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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jefferson's huge expenditures on the expedition were, to him,
(a) Exorbitant by any standards
(b) A waste of hard earned dollars
(c) An investment in the future
(d) Not as extravagant as they might have been

2. Drouillard was acquitted of murder because
(a) He was held in high esteem in St. Louis
(b) The deserter he killed was deemed a threat to the party
(c) The deserter threatened him first
(d) His boss ordered him to do it

3. One of the pleasures the expedition encountered was
(a) The Indian guides' sense of humor
(b) The flat, easy trails through the mountains
(c) The hot springs at Lolo
(d) The abundance of Buffalo at Lolo River

4. Lewis tried to spin the bad news that
(a) He and Clark were no longer friends
(b) He had lost most of his specimens
(c) He was injured and disabled
(d) There was no water passage to the Pacific

5. Ironically, Jefferson told visiting Indians that
(a) We were at their service
(b) They could have their own nations
(c) No wrong would ever be done to them
(d) Their goods were worth more than ours

6. The author suspects that Meriwether Lewis was
(a) A manic depressive
(b) A schizophrenic
(c) An alcoholic
(d) An epileptic

7. Settling at the coastal fort, the men start a
(a) Dock-building project
(b) Fishing expedition
(c) Salt-making operation
(d) Whaling expedition

8. Complicating Lewis' depression, perhaps, was
(a) His regret over not staying out west
(b) The side effects of curatives
(c) The loss of his father
(d) His ongoing friendship with Clark

9. St. Louis in 1808 was
(a) A melting pot of different cultures
(b) A scene of great poverty
(c) The capital of the US
(d) A dangerous town for the French

10. While on the Columbia, the primary interest of the group was to
(a) Eat, drink and dance
(b) Stay dry and warm
(c) Trade for otter skins
(d) Reach the Pacific Ocean

11. Jefferson made Lewis a member of
(a) The Harvard Botany Society
(b) The John Birch Society
(c) The American Philosophical Society
(d) The Audobon Society

12. Captain Lewis has his doubts about Jefferson's hope to
(a) Bring Indian chiefs to Washington
(b) Learn about Western wildlife
(c) Pick the men up by ship
(d) Incorporate Indians into the body politic

13. The Eulachon, which the Clatsops sold to the expedition were
(a) Mussels pried from rocks
(b) Seven-inch fish
(c) Sea anemones
(d) Crabs found in the sand

14. Lewis sent a long letter to Hugh Heney that he hoped would
(a) Begin better relations among the Indian tribes
(b) Convince the Sioux and British of America's strength
(c) Convince Heney he was on the wrong side
(d) Settle issues between the Sioux and Canadians

15. The history of fur trade in America was one of
(a) Bickering over control
(b) Overtrapping and moving west
(c) Constant renewable resources
(d) A constant effort to disempower the Indian

Short Answer Questions

1. Although successful in his public life, Lewis failed to

2. Under Bates' watch, the St. Louis area was having many struggles over

3. Lewis triumphantly returned to the east with

4. Cut Nose planned to send two guides to the expedition to help them get to

5. Lewis proposed to free up the fur trade by establishing

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