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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Realizing they had to have a guide through the mountains, the party
(a) Hired a Blackfoot boy
(b) Turned north looking for Nez Perce
(c) Waited for Cut Nose's guides
(d) Turned back and waited

2. Jefferson made Lewis a member of
(a) The American Philosophical Society
(b) The Harvard Botany Society
(c) The John Birch Society
(d) The Audobon Society

3. Rather than the expected horses for their food, below The Dalles the expedition found
(a) Only dried fish
(b) Only dogs
(c) Only vegetation
(d) Only beaver

4. The Captains try to arrange an agreement for the Nez Perce to
(a) Trade their horses with the Blackfoot
(b) Give up a portion of their horses
(c) Pay more respect to Twisted Hair
(d) Move to the eastern side of the Continental Divide

5. Meriwether Lewis may have misused public funds by
(a) Purchasing opium and alcohol
(b) Buying expensive property for government agencies
(c) Drinking and carousing
(d) Funding his own commercial venture with them

Short Answer Questions

1. A strong, affectionate bond was forged between

2. The mens' arrival at the Mandans Village was

3. Under Bates' watch, the St. Louis area was having many struggles over

4. When he returned to St. Louis, Lewis wrote an extensive paper on

5. Lewis puts into place a number of rules to keep order at the fort, the primary one being that

Short Essay Questions

1. As governor of the Louisiana Territory, Lewis was in over his head. How did Lewis fail in his job as governor?

2. Discuss Meriwether Lewis' response to the fact that some of his soldiers were planning to publish their own journals of the expedition.

3. Can we ascribe any meaning to soldiers giving Captain Clark presents for Christmas, and no mention of presents for Lewis?

4. Does it seem odd that the Captains and their soldiers had no idea of how they would be rewarded by the government prior to their return from the expedition?

5. What were some of the changes the expedition experienced as they came nearer to the coast?

6. How did Sacagawea lose her blue beads?

7. In what area does the author feel Lewis' greatest talents had lain?

8. Did Lewis' celebrity go to his head?

9. What may Lewis have been talking about when Mrs. Grinder heard him taking to himself like a lawyer?

10. Describe Lewis' grand scheme for American fur trading.

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