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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lewis and Clark secretly planned to send three men back to St. Louis to deliver
(a) Artifacts
(b) Credit slips
(c) Indian trinkets
(d) Reports

2. Clark's attitude toward hostile Indian tribes was
(a) To alarm the Indians into submission
(b) To always take them by surprise
(c) To intimidate the tribes with their new model guns
(d) To do everything possible to avoid a fight

3. In addition to his detailed descriptions of the plains, Lewis' reports resembled a
(a) Newspaper account of an ongoing event
(b) Legal opinion
(c) Chronological fiction
(d) Promotional travelogue and business prospectus

4. Prior to the beginning of the journey, Jefferson issues to Lewis
(a) A warning to spend judiciously
(b) An unprecedented letter of credit
(c) Marching orders for the expedition
(d) A medal for courage and valor

5. Meriwether Lewis and Thomas Jefferson's families have this in common.
(a) They are second cousins
(b) They both are avid slaveowners
(c) They own plantations in Virginia
(d) They smoke fresh-picked tobacco

6. Although he is formally educated, Meriwether Lewis returns to Virginia
(a) To manage the family plantation
(b) At the behest of Thomas Jefferson
(c) To care for his ailing mother
(d) To coordinate the education of his sister

7. The most prized and valuable animal found along the river is the
(a) Elk
(b) Antelope
(c) Beaver
(d) Wolf

8. In preparation for the expedition, Lewis oversees the construction of
(a) Wagons to carry supplies overland
(b) Artifacts for trading with Native Americans
(c) A large, iron, collapsible boat
(d) A large, waterproof teepee for the troops

9. On their journey back to camp, Windsor and Lewis both
(a) Nearly fell into a deep ravine
(b) Climbed cottonwoods for the view
(c) Determined this was the Missouri
(d) Fell down numerous times

10. Clark's feet sufferred from wounds made by
(a) Sharp rocks
(b) Prickly pears
(c) Berry thorns
(d) River rocks

11. To follow the large keelboats up the river, the expedition made use of
(a) Paddles
(b) Pirogues
(c) Inflatable vests
(d) Ski-doos

12. When he reached Louisville, Kentucky, Lewis
(a) Meets up with his partner, William Clark
(b) Decides to delay the expedition
(c) Almost gives up the journey
(d) Registers Indians into his crew

13. Old Toby told Lewis that the party could have traveled down a low pass, which would have
(a) Been the best place for hunting buffalo
(b) Brought them right to the Columbia
(c) Saved them seven weeks of travel
(d) Been a great place to spend the winter

14. Lewis' political leanings favor
(a) Republic philosophies
(b) Socialism
(c) Democrat party
(d) Federalist thinking

15. Lewis spoke to the Shoshone chief through
(a) One of his French officers
(b) An elderly woman
(c) A young warrior
(d) Captain Clark

Short Answer Questions

1. Plantation owners constantly seek additional land because

2. On their journey over the Bitterroots, Lewis and his men found

3. Of the 5.5 million people in America during Jefferson's time,

4. What was Jefferson's suggestion to Napoleon regarding New Orleans?

5. Among his peers, Lewis is considered

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