can use to clear up Wren's name.

9. What is overwhelming to Wren?
(a) The lack of caring by the were bears.
(b) The love and protection Maggie bestows upon him.
(c) How much work there still is to prove Wren's innocence.
(d) The fact that his cousin lies about Wren's parents' deaths.

10. What does Maggie reveal to her father about Wren?
(a) That she is pregnant with Wren's child.
(b) That he owns a majority stake in Tigarian Tech.
(c) That she is quitting school.
(d) That she is tired of him pushing her around.

11. From whom does Maggie receive a phone call?
(a) Her brother.
(b) Blaine.
(c) Aimee.
(d) Her father.

12. What is the result of what Maggie does in question 159?
(a) They end up in the 1980s at Aristotle's room.
(b) The leader teleports Maggie into the lake.
(c) They comply and collar her.
(d) The leader throws her against the wall and knocks her unconsious.

13. Who killed Karina?
(a) Aristotle.
(b) She commits suicide.
(c) Greyson.
(d) Karina's lover.

14. What is Maggie searching for in the refrigerator?
(a) A chocolate bar.
(b) Some raw meat.
(c) Orange juice.
(d) Whiskey.

15. Where do Wren and Maggie go after leaving Maggie's cottage?
(a) To one of Wren's mansions.
(b) To Paris.
(c) To the college for Maggie to withdraw.
(d) To New York to visit Aristotle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Wren think of Vane's plan?

2. Who else shows up at Maggie's door?

3. What contributes to Wren and Maggie's lust for each other?

4. What is Karina's basic plan?

5. Who is with the person in #170?

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