Objects & Places from Unleash the Night

Sherrilyn Kenyon
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This is the premier New Orleans biker bar owned by the Peltiers, a clan of Katagarian bears.


This is a council of the Were-Hunters with one representative from each branch of the Arcadian and Katagarian race.


They are the guardians of man and Were-animals. Only a select few are born to each patria.

Maggie's Apartment

Maggie and Wren find solace here away from the crowds in and around the University. They spend as much time here as they can.

The Library

This is where Maggie and her snooty friends have their study group together.


This is a race created by the Greek god, Apollo. More beautiful and stronger than mankind, they were blessed with psychic abilities.


These are Apollites who refuse to die at age twenty-seven. They have to steal human souls to artificially elongate their life span.

Wren's Childhood Home


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