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Sherrilyn Kenyon
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the meeting concerning?
(a) Whether the were animals should conquer humans and make them slaves.
(b) The incidence of Trelos (rabies or madness) in one of their kind.
(c) The were-Olympics.
(d) Whether Wren should be banned because of associating with a human.

2. Why does Maggie start walking after leaving her friends?
(a) She only lives a block away.
(b) She has no money for the bus.
(c) She can't find a taxi.
(d) She likes to walk at night.

3. Who does Maggie see first at Sanctuary?
(a) Aimee.
(b) Nicolette.
(c) Dev.
(d) Wren.

4. Who do Maggie and Givry meet as they are leaving the jail?
(a) Dr. Anderson who has arrived to post bail for Wren.
(b) Maggie's father who is irate.
(c) The arresting officer who says he has been harmed greviously by Wren.
(d) No one because Maggie does not go to the jail.

5. From what sub-culture is Maggie's mother?
(a) Native American.
(b) Cajun.
(c) Amish.
(d) Afro-American.

6. Who returns her Prada backpack to Maggie?
(a) Trent.
(b) Wren.
(c) Savitor.
(d) Blaine.

7. What does Wren do that surprises Dr. Alexander?
(a) Insists that Blaine be charged with aggrevated assault.
(b) Accepts a ride home from Maggie.
(c) Kisses Maggie in the police station.
(d) Turns into his natural form.

8. Which were-animals are meeting?
(a) Katagaria and Arcadia Were-Animals.
(b) Just the Katagaria Were-Animals.
(c) Just the Arcadia Were-Animals.
(d) Katagaria and Sprutalia Were-Animals.

9. Who decides to rid the sanctuary of Wren once and for all?
(a) Aimee.
(b) No one; Wren owns the sanctuary.
(c) Nicolette and her mate.
(d) The were bears.

10. Why does Wren say he cannot be with Maggie?
(a) Because her father has threatened Wren.
(b) Because he will end up hurting her.
(c) Because he is moving to Paris.
(d) Because he is already married.

11. Why do the zookeepers feed the tigers?
(a) Because the meat will spoil in the heat if they wait until the regular feeding hour.
(b) So the tourists can take pictures of the tiger's open mouths.
(c) Because the tigers are hungry.
(d) To distract them.

12. Who is Savitor?
(a) He is the name the were animals give to a mythical person who created were animals.
(b) He is the mediator and his powers reign supreme over all of the heads.
(c) He is the religious figurehead of the were groups.
(d) He is a detective trying to eradicate the were animals.

13. What does Maggie end up doing with what she found at her cottage?
(a) Drives to Wren's fiance's house to tell her of what happened between Wren and Maggie.
(b) Burns it.
(c) Puts it in her safety deposit box for safekeeping.
(d) Takes it back to Wren.

14. In what form is Wren as he lay healing?
(a) His natural form.
(b) With his mechanical parts open for soldiering.
(c) As a bird.
(d) His human form.

15. About what is Maggie sorry?
(a) That Wren will miss the final exams.
(b) That Wren did not come into her place the night before.
(c) That the sweatshirt is too small.
(d) That Wren is shot.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the barmaid?

2. Why are the tigers suspicious of Wren?

3. Who comes up behind Maggie when she is looking at the tigers?

4. Where does Maggie think Nick is?

5. Who brings a grievance before the meeting?

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