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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The government refused to pay Lewis' drafts for the return of Big White, ostensibly because
(a) Lewis had not consulted them or gotten prior approval
(b) Lewis was too confident for his own good
(c) The government could no longer afford his services
(d) Lewis had stolen govenrment money

2. Clark was appointed as brigadier general of militia, as well as
(a) Foreign diplomat
(b) Department head of Bureau of Indian Affairs
(c) Superintendent of Indian affairs
(d) Head of the War Department

3. Lewis felt deeply betrayed by the government's
(a) Accusations of fraud
(b) Attitude toward his governorship
(c) Dismissal of his great work
(d) Refusal to pay his drafts

4. The Captains decided to ride out some very dangerous rapids, which resulted in
(a) The men deciding that Lewis was still unwell
(b) A divide between the two Captains
(c) Old Toby leaving the expedition
(d) Broken canoes and lost equipment

5. Lewis described the Siouxs' ruling passion as
(a) The urge to battle
(b) The love of trade
(c) The buffalo hunt
(d) The love of gain

Short Answer Questions

1. Toward the end, Meriwether Lewis' behavior grew

2. Ironically, Jefferson told visiting Indians that

3. With hostile Blackfeet behind and him hostile Sioux ahead, Lewis learns that

4. Upon escaping a violent situation with Blackfoot warriors, Lewis burned

5. Thomas Jefferson appointed Meriwether Lewis

Short Essay Questions

1. What is it that begins to finally destroy Lewis financially?

2. Describe the relationship between the Corps of Discovery and the Nez Perce.

3. Why was General Clark upset with his loyal slave, York?

4. Describe Lewis' grand scheme for American fur trading.

5. What mistake did Lewis make with the Blackfoot Indians with whom he was trying to make a deal?

6. Did Lewis' celebrity go to his head?

7. What may Lewis have been talking about when Mrs. Grinder heard him taking to himself like a lawyer?

8. Explain Lewis' maneuvering when he arrived in St. Louis, with respect to communicating about the expedition.

9. How do you think Lewis viewed his responsibility toward the governorship of the Louisiana Territory?

10. How did Sacagawea lose her blue beads?

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