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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Wild game animals were not afraid of the men, perhaps because
(a) They had never seen one before
(b) They smelled like other naimals
(c) They posed no threat
(d) They talked gently to them

2. At Clark's River, or Bitterroot River, the expedition met with
(a) Ross Indians
(b) Shoshone squaws
(c) Modoc Indians
(d) Samish Indians

3. On their journey over the Bitterroots, Lewis and his men found
(a) Signs of spring
(b) A butchered horse left for them by Clark
(c) A few buffalo
(d) A lagoon full of fish

4. Meriwether Lewis named Marias River after
(a) His cousin
(b) His sister
(c) His grandmother
(d) His mother

5. Neither Captain took Sacagawea along to meet the Indians
(a) Because she was only good for negotiating
(b) For unknown reasons
(c) Because they were concerned about her health
(d) Because she needed to stay with her child

6. The men who served on Lewis & Clark's crew were punished for their violations by
(a) Being confined to the ship
(b) Being held in stocks
(c) Pulling extra cooking duty
(d) The laying on of lashes

7. Lewis and Clark wanted Indian chiefs to go to Washington so they could
(a) See how wealthy white men lived in the states
(b) Meet their new father
(c) Express their displeasure with the white man
(d) Display themselves to Congress

8. When the funds were appropriate from Congress for the expedition, Jefferson undertook to
(a) Have Lewis come to live with him in the presidential house
(b) Show Lewis how to calculate latitude and longitude
(c) Have Lewis fully educated by experts in many fields
(d) Gather wagons and guns for Lewis

9. When Sacagawea recalls the place where she was kidnapped by the Hidatsas, she
(a) Becomes protective of her child
(b) Becomes withdrawn
(c) Shows no emotion
(d) Breaks down and cries

10. Lewis' men made wheels to drag their pirogues out of
(a) Rounded rocks
(b) Bark and mud
(c) Cottonwood trees
(d) Oak trees

11. Lewis tells Jefferson that the Snake Indians have large quantities of
(a) Furs
(b) Corn
(c) Buffalo
(d) Horses

12. Merriwether Lewis and Captain William Clark are
(a) Very close friends
(b) Related by marriage
(c) Acquainted but not familiar
(d) Distant rivals

13. Jefferson's interest in sending an expedition westward was to find
(a) A water connection between both continental coasts
(b) Rare birds and plants
(c) New and unknown species of wild animals
(d) Unknown Native American tribes

14. Why did expectations soar during this phase of the trip?
(a) Trade with Indians seemed promising
(b) Lewis thought there was a water link to the Columbia River
(c) The fur trade busienss was booming
(d) The plains were full of timber

15. As Lewis and his small scouting party ascended the north river bank, they were plagued by
(a) Grizzlies
(b) Prickly pears
(c) Snakes
(d) Falling rocks

Short Answer Questions

1. Of the 5.5 million people in America during Jefferson's time,

2. Lewis recommended that Jefferson consider Yellowstone's junction with the Missouri as a site for

3. The most prized and valuable animal found along the river is the

4. The voyage down the Ohio River starts out slowly because of the party's

5. Lewis and Clark's meeting with Daniel Boone is a matter of

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