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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lewis idealistically thought that the Indians and white Americans would come together through
(a) Acceptance
(b) Commerce
(c) Ideology
(d) Spirituality

2. Lewis felt deeply betrayed by the government's
(a) Attitude toward his governorship
(b) Dismissal of his great work
(c) Accusations of fraud
(d) Refusal to pay his drafts

3. Unlike the coastal Chinook Indians, the Walla-Walla Indians prove to be
(a) Taller and meaner
(b) Trustworthy and kind
(c) Independent and healthy
(d) Ready to assimilate

4. The Indians almost provoked Lewis to the point of
(a) Jailing them indefinitely
(b) Burning their houses
(c) Stealing their horses
(d) Shooting them

5. Jefferson did not send a Navy vessel to retrieve the expedition because
(a) He wanted them to explore as they returned
(b) He felt it was too expensive
(c) The Navy refused
(d) There were none available

6. Of Lewis' many talents, his weakness lay in
(a) Politics
(b) Follow-through
(c) Astronomy
(d) Math

7. Lewis proposed to free up the fur trade by establishing
(a) New laws that would prohibit British trapping
(b) Trading posts and forts along the rivers
(c) A dominant relationship with the Indians
(d) Requirements for trapping licenses

8. At The Dalles, the expedition paid dearly for four horses with
(a) Two guns
(b) Three blankets
(c) Guns and ammunition
(d) Two kettles

9. Lewis' greatest mistake may have been
(a) His failure to get his journals published
(b) Not learning to spell
(c) Leaving Jefferson's home
(d) His broken friendship with Secretary Bates

10. Jefferson's huge expenditures on the expedition were, to him,
(a) Not as extravagant as they might have been
(b) Exorbitant by any standards
(c) A waste of hard earned dollars
(d) An investment in the future

11. During his dazed journey, Lewis several times, thought
(a) He was going to die
(b) Clark was coming to his rescue
(c) Indians would overtake him
(d) There were bears in the road

12. Two of the group stayed behind with the Mandans. They were
(a) The Field brothers
(b) Sacagawea and Charbonneau
(c) John Colter and Captain Clark
(d) Dickson and Hancock

13. During the winter of 1807-1808, for eight months Meriwether Lewis
(a) Was busy and productive
(b) Was writing in his journals
(c) Was incognito
(d) Was living in the country

14. Captain Clark, unlike Lewis,
(a) Married his first cousin
(b) Married his childhood sweetheart
(c) Had several children out of wedlock
(d) Fell in love and married

15. A strong, affectionate bond was forged between
(a) The Captains and the Blackfoot chief
(b) The Indian guides and Seaman
(c) The two Indian guides
(d) The Nez Perce guides and white soldiers

Short Answer Questions

1. The government refused to pay Lewis' drafts for the return of Big White, ostensibly because

2. Lewis left his estate to

3. During Clark's journey to Yellowstone,

4. Lewis imagined a situation of trade which would allow

5. Lewis recommended compensation to all of the members of his party, with the exception of

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