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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To follow the large keelboats up the river, the expedition made use of
(a) Paddles
(b) Inflatable vests
(c) Pirogues
(d) Ski-doos

2. In addition to his detailed descriptions of the plains, Lewis' reports resembled a
(a) Promotional travelogue and business prospectus
(b) Chronological fiction
(c) Legal opinion
(d) Newspaper account of an ongoing event

3. Clark's feet sufferred from wounds made by
(a) Prickly pears
(b) Berry thorns
(c) River rocks
(d) Sharp rocks

4. Plantation owners constantly seek additional land because
(a) They wear out the soil with tobacco planting
(b) They want more power over the territory
(c) They want to conquer the British
(d) They wish to be free and independent

5. Lewis thought that buffalo hair might produce
(a) Good stuffing for pillows
(b) A fine wool
(c) Packing material
(d) Soft baby blankets

6. Lewis tells Jefferson that the Snake Indians have large quantities of
(a) Furs
(b) Horses
(c) Buffalo
(d) Corn

7. During Jefferson's time, Americans were obsessed with the concept of
(a) Making peace with Native Americans
(b) Impeaching Thomas Jefferson
(c) Exploring the vast interior of the country
(d) Documenting the Native American tribes

8. Although he is formally educated, Meriwether Lewis returns to Virginia
(a) To manage the family plantation
(b) At the behest of Thomas Jefferson
(c) To coordinate the education of his sister
(d) To care for his ailing mother

9. Rather than ascend the Yellowstone, the expedition instead
(a) Partied at te rivers' junction
(b) Stayed on the Marias
(c) Cut over to the Columbia
(d) Continued up the Missouri

10. Even as a private, Lewis is accepted among military officers because
(a) He is extremely capable
(b) He is educated
(c) He comes from a wealthy family
(d) He is a great horseman

11. The men who served on Lewis & Clark's crew were punished for their violations by
(a) Being held in stocks
(b) Being confined to the ship
(c) Pulling extra cooking duty
(d) The laying on of lashes

12. Lewis travels extensively through the western frontiers in his position as
(a) Stagecoach driver
(b) Army corporal
(c) Military transporter
(d) Paymaster

13. Many outlying Mandan villages are abandoned due to
(a) Smallpox
(b) Seasonal hunting
(c) War among tribes
(d) Inclement weather

14. Lewis learns from Cameahwait that the Nez Perce Indians
(a) Were well educated
(b) Fished the Columbia
(c) Lived west of the mountains
(d) Traveled north every year to hunt

15. The difference between a canoe and a pirogue is that
(a) Canoes move much faster in the water
(b) Pirogues have a covering over half the boat
(c) Pirogues have flat bottoms and canoes do not
(d) Pirogues tip over more easily

Short Answer Questions

1. In preparation for the expedition, Lewis oversees the construction of

2. The keelboat was replaced by pirogues and canoes at this point in the journey because

3. The Shoshones removed their moccasins to smoke with Lewis, indicating

4. Jefferson undertook the preparation of

5. The Captains inadvertently caused trouble by giving the three Indian chiefs

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