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Short Answer Questions

1. Thomas Jefferson appointed Meriwether Lewis

2. Lewis felt that within ten years, Americans would

3. Realizing they had to have a guide through the mountains, the party

4. The Spanish were concerned that because of Lewis & Clark's expedition,

5. Lewis idealistically thought that the Indians and white Americans would come together through

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write a narrative essay on the weapons the expedition took with them. On page 85, the author describes the US Model 1803 Army rifle, and others are described throughout the story.

1) Research what was available during that time for the expedition, what they used for, how accurate they were, what distances they could cover, their weight, how they were loaded and what kind of ammunition was used.

2) Find out about the "air rifle" that Lewis used to astonish the Indians. Was there only one of these on the expedition? How did it work? Was it copied later?

3) Define and describe a blunderbuss, its purpose what replaced it as an army weapon.

Essay Topic 2

Sacagawea was only one of Charbonneau's wives. Research and write an exploratory essay on Charbonneau:

1) Did the Charbonneau family continue to thrive in the region of the Mandan camps?

2) Are there still Charbonneau's living there now?

3) Was it a custom within the Shoshones to have two wives, or did Charbonneau think this up on his own?

Essay Topic 3

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were very close friends, but had very different personalities and backgrounds. Compare and contrast:

1) How differently did the two men grow up?

2) What did they have in common?

3) How did their leadership habits mesh or clash?

4) Were they a good team?

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