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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The primary means of overland transportation in the 1700s was
(a) Antique automobiles
(b) Crude highways
(c) Waterways
(d) Horse-drawn carriage

2. Merriwether Lewis and Captain William Clark are
(a) Acquainted but not familiar
(b) Distant rivals
(c) Related by marriage
(d) Very close friends

3. Jefferson's interest in sending an expedition westward was to find
(a) Rare birds and plants
(b) A water connection between both continental coasts
(c) New and unknown species of wild animals
(d) Unknown Native American tribes

4. On their journey back to camp, Windsor and Lewis both
(a) Climbed cottonwoods for the view
(b) Nearly fell into a deep ravine
(c) Determined this was the Missouri
(d) Fell down numerous times

5. Lewis learns from Cameahwait that the Nez Perce Indians
(a) Lived west of the mountains
(b) Fished the Columbia
(c) Were well educated
(d) Traveled north every year to hunt

6. What was Jefferson's suggestion to Napoleon regarding New Orleans?
(a) Cede the area to Spain in order to balance things
(b) Go to war with Spain to establish possesssion
(c) Cede the area to the U.S. to prevent a war between allies
(d) Sign the area over to the British to arouse enmity

7. Rather than ascend the Yellowstone, the expedition instead
(a) Continued up the Missouri
(b) Cut over to the Columbia
(c) Stayed on the Marias
(d) Partied at te rivers' junction

8. Among his peers, Lewis is considered
(a) A bit shady
(b) Honest and trustworthy
(c) A bigot
(d) Slightly effeminate

9. On some of the worst days of the expedition the men were forced to
(a) Eat the meat of a colt
(b) Pray for their safety
(c) Eat berries for dinner
(d) Cuddle together for warmth

10. The Shoshones removed their moccasins to smoke with Lewis, indicating
(a) Their respect for a clean blanket
(b) Their interest in his mocassins
(c) Their sincerity in friendship
(d) Their humility

11. Clark's attitude toward hostile Indian tribes was
(a) To do everything possible to avoid a fight
(b) To always take them by surprise
(c) To intimidate the tribes with their new model guns
(d) To alarm the Indians into submission

12. Lewis' political leanings favor
(a) Democrat party
(b) Republic philosophies
(c) Socialism
(d) Federalist thinking

13. Captain Clark's commission named him only as a
(a) Private
(b) Corporal
(c) Major
(d) Lieutenant

14. Neither Captain took Sacagawea along to meet the Indians
(a) Because she was only good for negotiating
(b) For unknown reasons
(c) Because they were concerned about her health
(d) Because she needed to stay with her child

15. The men in the expedition were bound by the knowledge
(a) They were making history
(b) They might not survive
(c) They needed to return safely
(d) They were dependent on Lewis

Short Answer Questions

1. When Sacagawea recalls the place where she was kidnapped by the Hidatsas, she

2. Lewis and Clark wanted Indian chiefs to go to Washington so they could

3. Lewis thought that buffalo hair might produce

4. Lewis tells Jefferson that the Snake Indians have large quantities of

5. Because Lewis' iron-frame boat failed, Clark directed the men to

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