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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jefferson's huge expenditures on the expedition were, to him,
(a) A waste of hard earned dollars
(b) An investment in the future
(c) Exorbitant by any standards
(d) Not as extravagant as they might have been

2. Opening the cache let in 1805, Lewis found that
(a) The food was missing
(b) His maps and instruments were gone
(c) The plant specimens were ruined
(d) His written documents were wet

3. Lewis tried to spin the bad news that
(a) He and Clark were no longer friends
(b) He had lost most of his specimens
(c) There was no water passage to the Pacific
(d) He was injured and disabled

4. Lewis found it difficult, at the end, to
(a) To recall all he had done
(b) Leave his loyal servants
(c) Make his body die
(d) Say goodbye to Pernier

5. Lewis and his small group travel to the headwaters of the Marias in order to
(a) Locate the stash of supplies they left earlier
(b) Find out if there is any end to the Missouri River before Canada
(c) Find out if the Missouri River drains into Louisiana Purchase territory
(d) Fish for trout

Short Answer Questions

1. Lewis proposed to free up the fur trade by establishing

2. Lewis recommended compensation to all of the members of his party, with the exception of

3. Lewis described the Siouxs' ruling passion as

4. The history of fur trade in America was one of

5. Realizing they had to have a guide through the mountains, the party

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