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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lewis felt that within ten years, Americans would
(a) Settle the west coast
(b) Easily make the journey across the continent
(c) Be the biggest fur traders on earth
(d) Be moving to Canada to avoid taxes

2. At The Dalles, the expedition paid dearly for four horses with
(a) Guns and ammunition
(b) Two guns
(c) Two kettles
(d) Three blankets

3. Bates, who had stood in for Lewis as governor, finally has
(a) A public scene and breaks his friendship with Lewis
(b) A heart attack and is forced to resign
(c) Made the decision to resign his post
(d) Contacted Clark with a request for solutions

4. Although successful in his public life, Lewis failed to
(a) Communicate with his family
(b) Keep friends for any length of time
(c) Be a good brother and son
(d) Find a marital relationship

5. The government refused to pay Lewis' drafts for the return of Big White, ostensibly because
(a) Lewis had not consulted them or gotten prior approval
(b) Lewis had stolen govenrment money
(c) The government could no longer afford his services
(d) Lewis was too confident for his own good

6. Lewis described the Siouxs' ruling passion as
(a) The buffalo hunt
(b) The urge to battle
(c) The love of gain
(d) The love of trade

7. When he returned to St. Louis, Lewis wrote an extensive paper on
(a) Love and courtship
(b) Insects and reptiles in the west
(c) Trade with the Indians
(d) Specific song birds of the west

8. Of Lewis' many talents, his weakness lay in
(a) Politics
(b) Astronomy
(c) Math
(d) Follow-through

9. Lewis felt deeply betrayed by the government's
(a) Dismissal of his great work
(b) Refusal to pay his drafts
(c) Accusations of fraud
(d) Attitude toward his governorship

10. The Americans astonished the Indians by
(a) Swimming the deep rapids
(b) Shooting their rifles into the air
(c) Walking along the river on cliffs
(d) Navigating Class V rapids in canoes

11. Jefferson's huge expenditures on the expedition were, to him,
(a) Exorbitant by any standards
(b) Not as extravagant as they might have been
(c) An investment in the future
(d) A waste of hard earned dollars

12. Unlike the coastal Chinook Indians, the Walla-Walla Indians prove to be
(a) Independent and healthy
(b) Ready to assimilate
(c) Taller and meaner
(d) Trustworthy and kind

13. Settling at the coastal fort, the men start a
(a) Dock-building project
(b) Salt-making operation
(c) Fishing expedition
(d) Whaling expedition

14. A strong, affectionate bond was forged between
(a) The Indian guides and Seaman
(b) The two Indian guides
(c) The Nez Perce guides and white soldiers
(d) The Captains and the Blackfoot chief

15. Lewis sent a long letter to Hugh Heney that he hoped would
(a) Begin better relations among the Indian tribes
(b) Convince the Sioux and British of America's strength
(c) Settle issues between the Sioux and Canadians
(d) Convince Heney he was on the wrong side

Short Answer Questions

1. Lewis and his small group travel to the headwaters of the Marias in order to

2. Government officials began to pester Lewis over

3. In his role as governor of the Louisiana territory, Lewis

4. Lewis had trouble adjusting to his new role in which he

5. During his dazed journey, Lewis several times, thought

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