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Short Answer Questions

1. Clark's attitude toward hostile Indian tribes was

2. Meriwether Lewis, on the journey down the Ohio, contracts

3. The men who served on Lewis & Clark's crew were punished for their violations by

4. When Sacagawea became ill, Lewis treated her with

5. After the hungry men gorged themselves on dried fish and roots,

Short Essay Questions

1. What caused the expedition's "portage" period to be longer than expected?

2. What in Lewis' childhood may have contributed to his later accomplishments?

3. How did the expedition manage to drag its boats over land?

4. What was the primary reason for wanting to find the Shoshones at this point in the trip?

5. Describe the irony in Lewis' attitude toward Native Americans and African Americans.

6. What is Lewis' goal in trying to make peace between the Arikaras and the Mandans? Why does he involve himself in their dispute?

7. Discuss Lewis' mental meanderings on his 32nd birthday.

8. Why was progress down the Ohio River so abominably slow?

9. What happened to Lewis' beloved iron-frame boat?

10. What was ironic about the government's response to the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write a critical essay about Thomas Jefferson and his wild ideas of a water route to the Pacific.

1) What were Jefferson's motives? Were they mercenary? Why did he want to be the one to find the passage?

2) Do you feel Jefferson sacrificed Lewis, knowing that the odds were against his returning safely?

3) Did Jefferson desert Lewis in his time of need? Did he fight for him after he left office when his vouchers were in question?

4) Why did Jefferson lay the burden of publishing the data on Lewis personally, and later on Clark?

Essay Topic 2

Write an exploratory essay about the esteemed American Philosophical Society, and try to answer the following questions:

1) Who established it, and when

2) Its purpose

3) Who belonged to it of note

4) What it accomplished or contributed

Essay Topic 3

How would it have influenced Meriwether Lewis if he could have seen into the future? Write an informal essay about what changed after his death, such as.

1) Jefferson did not realize that the means of transportation would become faster and more reliable than travel by horse.

2) He did not know that Jefferson would expect him to take complete responsibility for publishing his scientific journals.

3) Some of Jefferson's wild inventions would become reality.

4) The country actually would become one nation under one government.

5) The Indians would be subdued and all but wiped out by the government.

6) There would be many thousands of Americans moving west and settling.

7) Britain and France would no longer occupy parts of America.

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