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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lewis seriously wanted to avoid
(a) Meeting up with the Blackfeet
(b) Any further loss of equipment
(c) Any further exploration of the Marias
(d) Having to turn back again for food

2. The Captains try to arrange an agreement for the Nez Perce to
(a) Pay more respect to Twisted Hair
(b) Trade their horses with the Blackfoot
(c) Move to the eastern side of the Continental Divide
(d) Give up a portion of their horses

3. The history of fur trade in America was one of
(a) A constant effort to disempower the Indian
(b) Overtrapping and moving west
(c) Bickering over control
(d) Constant renewable resources

4. Captain Lewis has his doubts about Jefferson's hope to
(a) Incorporate Indians into the body politic
(b) Bring Indian chiefs to Washington
(c) Learn about Western wildlife
(d) Pick the men up by ship

5. Lewis described the Siouxs' ruling passion as
(a) The love of trade
(b) The buffalo hunt
(c) The urge to battle
(d) The love of gain

Short Answer Questions

1. While on the Columbia, the primary interest of the group was to

2. Upon Lewis' death, the expedition journals fell into the hands of

3. The Indians almost provoked Lewis to the point of

4. The primary industry in St. Louis is associated with

5. The Americans astonished the Indians by

Short Essay Questions

1. Does it seem odd that the Captains and their soldiers had no idea of how they would be rewarded by the government prior to their return from the expedition?

2. Lewis experiences pain that far exceeds any he has been through on the trip thus far. Describe the incident.

3. As governor of the Louisiana Territory, Lewis was in over his head. How did Lewis fail in his job as governor?

4. Describe the relationship between the Corps of Discovery and the Nez Perce.

5. Describe Lewis' desperate act in the spring of 1806.

6. Explain Lewis' maneuvering when he arrived in St. Louis, with respect to communicating about the expedition.

7. In what way was Lewis being overly confident when crossing the Lolo trail?

8. How do you think Lewis viewed his responsibility toward the governorship of the Louisiana Territory?

9. Discuss Lewis' varied capabilities that made him the perfect leader for this journey.

10. Why did the Captains make the dangerous decision to divide the men into five groups?

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