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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lewis and Clark secretly planned to send three men back to St. Louis to deliver
(a) Indian trinkets
(b) Artifacts
(c) Reports
(d) Credit slips

2. Prior to the beginning of the journey, Jefferson issues to Lewis
(a) Marching orders for the expedition
(b) A medal for courage and valor
(c) A warning to spend judiciously
(d) An unprecedented letter of credit

3. Meriwether Lewis named Marias River after
(a) His grandmother
(b) His mother
(c) His sister
(d) His cousin

4. When he reached Louisville, Kentucky, Lewis
(a) Registers Indians into his crew
(b) Decides to delay the expedition
(c) Meets up with his partner, William Clark
(d) Almost gives up the journey

5. Old Toby told Lewis that the party could have traveled down a low pass, which would have
(a) Been the best place for hunting buffalo
(b) Saved them seven weeks of travel
(c) Brought them right to the Columbia
(d) Been a great place to spend the winter

Short Answer Questions

1. The strange gunshot-type noise that came regularly from the northwest

2. In addition to the enlisted men, the group included York, who was

3. On some of the worst days of the expedition the men were forced to

4. On their journey over the Bitterroots, Lewis and his men found

5. Lewis felt that meeting the Snake Indians could determine

Short Essay Questions

1. What may have convinced Lewis and Clark that they needed to double their crew?

2. Discuss the large keelboat and its journey back to St. Louis.

3. Discuss the perception of the speed of travel in Jefferson's time in 1801.

4. Discuss Lewis' mental meanderings on his 32nd birthday.

5. What in Lewis' childhood may have contributed to his later accomplishments?

6. Why were the Captains' gifts considered insufficient by the Teton Sioux Indians?

7. Why did Jefferson appoint Lewis as his personal secretary?

8. The trip through the Bitterroot Mountains is a particularly gruesome time or the expedition. Starvation, rough terrain, cold and illness forces the men to take desperate measures. What were they and why didn't the expedition turn back?

9. Was Sacagawea treated with the respect she was due?

10. Is it obvious why Clark's commission stayed that of lieutenant and not captain? How did that affect the two leaders?

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