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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. France, having transferred the Louisiana Territory to the US, allows the expedition to
(a) Include foreigners in the group of explorers
(b) Travel through American territory wihout hostility
(c) Freely trap for fur along the way
(d) Purchase guns from the French

2. Old Toby told Lewis that the party could have traveled down a low pass, which would have
(a) Saved them seven weeks of travel
(b) Brought them right to the Columbia
(c) Been a great place to spend the winter
(d) Been the best place for hunting buffalo

3. Lewis and Clark secretly planned to send three men back to St. Louis to deliver
(a) Credit slips
(b) Reports
(c) Artifacts
(d) Indian trinkets

4. It is important to Lewis that the men consider
(a) William Clark as second in command
(b) William Clark his equal
(c) His dog Seaman, when they eat meals
(d) His authority as final

5. Among his peers, Lewis is considered
(a) Honest and trustworthy
(b) A bigot
(c) A bit shady
(d) Slightly effeminate

6. Lewis learns from Cameahwait that the Nez Perce Indians
(a) Fished the Columbia
(b) Were well educated
(c) Traveled north every year to hunt
(d) Lived west of the mountains

7. On their journey over the Bitterroots, Lewis and his men found
(a) Signs of spring
(b) A butchered horse left for them by Clark
(c) A few buffalo
(d) A lagoon full of fish

8. Lewis recommended that Jefferson consider Yellowstone's junction with the Missouri as a site for
(a) A military installation
(b) A new township
(c) The new western capital
(d) A trading post

9. Jefferson's interest in sending an expedition westward was to find
(a) New and unknown species of wild animals
(b) Unknown Native American tribes
(c) Rare birds and plants
(d) A water connection between both continental coasts

10. Clark noted that he was concerned that the expedition had insufficient
(a) Arms and ammunition to make the journey safely
(b) Credit enough to puchase what they needed
(c) Food to feed their large crew for many months
(d) Supplies to deal with the multitude of Indians they will meet

11. The strange gunshot-type noise that came regularly from the northwest
(a) Was Sacagawea's family looking for her
(b) Was a tribe of advanced Indians
(c) Has never been explained
(d) Was a member of the expedition signalling them

12. Captain Clark's commission named him only as a
(a) Major
(b) Lieutenant
(c) Private
(d) Corporal

13. Lewis travels extensively through the western frontiers in his position as
(a) Paymaster
(b) Stagecoach driver
(c) Military transporter
(d) Army corporal

14. Lewis was instructed by Sacagawea that, in Shoshone, "tab-ba-bone" meant
(a) White man
(b) We are hungry
(c) Let us trade
(d) We want peace

15. The Arikaras' island is covered with
(a) Reptiles and strange birds
(b) Flowers and butteflies
(c) Growing vegetables
(d) Dirt and rocks

Short Answer Questions

1. Black Buffalo was a chief of the

2. Prior to the beginning of the journey, Jefferson issues to Lewis

3. Jefferson undertook the preparation of

4. Wild game animals were not afraid of the men, perhaps because

5. The Shoshones were intimidated by other tribes because they

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