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Short Answer Questions

1. Proceeding downstream on wet clay, the party found the ground to be extremely

2. When the funds were appropriate from Congress for the expedition, Jefferson undertook to

3. The men who served on Lewis & Clark's crew were punished for their violations by

4. Merriwether Lewis and Captain William Clark are

5. Clark's feet sufferred from wounds made by

Short Essay Questions

1. Did Jefferson see something special in Meriwether Lewis?

2. What is Lewis' plan at this point for the remainder of the trip?

3. The trip through the Bitterroot Mountains is a particularly gruesome time or the expedition. Starvation, rough terrain, cold and illness forces the men to take desperate measures. What were they and why didn't the expedition turn back?

4. Why was it fortuitous that the group encountered the Nez Perce Indians?

5. What in Lewis' childhood may have contributed to his later accomplishments?

6. Why did Jefferson appoint Lewis as his personal secretary?

7. Why was Lewis angry with Drouillard and Shields after seeing a young Indian?

8. Why was Jefferson so interested in exploring the West?

9. Why did it take so long for Lewis' keelboat to be built?

10. What was ironic about the government's response to the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an exploratory essay about the esteemed American Philosophical Society, and try to answer the following questions:

1) Who established it, and when

2) Its purpose

3) Who belonged to it of note

4) What it accomplished or contributed

Essay Topic 2

Sacagawea's notoriety as one of the the expedition members only came about through history after she was gone. Write a narrative to examine the following:

1)What were her major contributions to the expedition?

2) Was she afforded special treatment?

3) Were her interpreter's skills used wisely? When? Could they have been better used?

4) Was the presence of her child a distraction to the expedition? Did it not create extra work in the portage process?

5) Was the identify of Cameahwait as Sacagawea's brother surprising? Why did she not leave, or stay, with him?

Essay Topic 3

Write a critical essay about Thomas Jefferson and his wild ideas of a water route to the Pacific.

1) What were Jefferson's motives? Were they mercenary? Why did he want to be the one to find the passage?

2) Do you feel Jefferson sacrificed Lewis, knowing that the odds were against his returning safely?

3) Did Jefferson desert Lewis in his time of need? Did he fight for him after he left office when his vouchers were in question?

4) Why did Jefferson lay the burden of publishing the data on Lewis personally, and later on Clark?

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