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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Although successful in his public life, Lewis failed to
(a) Be a good brother and son
(b) Find a marital relationship
(c) Keep friends for any length of time
(d) Communicate with his family

2. Lewis proposed to free up the fur trade by establishing
(a) Requirements for trapping licenses
(b) Trading posts and forts along the rivers
(c) New laws that would prohibit British trapping
(d) A dominant relationship with the Indians

3. The base of Lewis's proposed trading plan with Canton would be
(a) The Nez Perce camp
(b) Fort Clatsop
(c) The Yakima trading post
(d) The Walla-Walla tribal grounds

4. Lewis described the Siouxs' ruling passion as
(a) The love of trade
(b) The love of gain
(c) The urge to battle
(d) The buffalo hunt

5. The Eulachon, which the Clatsops sold to the expedition were
(a) Mussels pried from rocks
(b) Sea anemones
(c) Crabs found in the sand
(d) Seven-inch fish

Short Answer Questions

1. Jefferson's huge expenditures on the expedition were, to him,

2. By this time, Jefferson has retired to Monticello, and the new president is

3. Bates, who had stood in for Lewis as governor, finally has

4. Settling at the coastal fort, the men start a

5. At The Dalles, the expedition paid dearly for four horses with

Short Essay Questions

1. What is it that begins to finally destroy Lewis financially?

2. In what way was Lewis being overly confident when crossing the Lolo trail?

3. Explain Lewis' maneuvering when he arrived in St. Louis, with respect to communicating about the expedition.

4. In what area does the author feel Lewis' greatest talents had lain?

5. Discuss Meriwether Lewis' response to the fact that some of his soldiers were planning to publish their own journals of the expedition.

6. How do you think Lewis viewed his responsibility toward the governorship of the Louisiana Territory?

7. Did Lewis' celebrity go to his head?

8. Discuss Lewis' varied capabilities that made him the perfect leader for this journey.

9. What may Lewis have been talking about when Mrs. Grinder heard him taking to himself like a lawyer?

10. How did Sacagawea lose her blue beads?

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