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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With hostile Blackfeet behind and him hostile Sioux ahead, Lewis learns that
(a) Most of the tribes are preparing for war
(b) His letter was not delivered to Heney
(c) His wounds will take weeks to heal
(d) Sioux chiefs are on their way to Washington

2. A strong, affectionate bond was forged between
(a) The Captains and the Blackfoot chief
(b) The Nez Perce guides and white soldiers
(c) The two Indian guides
(d) The Indian guides and Seaman

3. Upon Lewis' death, the expedition journals fell into the hands of
(a) William Clark
(b) Thomas Jefferson
(c) Nicholas Biddle
(d) George Shannon

4. Toward the end, Meriwether Lewis' behavior grew
(a) Stable
(b) Vibrant
(c) Unpredictable
(d) Serene

5. Lewis proposed to free up the fur trade by establishing
(a) A dominant relationship with the Indians
(b) Requirements for trapping licenses
(c) Trading posts and forts along the rivers
(d) New laws that would prohibit British trapping

6. The base of Lewis's proposed trading plan with Canton would be
(a) The Walla-Walla tribal grounds
(b) The Yakima trading post
(c) Fort Clatsop
(d) The Nez Perce camp

7. St. Louis in 1808 was
(a) The capital of the US
(b) A melting pot of different cultures
(c) A dangerous town for the French
(d) A scene of great poverty

8. Jefferson did not send a Navy vessel to retrieve the expedition because
(a) The Navy refused
(b) He felt it was too expensive
(c) There were none available
(d) He wanted them to explore as they returned

9. Lewis' greatest mistake may have been
(a) His failure to get his journals published
(b) Not learning to spell
(c) His broken friendship with Secretary Bates
(d) Leaving Jefferson's home

10. The author suspects that Meriwether Lewis was
(a) A schizophrenic
(b) A manic depressive
(c) An alcoholic
(d) An epileptic

11. As they travel toward St. Louis, Meriwether Lewis feels that
(a) He might never walk again
(b) He would rather stay in Yellowstone
(c) His diplomatic work with the tribes has worked
(d) His entire Indian policy has fallen apart

12. One of the most annoying traits of the Chinook Indians was
(a) Their grandstanding of their hunting talents
(b) Their propensity for thieving
(c) Their refusal to leave the premises
(d) Their inability to understand English

13. Lewis and Clark and Clark's wife planned to share a house in
(a) Philadelphia
(b) Louisville
(c) Virginia
(d) St. Louis

14. The Captains decided to ride out some very dangerous rapids, which resulted in
(a) Old Toby leaving the expedition
(b) A divide between the two Captains
(c) The men deciding that Lewis was still unwell
(d) Broken canoes and lost equipment

15. The men could tell they were nearing a trading post because they saw
(a) Indians with cloth bankets and sailors' jackets
(b) People with silver jewelry
(c) Overweight natives
(d) Different varieties of guns

Short Answer Questions

1. Under Bates' watch, the St. Louis area was having many struggles over

2. Lewis had trouble adjusting to his new role in which he

3. Lewis imagined a situation of trade which would allow

4. The Eulachon, which the Clatsops sold to the expedition were

5. At The Dalles, the expedition paid dearly for four horses with

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