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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lewis and Clark wanted Indian chiefs to go to Washington so they could
(a) Express their displeasure with the white man
(b) See how wealthy white men lived in the states
(c) Display themselves to Congress
(d) Meet their new father

2. Lewis' attitude toward gold during this expedition was one of
(a) Futility
(b) Excessive greed
(c) Indifference
(d) Hope

3. Meriwether Lewis, on the journey down the Ohio, contracts
(a) Bilious fever from damp nights
(b) Influenza from bad water
(c) Dysentary from spoiled food
(d) Malaria from mosquitoes

4. Lewis' political leanings favor
(a) Federalist thinking
(b) Socialism
(c) Republic philosophies
(d) Democrat party

5. One of Lewis' most prized possessions was his
(a) Collection of horses
(b) Quinine remedy
(c) Dry soup mix
(d) Air rifle

Short Answer Questions

1. Of the 5.5 million people in America during Jefferson's time,

2. It is important to Lewis that the men consider

3. In the Spring at Fort Mandan, Lewis felt that the expedition was really

4. Captain Clark's commission named him only as a

5. Lewis felt that meeting the Snake Indians could determine

Short Essay Questions

1. What caused the expedition's "portage" period to be longer than expected?

2. Discuss the large keelboat and its journey back to St. Louis.

3. Discuss the punishment meted out to the two soldiers who drank whiskey while on guard duty. Was it fair?

4. Why is Sacagawea's presence valuable to the expedition?

5. How did the expedition manage to drag its boats over land?

6. Why did the Shoshones hesitate to go with Lewis to meet Clark and help the expedition over the Lemhi River?

7. Discuss the perception of the speed of travel in Jefferson's time in 1801.

8. The trip through the Bitterroot Mountains is a particularly gruesome time or the expedition. Starvation, rough terrain, cold and illness forces the men to take desperate measures. What were they and why didn't the expedition turn back?

9. Why was progress down the Ohio River so abominably slow?

10. Discuss Lewis' mental meanderings on his 32nd birthday.

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