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Sherrilyn Kenyon
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the person in the answer to #77 is greeting Maggie, what do they hear?
(a) A loud trumpeting from an elephant.
(b) A sound like a rattle snake.
(c) A scream.
(d) An announcement saying a tornado has been spotted.

2. Who is Dev?
(a) The nurse.
(b) A were bear.
(c) Wren's boyfriend.
(d) Wren's brother.

3. What does Wren try to calm?
(a) Maggie's hysteria over his bullet wound.
(b) His mother's fear for him when she calls him on the phone.
(c) His animal instincts.
(d) Aimee's amorous advances.

4. How does Maggie end up on the ground?
(a) Her heel breaks and she falls.
(b) She dropped her keys and is searching for them.
(c) A man throws her to the ground.
(d) She sits down to pet the dog.

5. What is Wren's response to seeing Maggie with someone else at Sanctuary?
(a) Indifference.
(b) Curiosity.
(c) Rage.
(d) Jealousy.

6. What does Wren take Maggie?
(a) Flowers and chocolates.
(b) Three French pastries.
(c) A book about were creatures.
(d) Nothing.

7. Who comes up behind Maggie when she is looking at the tigers?
(a) Wren.
(b) Trent.
(c) Blaine.
(d) Aimee.

8. Why do the zookeepers feed the tigers?
(a) So the tourists can take pictures of the tiger's open mouths.
(b) Because the tigers are hungry.
(c) Because the meat will spoil in the heat if they wait until the regular feeding hour.
(d) To distract them.

9. Who brings a grievance before the meeting?
(a) Aimee.
(b) Dev.
(c) Tigre.
(d) Nicolette.

10. Why is Wren handcuffed by campus police?
(a) For trespassing.
(b) For stealing Maggie's backpack.
(c) For fighting with Blaine.
(d) He is not bothered by the campus police.

11. From what sub-culture is Maggie's mother?
(a) Native American.
(b) Amish.
(c) Afro-American.
(d) Cajun.

12. What does Maggie think she should do with what she finds in question 66?
(a) Mail it to Wren's fiance.
(b) Mail it back to Wren.
(c) Burn it.
(d) Wear it as a reminder of the night before.

13. What do the girls who see Wren think of him?
(a) That he is handsome if not for the bad scars on his face.
(b) That he must be a were creature.
(c) That he is a tall and good-looking blond.
(d) That he is a new student.

14. Where does Wren order a prodigious meal on the way home?
(a) McDonalds.
(b) Applebees.
(c) Dominos.
(d) Burger King.

15. What is Nicolette planning?
(a) To throw a birthday party for Wren.
(b) To have Wren sent to prison on a falsified rape charge.
(c) To have Wren removed from her house once and for all.
(d) To remodel Sanctuary to make it more "normal."

Short Answer Questions

1. What college does Maggie attend?

2. What is Whitethunder?

3. Which were-animals are meeting?

4. Who appears to help Maggie?

5. What does Wren do to his hair?

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