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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In an unfortunate hunting incident, Meriwether Lewis is accidentally
(a) Lost in the plains
(b) Caught in quicksand
(c) Shot in the arm
(d) Shot in the buttocks

2. Lewis felt deeply betrayed by the government's
(a) Refusal to pay his drafts
(b) Accusations of fraud
(c) Attitude toward his governorship
(d) Dismissal of his great work

3. During his dazed journey, Lewis several times, thought
(a) He was going to die
(b) There were bears in the road
(c) Indians would overtake him
(d) Clark was coming to his rescue

4. Under Bates' watch, the St. Louis area was having many struggles over
(a) Racism
(b) Governance
(c) Voting disputes
(d) Land titles

5. The federal government has now begun to refuse to
(a) Authorize publication of the journals
(b) Recognize Lewis as governor
(c) Communicate with Lewis
(d) Pay Lewis' drafts

Short Answer Questions

1. For Lewis' men, life at Fort Clatsop in the winter was

2. The government refused to pay Lewis' drafts for the return of Big White, ostensibly because

3. St. Louis in 1808 was

4. Lewis imagined a situation of trade which would allow

5. Lewis caught an illness from

Short Essay Questions

1. It seems that Lewis has had a major lapse in judgment in many respects and his behavior has become erratic. What major political mistake did he make when arranging to send Big White back to the Mandans?

2. Why did the Captains make the dangerous decision to divide the men into five groups?

3. Why was General Clark upset with his loyal slave, York?

4. What may Lewis have been talking about when Mrs. Grinder heard him taking to himself like a lawyer?

5. Why were the two chiefs, Twisted Hair and Cut Nose, angry at one another and how was it resolved?

6. In what way was Lewis being overly confident when crossing the Lolo trail?

7. The author speculates, in addition to other possibilities, that Lewis had a combination of malaria, manic-depression psychosis, alcoholism or some other physical ailments. Discuss what may have sent Lewis into depression at this point in his life.

8. Explain Lewis' maneuvering when he arrived in St. Louis, with respect to communicating about the expedition.

9. As governor of the Louisiana Territory, Lewis was in over his head. How did Lewis fail in his job as governor?

10. In what area does the author feel Lewis' greatest talents had lain?

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