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Short Answer Questions

1. Lewis' greatest mistake may have been

2. The Indians almost provoked Lewis to the point of

3. Meriwether Lewis may have misused public funds by

4. The Captains decided to ride out some very dangerous rapids, which resulted in

5. The federal government has now begun to refuse to

Short Essay Questions

1. What mistake did Lewis make with the Blackfoot Indians with whom he was trying to make a deal?

2. In what area does the author feel Lewis' greatest talents had lain?

3. The author speculates, in addition to other possibilities, that Lewis had a combination of malaria, manic-depression psychosis, alcoholism or some other physical ailments. Discuss what may have sent Lewis into depression at this point in his life.

4. Why were the two chiefs, Twisted Hair and Cut Nose, angry at one another and how was it resolved?

5. In what way was Lewis being overly confident when crossing the Lolo trail?

6. What were some of the changes the expedition experienced as they came nearer to the coast?

7. Did Lewis' celebrity go to his head?

8. How did Sacagawea lose her blue beads?

9. What were two of the worst problems for the expedition at Clatsop? Explain

10. Describe the relationship between the Corps of Discovery and the Nez Perce.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lewis and Clark were more famous after their deaths than during their lives. What can we learn about them this many years later?

1) Research and construct a report about all of the monuments, parks, schools and other landmarks that bear Lewis and/or Clark's names. Explain, for each, their significance.

2) In the alternative, research and report on how many of the rivers and landmarks that Lewis & Clark named still have those names. Many were changed in the years after the expedition, but some may have remained.

3) What educational insititution(s) specialize in the history of Lewis and Clark? Describe their research program and anything notable about the school.

Essay Topic 2

Write a narrative essay on the weapons the expedition took with them. On page 85, the author describes the US Model 1803 Army rifle, and others are described throughout the story.

1) Research what was available during that time for the expedition, what they used for, how accurate they were, what distances they could cover, their weight, how they were loaded and what kind of ammunition was used.

2) Find out about the "air rifle" that Lewis used to astonish the Indians. Was there only one of these on the expedition? How did it work? Was it copied later?

3) Define and describe a blunderbuss, its purpose what replaced it as an army weapon.

Essay Topic 3

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were very close friends, but had very different personalities and backgrounds. Compare and contrast:

1) How differently did the two men grow up?

2) What did they have in common?

3) How did their leadership habits mesh or clash?

4) Were they a good team?

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