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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The primary industry in St. Louis is associated with
(a) Manufacture of weapons
(b) The production of wheat
(c) Boating goods up the Missouri
(d) Production of trinkets for Indian trade

2. Lewis and his small group travel to the headwaters of the Marias in order to
(a) Find out if there is any end to the Missouri River before Canada
(b) Locate the stash of supplies they left earlier
(c) Fish for trout
(d) Find out if the Missouri River drains into Louisiana Purchase territory

3. Lewis found it difficult, at the end, to
(a) To recall all he had done
(b) Say goodbye to Pernier
(c) Make his body die
(d) Leave his loyal servants

4. By this time, Jefferson has retired to Monticello, and the new president is
(a) Lincoln
(b) Truman
(c) Jackson
(d) Madison

5. Clark was appointed as brigadier general of militia, as well as
(a) Head of the War Department
(b) Department head of Bureau of Indian Affairs
(c) Foreign diplomat
(d) Superintendent of Indian affairs

6. Drouillard was acquitted of murder because
(a) His boss ordered him to do it
(b) He was held in high esteem in St. Louis
(c) The deserter threatened him first
(d) The deserter he killed was deemed a threat to the party

7. Having an Indian woman with their party signified
(a) A gesture of peace
(b) A higher intelligence
(c) A friendly demeanor
(d) A wish for trade

8. The Captains try to arrange an agreement for the Nez Perce to
(a) Move to the eastern side of the Continental Divide
(b) Pay more respect to Twisted Hair
(c) Trade their horses with the Blackfoot
(d) Give up a portion of their horses

9. During Clark's journey to Yellowstone,
(a) The Blackfoot Indians chased him away
(b) Crow Indians stole half his horses
(c) He met Dickson and Hancock
(d) His horses became lost and scattered

10. Lewis caught an illness from
(a) Jefferson's butler
(b) Martha Randolph
(c) Captain Clark
(d) His son-in-law

11. Under Bates' watch, the St. Louis area was having many struggles over
(a) Governance
(b) Voting disputes
(c) Land titles
(d) Racism

12. The Indians almost provoked Lewis to the point of
(a) Stealing their horses
(b) Jailing them indefinitely
(c) Shooting them
(d) Burning their houses

13. The base of Lewis's proposed trading plan with Canton would be
(a) The Yakima trading post
(b) Fort Clatsop
(c) The Nez Perce camp
(d) The Walla-Walla tribal grounds

14. Cut Nose planned to send two guides to the expedition to help them get to
(a) The pass through the Rockies
(b) The plains at the foot of the Bitterroots
(c) The end of the Columbia
(d) The falls of the Missouri

15. The Americans astonished the Indians by
(a) Shooting their rifles into the air
(b) Navigating Class V rapids in canoes
(c) Swimming the deep rapids
(d) Walking along the river on cliffs

Short Answer Questions

1. The Captains decided to ride out some very dangerous rapids, which resulted in

2. Lewis tried to spin the bad news that

3. During his dazed journey, Lewis several times, thought

4. As they travel toward St. Louis, Meriwether Lewis feels that

5. Lewis imagined a situation of trade which would allow

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