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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By the time Lewis reaches Grinder's Inn, he seems
(a) Drunken and disorderly
(b) To be feeling much better
(c) Irrational and deranged
(d) Confident and rested

2. Having an Indian woman with their party signified
(a) A higher intelligence
(b) A friendly demeanor
(c) A wish for trade
(d) A gesture of peace

3. Lewis left his estate to
(a) Thomas Jefferson
(b) His mother
(c) His half-brother
(d) William Clark

4. Lewis triumphantly returned to the east with
(a) Just a few men left
(b) Leftover supplies
(c) All his men in good health
(d) Half of the men ill or deceased

5. For Lewis' men, life at Fort Clatsop in the winter was
(a) Lively with festivities
(b) Exciting and surprising
(c) Boring, damp and dull
(d) Tense and nervous

6. The men could tell they were nearing a trading post because they saw
(a) People with silver jewelry
(b) Different varieties of guns
(c) Indians with cloth bankets and sailors' jackets
(d) Overweight natives

7. On his journey to Washington, Lewis wrote to Madison and expressed that he was
(a) Confident his drafts would be approved
(b) Enjoying being governor of Louisiana Territory
(c) Afraid his illness might overtake him soon
(d) Bringing duplicates of his journals

8. When he returned to St. Louis, Lewis wrote an extensive paper on
(a) Love and courtship
(b) Trade with the Indians
(c) Specific song birds of the west
(d) Insects and reptiles in the west

9. Bates, who had stood in for Lewis as governor, finally has
(a) A public scene and breaks his friendship with Lewis
(b) A heart attack and is forced to resign
(c) Contacted Clark with a request for solutions
(d) Made the decision to resign his post

10. During his dazed journey, Lewis several times, thought
(a) Clark was coming to his rescue
(b) There were bears in the road
(c) He was going to die
(d) Indians would overtake him

11. Lewis and Clark break the expedition up in groups to
(a) Lighten the loads
(b) Find food and grass
(c) Perform different assignments
(d) Document wildlife

12. Lewis proposed to free up the fur trade by establishing
(a) Requirements for trapping licenses
(b) A dominant relationship with the Indians
(c) New laws that would prohibit British trapping
(d) Trading posts and forts along the rivers

13. The history of fur trade in America was one of
(a) Constant renewable resources
(b) Overtrapping and moving west
(c) A constant effort to disempower the Indian
(d) Bickering over control

14. Although successful in his public life, Lewis failed to
(a) Communicate with his family
(b) Find a marital relationship
(c) Keep friends for any length of time
(d) Be a good brother and son

15. Lewis described the Siouxs' ruling passion as
(a) The buffalo hunt
(b) The urge to battle
(c) The love of gain
(d) The love of trade

Short Answer Questions

1. Realizing they had to have a guide through the mountains, the party

2. At 33-years-old, Lewis had become

3. Lewis' greatest mistake may have been

4. Lewis sent a long letter to Hugh Heney that he hoped would

5. Lewis and Clark and Clark's wife planned to share a house in

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