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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Although successful in his public life, Lewis failed to
(a) Communicate with his family
(b) Find a marital relationship
(c) Be a good brother and son
(d) Keep friends for any length of time

2. The Captains try to arrange an agreement for the Nez Perce to
(a) Trade their horses with the Blackfoot
(b) Give up a portion of their horses
(c) Move to the eastern side of the Continental Divide
(d) Pay more respect to Twisted Hair

3. The government refused to pay Lewis' drafts for the return of Big White, ostensibly because
(a) The government could no longer afford his services
(b) Lewis had stolen govenrment money
(c) Lewis had not consulted them or gotten prior approval
(d) Lewis was too confident for his own good

4. Lewis idealistically thought that the Indians and white Americans would come together through
(a) Commerce
(b) Ideology
(c) Spirituality
(d) Acceptance

5. While Lewis worked on his drawings and descriptions of plants and animals, Clark worked on
(a) His map of the country
(b) His instructions for the men
(c) The rules for the fort
(d) Getting the men well

6. Lewis and Clark break the expedition up in groups to
(a) Perform different assignments
(b) Lighten the loads
(c) Find food and grass
(d) Document wildlife

7. Cut Nose planned to send two guides to the expedition to help them get to
(a) The end of the Columbia
(b) The falls of the Missouri
(c) The plains at the foot of the Bitterroots
(d) The pass through the Rockies

8. Having an Indian woman with their party signified
(a) A wish for trade
(b) A higher intelligence
(c) A friendly demeanor
(d) A gesture of peace

9. Lewis sent a long letter to Hugh Heney that he hoped would
(a) Convince Heney he was on the wrong side
(b) Begin better relations among the Indian tribes
(c) Settle issues between the Sioux and Canadians
(d) Convince the Sioux and British of America's strength

10. Upon Lewis' death, the expedition journals fell into the hands of
(a) Nicholas Biddle
(b) George Shannon
(c) William Clark
(d) Thomas Jefferson

11. In his role as governor of the Louisiana territory, Lewis
(a) Fair and generous
(b) Was lax and ineffective
(c) Rigorous and productive
(d) Loyal to Jefferson

12. The Americans astonished the Indians by
(a) Walking along the river on cliffs
(b) Swimming the deep rapids
(c) Shooting their rifles into the air
(d) Navigating Class V rapids in canoes

13. Thomas Jefferson appointed Meriwether Lewis
(a) Secretary of State
(b) Speaker of the House
(c) Secretary of the Interior
(d) As governor of the Lousiana Territory

14. Meriwether Lewis may have misused public funds by
(a) Buying expensive property for government agencies
(b) Purchasing opium and alcohol
(c) Drinking and carousing
(d) Funding his own commercial venture with them

15. During the winter of 1807-1808, for eight months Meriwether Lewis
(a) Was busy and productive
(b) Was living in the country
(c) Was writing in his journals
(d) Was incognito

Short Answer Questions

1. On his journey to Washington, Lewis wrote to Madison and expressed that he was

2. When he returned to St. Louis, Lewis wrote an extensive paper on

3. Lewis recommended compensation to all of the members of his party, with the exception of

4. During Clark's journey to Yellowstone,

5. Government officials began to pester Lewis over

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