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Short Answer Questions

1. Proceeding downstream on wet clay, the party found the ground to be extremely

2. The two captains try to decide among two large river forks, which is the true

3. Lewis and Clark secretly planned to send three men back to St. Louis to deliver

4. Merriwether Lewis and Captain William Clark are

5. Rather than ascend the Yellowstone, the expedition instead

Short Essay Questions

1. The author speculates, in addition to other possibilities, that Lewis had a combination of malaria, manic-depression psychosis, alcoholism or some other physical ailments. Discuss what may have sent Lewis into depression at this point in his life.

2. Why did the Captains make the dangerous decision to divide the men into five groups?

3. What is Lewis' plan at this point for the remainder of the trip?

4. How did the expedition manage to drag its boats over land?

5. Explain Lewis' realization when he was threatened by buffalo bulls, a bear and wolverines.

6. Why was Lewis desperate to get some Indians to Washington?

7. What is Lewis' goal in trying to make peace between the Arikaras and the Mandans? Why does he involve himself in their dispute?

8. Why did it take so long for Lewis' keelboat to be built?

9. Why was Jefferson so interested in exploring the West?

10. What caused the expedition's "portage" period to be longer than expected?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lewis and Clark signed a detachment order in 1804 that ordered the sergeants of the group to keep their own daily journals. We know that at least two of the soldiers attempted to publish their own journals, but what became of them, and any others that were written?

Write a research essay and determine whether the lesser officers' journals were preserved and whether they were studied by historians later. If so, what are the highlights? Did they disagree with Lewis & Clark's determination regarding the Missouri vs. Marias Rivers? These would be fascinating to compare and contrast to the Captains' journals. If no information is available on them, outline where and how you researched them, and speculate as to what happened to them.

Essay Topic 2

Write a narrative essay on the weapons the expedition took with them. On page 85, the author describes the US Model 1803 Army rifle, and others are described throughout the story.

1) Research what was available during that time for the expedition, what they used for, how accurate they were, what distances they could cover, their weight, how they were loaded and what kind of ammunition was used.

2) Find out about the "air rifle" that Lewis used to astonish the Indians. Was there only one of these on the expedition? How did it work? Was it copied later?

3) Define and describe a blunderbuss, its purpose what replaced it as an army weapon.

Essay Topic 3

Write an exploratory essay about the esteemed American Philosophical Society, and try to answer the following questions:

1) Who established it, and when

2) Its purpose

3) Who belonged to it of note

4) What it accomplished or contributed

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