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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The primary means of overland transportation in the 1700s was
(a) Crude highways
(b) Waterways
(c) Antique automobiles
(d) Horse-drawn carriage

2. The Captains inadvertently caused trouble by giving the three Indian chiefs
(a) Beads
(b) Whiskey
(c) Promises
(d) Medals

3. After the hungry men gorged themselves on dried fish and roots,
(a) They reverted to horse meat
(b) They became violently ill
(c) They put off traveling for another week
(d) Their strength was regained

4. Lewis' political leanings favor
(a) Democrat party
(b) Republic philosophies
(c) Federalist thinking
(d) Socialism

5. The most prized and valuable animal found along the river is the
(a) Wolf
(b) Antelope
(c) Elk
(d) Beaver

6. When he reached Louisville, Kentucky, Lewis
(a) Meets up with his partner, William Clark
(b) Decides to delay the expedition
(c) Registers Indians into his crew
(d) Almost gives up the journey

7. The voyage down the Ohio River starts out slowly because of the party's
(a) Disagreements
(b) Late start
(c) Disorganization
(d) Poorly designed boats

8. Merriwether Lewis and Captain William Clark are
(a) Very close friends
(b) Acquainted but not familiar
(c) Distant rivals
(d) Related by marriage

9. Shannon stayed lost for so long because he thought
(a) He was chasing the keelboat
(b) He had been abandoned
(c) The group would make better time
(d) The captain was expecting him to scout ahead

10. The keelboat was replaced by pirogues and canoes at this point in the journey because
(a) t was needed for storage
(b) It was obsolete and rusting
(c) Lewis feared frightening the Indians
(d) It was too large to navigate the upper Missouri River

11. When the funds were appropriate from Congress for the expedition, Jefferson undertook to
(a) Gather wagons and guns for Lewis
(b) Have Lewis fully educated by experts in many fields
(c) Show Lewis how to calculate latitude and longitude
(d) Have Lewis come to live with him in the presidential house

12. In preparation for the expedition, Lewis oversees the construction of
(a) A large, waterproof teepee for the troops
(b) Artifacts for trading with Native Americans
(c) Wagons to carry supplies overland
(d) A large, iron, collapsible boat

13. In addition to his detailed descriptions of the plains, Lewis' reports resembled a
(a) Legal opinion
(b) Chronological fiction
(c) Newspaper account of an ongoing event
(d) Promotional travelogue and business prospectus

14. Lewis travels extensively through the western frontiers in his position as
(a) Army corporal
(b) Paymaster
(c) Stagecoach driver
(d) Military transporter

15. Thomas Jefferson appoints Meriweather Lewis as
(a) Secretary of Commerce
(b) His personal secretary
(c) Secretary of State
(d) Secretary of the Interior

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did expectations soar during this phase of the trip?

2. The men who served on Lewis & Clark's crew were punished for their violations by

3. Prior to the beginning of the journey, Jefferson issues to Lewis

4. Lewis was instructed by Sacagawea that, in Shoshone, "tab-ba-bone" meant

5. Once they were on the Mississippi, Lewis and Clark decided to

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