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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On his journey to Washington, Lewis wrote to Madison and expressed that he was
(a) Enjoying being governor of Louisiana Territory
(b) Bringing duplicates of his journals
(c) Afraid his illness might overtake him soon
(d) Confident his drafts would be approved

2. The base of Lewis's proposed trading plan with Canton would be
(a) Fort Clatsop
(b) The Yakima trading post
(c) The Nez Perce camp
(d) The Walla-Walla tribal grounds

3. A strong, affectionate bond was forged between
(a) The Captains and the Blackfoot chief
(b) The Indian guides and Seaman
(c) The Nez Perce guides and white soldiers
(d) The two Indian guides

4. Lewis wrongly let the Blackfoot warriors know that
(a) His men had killed many buffalo
(b) His horses numbered in the hundreds
(c) He had guns and liquor back at camp
(d) Their enemies had organized an alliance with America

5. Clark was appointed as brigadier general of militia, as well as
(a) Superintendent of Indian affairs
(b) Department head of Bureau of Indian Affairs
(c) Head of the War Department
(d) Foreign diplomat

6. The mens' arrival at the Mandans Village was
(a) Unexpected
(b) Tense
(c) A huge concern
(d) Warm and happy

7. Lewis caught an illness from
(a) Martha Randolph
(b) Captain Clark
(c) His son-in-law
(d) Jefferson's butler

8. While Lewis worked on his drawings and descriptions of plants and animals, Clark worked on
(a) The rules for the fort
(b) His instructions for the men
(c) Getting the men well
(d) His map of the country

9. Toward the end, Meriwether Lewis' behavior grew
(a) Unpredictable
(b) Serene
(c) Stable
(d) Vibrant

10. Publication of Lewis' journals would prove to be
(a) Painstakingly redundant
(b) Quick and sloppy
(c) Extremely expensive
(d) A minor undertaking

11. Rather than the expected horses for their food, below The Dalles the expedition found
(a) Only vegetation
(b) Only dried fish
(c) Only dogs
(d) Only beaver

12. Jefferson felt that the Indians would give over their land in exchange for
(a) Payment of their mounting debts to America
(b) Guns and ammunition
(c) Liquor and tobacco
(d) Peace and sovereignty

13. Speculation about the eight-month period include the possibility that
(a) Lewis was having an affair
(b) Lewis suffered from malaria
(c) Lewis was in a diabetic coma
(d) Lewis was tired of all the attention

14. With hostile Blackfeet behind and him hostile Sioux ahead, Lewis learns that
(a) Sioux chiefs are on their way to Washington
(b) His letter was not delivered to Heney
(c) Most of the tribes are preparing for war
(d) His wounds will take weeks to heal

15. When he returned to St. Louis, Lewis wrote an extensive paper on
(a) Specific song birds of the west
(b) Trade with the Indians
(c) Love and courtship
(d) Insects and reptiles in the west

Short Answer Questions

1. Cut Nose planned to send two guides to the expedition to help them get to

2. The men could tell they were nearing a trading post because they saw

3. Ironically, Jefferson told visiting Indians that

4. Lewis felt that within ten years, Americans would

5. Jefferson's huge expenditures on the expedition were, to him,

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