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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lewis' underlying goal at this point is for America to
(a) Know the wildlife that existed beyond the Mississippi
(b) Dominate the fur trade throughout the West
(c) Understand the ways of the various Indian tribes
(d) Finally oust Spain and France from the fur trade

2. On his journey to Washington, Lewis wrote to Madison and expressed that he was
(a) Afraid his illness might overtake him soon
(b) Bringing duplicates of his journals
(c) Confident his drafts would be approved
(d) Enjoying being governor of Louisiana Territory

3. Lewis triumphantly returned to the east with
(a) Just a few men left
(b) All his men in good health
(c) Half of the men ill or deceased
(d) Leftover supplies

4. The history of fur trade in America was one of
(a) Bickering over control
(b) Overtrapping and moving west
(c) A constant effort to disempower the Indian
(d) Constant renewable resources

5. Opening the cache let in 1805, Lewis found that
(a) The plant specimens were ruined
(b) His written documents were wet
(c) His maps and instruments were gone
(d) The food was missing

6. Upon escaping a violent situation with Blackfoot warriors, Lewis burned
(a) Blankets and foodstuffs
(b) The hides under which they had all slept
(c) A British musket
(d) Nearly all of the Indians' belongings

7. St. Louis in 1808 was
(a) A scene of great poverty
(b) A dangerous town for the French
(c) The capital of the US
(d) A melting pot of different cultures

8. In an unfortunate hunting incident, Meriwether Lewis is accidentally
(a) Caught in quicksand
(b) Lost in the plains
(c) Shot in the buttocks
(d) Shot in the arm

9. Of Lewis' many talents, his weakness lay in
(a) Follow-through
(b) Astronomy
(c) Politics
(d) Math

10. While on the Columbia, the primary interest of the group was to
(a) Reach the Pacific Ocean
(b) Stay dry and warm
(c) Eat, drink and dance
(d) Trade for otter skins

11. Toward the end, Meriwether Lewis' behavior grew
(a) Serene
(b) Stable
(c) Unpredictable
(d) Vibrant

12. Drouillard was acquitted of murder because
(a) He was held in high esteem in St. Louis
(b) The deserter he killed was deemed a threat to the party
(c) His boss ordered him to do it
(d) The deserter threatened him first

13. Lewis felt that within ten years, Americans would
(a) Be moving to Canada to avoid taxes
(b) Settle the west coast
(c) Be the biggest fur traders on earth
(d) Easily make the journey across the continent

14. Lewis proposed that all the furs in the northwest could be
(a) Wiped out by the French soon
(b) Worthless in ten years
(c) Shipped to China from the Pacific coast
(d) Owned by Britain during the next year

15. Lewis had trouble adjusting to his new role in which he
(a) Was expected to communicate
(b) Had full authority
(c) Had to answer for his actions
(d) Had only a few assistants

Short Answer Questions

1. The author suspects that Meriwether Lewis was

2. The Americans astonished the Indians by

3. Lewis tried to spin the bad news that

4. Two of the group stayed behind with the Mandans. They were

5. The base of Lewis's proposed trading plan with Canton would be

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