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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lewis felt that within ten years, Americans would
(a) Be moving to Canada to avoid taxes
(b) Settle the west coast
(c) Easily make the journey across the continent
(d) Be the biggest fur traders on earth

2. The primary industry in St. Louis is associated with
(a) The production of wheat
(b) Boating goods up the Missouri
(c) Production of trinkets for Indian trade
(d) Manufacture of weapons

3. Complicating Lewis' depression, perhaps, was
(a) The side effects of curatives
(b) The loss of his father
(c) His ongoing friendship with Clark
(d) His regret over not staying out west

4. Lewis sent a long letter to Hugh Heney that he hoped would
(a) Settle issues between the Sioux and Canadians
(b) Begin better relations among the Indian tribes
(c) Convince the Sioux and British of America's strength
(d) Convince Heney he was on the wrong side

5. Although successful in his public life, Lewis failed to
(a) Find a marital relationship
(b) Be a good brother and son
(c) Communicate with his family
(d) Keep friends for any length of time

Short Answer Questions

1. The Eulachon, which the Clatsops sold to the expedition were

2. Lewis seriously wanted to avoid

3. In an unfortunate hunting incident, Meriwether Lewis is accidentally

4. Lewis found it difficult, at the end, to

5. Lewis had trouble adjusting to his new role in which he

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss Lewis' varied capabilities that made him the perfect leader for this journey.

2. As governor of the Louisiana Territory, Lewis was in over his head. How did Lewis fail in his job as governor?

3. How did Sacagawea lose her blue beads?

4. Why was Lewis desperate to get some Indians to Washington?

5. Describe Lewis' grand scheme for American fur trading.

6. How do you think Lewis viewed his responsibility toward the governorship of the Louisiana Territory?

7. What were two of the worst problems for the expedition at Clatsop? Explain

8. Was it justifiable for Lewis to turn his publishing project into such a huge and complex undertaking?

9. What mistake did Lewis make with the Blackfoot Indians with whom he was trying to make a deal?

10. Lewis experiences pain that far exceeds any he has been through on the trip thus far. Describe the incident.

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