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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Wild game animals were not afraid of the men, perhaps because
(a) They talked gently to them
(b) They had never seen one before
(c) They smelled like other naimals
(d) They posed no threat

2. In addition to his detailed descriptions of the plains, Lewis' reports resembled a
(a) Chronological fiction
(b) Newspaper account of an ongoing event
(c) Legal opinion
(d) Promotional travelogue and business prospectus

3. Lewis feels that Native Americans will become civilized citizens, but
(a) Wishes they would first learn how to dress
(b) Thinks it will take many centuries
(c) Does not believe African Americans will
(d) Hopes he will not become involved in it

4. Clark noted that he was concerned that the expedition had insufficient
(a) Supplies to deal with the multitude of Indians they will meet
(b) Credit enough to puchase what they needed
(c) Food to feed their large crew for many months
(d) Arms and ammunition to make the journey safely

5. The voyage down the Ohio River starts out slowly because of the party's
(a) Late start
(b) Disagreements
(c) Disorganization
(d) Poorly designed boats

Short Answer Questions

1. Captain Clark's commission named him only as a

2. Why did expectations soar during this phase of the trip?

3. During Jefferson's time, Americans were obsessed with the concept of

4. Although he is formally educated, Meriwether Lewis returns to Virginia

5. Lewis' attitude toward gold during this expedition was one of

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Jefferson appoint Lewis as his personal secretary?

2. What is Lewis' plan at this point for the remainder of the trip?

3. How did the expedition manage to drag its boats over land?

4. Discuss the perception of the speed of travel in Jefferson's time in 1801.

5. Why was progress down the Ohio River so abominably slow?

6. Did Jefferson see something special in Meriwether Lewis?

7. What was the primary reason for wanting to find the Shoshones at this point in the trip?

8. Why did the Shoshones hesitate to go with Lewis to meet Clark and help the expedition over the Lemhi River?

9. Given that he was an educated man, how can we account for Lewis' lack of spelling ability?

10. Discuss the punishment meted out to the two soldiers who drank whiskey while on guard duty. Was it fair?

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