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Sherrilyn Kenyon
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Wren run when attacked and what happens?
(a) To Maggie's where he turns into his were-animal.
(b) To the Island of Tasmania where he is imprisoned in a cave.
(c) To the college campus where he is knocked out by Blaine.
(d) He does not run, but stays and is captured.

2. What do Maggie and Wren decide?
(a) To have a romantic weekend in Vegas.
(b) To confront Maggie's father about his disapproval of Wren.
(c) To have dinner that night out of town.
(d) Not to call it quits to their relationship.

3. Where does Maggie go to help Wren?
(a) To the Sanctuary to get his were friends.
(b) No where; Wren does not need assistance.
(c) To jail to post his bail.
(d) To her father for bribe money.

4. Why does Maggie ask Wren to tell her about the deaths of his parents?
(a) She thinks it will be cathartic for Wren to tell the story.
(b) She is voyeuristic and wants to hear all the juicy details.
(c) Since she is studying to be a lawyer, she wants to be his defense attorney.
(d) In case she can find some evidence they can use to clear up Wren's name.

5. How does Maggie end up on the ground?
(a) Her heel breaks and she falls.
(b) A man throws her to the ground.
(c) She sits down to pet the dog.
(d) She dropped her keys and is searching for them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Whitethunder?

2. What do Maggie and Wren do when they realize they've been found by the hunters?

3. What does the caller want?

4. Why is Wren isolated?

5. Who tells Wren he doesn't belong on the campus?

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