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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Shannon stayed lost for so long because he thought
(a) The captain was expecting him to scout ahead
(b) The group would make better time
(c) He was chasing the keelboat
(d) He had been abandoned

2. The Shoshones were intimidated by other tribes because they
(a) Had no guns
(b) Were too weak with hunger to fight
(c) Had been ravaged by the Blackfeet
(d) Lived in an area of sparse game

3. At Clark's River, or Bitterroot River, the expedition met with
(a) Shoshone squaws
(b) Ross Indians
(c) Modoc Indians
(d) Samish Indians

4. The voyage down the Ohio River starts out slowly because of the party's
(a) Poorly designed boats
(b) Late start
(c) Disorganization
(d) Disagreements

5. When the funds were appropriate from Congress for the expedition, Jefferson undertook to
(a) Gather wagons and guns for Lewis
(b) Show Lewis how to calculate latitude and longitude
(c) Have Lewis come to live with him in the presidential house
(d) Have Lewis fully educated by experts in many fields

Short Answer Questions

1. It is important to Lewis that the men consider

2. Many outlying Mandan villages are abandoned due to

3. After the hungry men gorged themselves on dried fish and roots,

4. Lewis and Clark's meeting with Daniel Boone is a matter of

5. The Shoshones removed their moccasins to smoke with Lewis, indicating

Short Essay Questions

1. What may Lewis have been talking about when Mrs. Grinder heard him taking to himself like a lawyer?

2. Why was Jefferson so interested in exploring the West?

3. Why did the Captains make the dangerous decision to divide the men into five groups?

4. It seems that Lewis has had a major lapse in judgment in many respects and his behavior has become erratic. What major political mistake did he make when arranging to send Big White back to the Mandans?

5. What happened to Lewis' beloved iron-frame boat?

6. Describe the difference between the more northern Walla Walla Indians and the coastal Chinookian tribes, as Lewis perceived it.

7. Lewis experiences pain that far exceeds any he has been through on the trip thus far. Describe the incident.

8. Describe the irony in Lewis' attitude toward Native Americans and African Americans.

9. Why was Lewis desperate to get some Indians to Washington?

10. Explain Lewis' maneuvering when he arrived in St. Louis, with respect to communicating about the expedition.

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