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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While Lewis worked on his drawings and descriptions of plants and animals, Clark worked on
(a) The rules for the fort
(b) His map of the country
(c) His instructions for the men
(d) Getting the men well

2. The base of Lewis's proposed trading plan with Canton would be
(a) The Yakima trading post
(b) Fort Clatsop
(c) The Walla-Walla tribal grounds
(d) The Nez Perce camp

3. Lewis sent a long letter to Hugh Heney that he hoped would
(a) Convince Heney he was on the wrong side
(b) Begin better relations among the Indian tribes
(c) Settle issues between the Sioux and Canadians
(d) Convince the Sioux and British of America's strength

4. Lewis tried to spin the bad news that
(a) He was injured and disabled
(b) He had lost most of his specimens
(c) He and Clark were no longer friends
(d) There was no water passage to the Pacific

5. Lewis and Clark and Clark's wife planned to share a house in
(a) Virginia
(b) Louisville
(c) Philadelphia
(d) St. Louis

6. The Spanish were concerned that because of Lewis & Clark's expedition,
(a) Americans would begin sailing to Spain
(b) They would lose control of their gold and silver mining
(c) They would lose their fur trading monopoly
(d) They would be forced into making a deal with the US

7. While on the Columbia, the primary interest of the group was to
(a) Stay dry and warm
(b) Eat, drink and dance
(c) Trade for otter skins
(d) Reach the Pacific Ocean

8. With hostile Blackfeet behind and him hostile Sioux ahead, Lewis learns that
(a) Sioux chiefs are on their way to Washington
(b) His wounds will take weeks to heal
(c) Most of the tribes are preparing for war
(d) His letter was not delivered to Heney

9. Lewis and Clark break the expedition up in groups to
(a) Document wildlife
(b) Perform different assignments
(c) Lighten the loads
(d) Find food and grass

10. Lewis caught an illness from
(a) Jefferson's butler
(b) Captain Clark
(c) Martha Randolph
(d) His son-in-law

11. The Captains try to arrange an agreement for the Nez Perce to
(a) Give up a portion of their horses
(b) Trade their horses with the Blackfoot
(c) Pay more respect to Twisted Hair
(d) Move to the eastern side of the Continental Divide

12. Toward the end, Meriwether Lewis' behavior grew
(a) Stable
(b) Unpredictable
(c) Serene
(d) Vibrant

13. Lewis idealistically thought that the Indians and white Americans would come together through
(a) Acceptance
(b) Ideology
(c) Commerce
(d) Spirituality

14. Settling at the coastal fort, the men start a
(a) Salt-making operation
(b) Fishing expedition
(c) Dock-building project
(d) Whaling expedition

15. Ironically, Jefferson told visiting Indians that
(a) Their goods were worth more than ours
(b) No wrong would ever be done to them
(c) We were at their service
(d) They could have their own nations

Short Answer Questions

1. The Eulachon, which the Clatsops sold to the expedition were

2. Cut Nose planned to send two guides to the expedition to help them get to

3. Complicating Lewis' depression, perhaps, was

4. By the time Lewis reaches Grinder's Inn, he seems

5. Meriwether Lewis may have misused public funds by

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