Unleash the Night Short Essay - Answer Key

Sherrilyn Kenyon
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1. Why does Marguerite think Nick is missing?

Nick's mother was murdered six months ago, and Nick is missing. The police think that Nick has something to do with his mother's murder, but Marguerite knows better. She knows that he loves his mother more than anything. She thinks that he went off to find the murderer(s) and got killed himself.

2. Why does the group Marguerite runs with decide to visit the Sanctuary?

The group decides to visit a bar called the Sanctuary to honor their late group member, Nick. He had apparently visited there frequently. Nick's mother had been employed there. Several members of the group feel that they are better than the people that hang out at the Sanctuary, but go out of respect for Nick.

3. Who does Marguerite notice is staring at her?

Marguerite notices there's a man at the back of the bar who won't stop staring at her. Nick had told her in the past that he met a man named Wren who was very quiet and carried a monkey on his shoulder.

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