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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lewis' attitude toward gold during this expedition was one of
(a) Futility
(b) Hope
(c) Indifference
(d) Excessive greed

2. The most serious delay in starting the expedition was due to
(a) Having to locate large quantities of dried food
(b) The process of choosing men to participate
(c) The building of the boat
(d) The slowness of the US mail

3. On their journey over the Bitterroots, Lewis and his men found
(a) A few buffalo
(b) A butchered horse left for them by Clark
(c) Signs of spring
(d) A lagoon full of fish

4. On some of the worst days of the expedition the men were forced to
(a) Eat berries for dinner
(b) Pray for their safety
(c) Eat the meat of a colt
(d) Cuddle together for warmth

5. Merriwether Lewis and Captain William Clark are
(a) Very close friends
(b) Related by marriage
(c) Distant rivals
(d) Acquainted but not familiar

6. When the funds were appropriate from Congress for the expedition, Jefferson undertook to
(a) Show Lewis how to calculate latitude and longitude
(b) Have Lewis come to live with him in the presidential house
(c) Gather wagons and guns for Lewis
(d) Have Lewis fully educated by experts in many fields

7. Thomas Jefferson appoints Meriweather Lewis as
(a) His personal secretary
(b) Secretary of State
(c) Secretary of Commerce
(d) Secretary of the Interior

8. Lewis planned ahead for meetings with Native Americans by bringing
(a) Silk jackets
(b) Wool blankets
(c) Meat and vegetables
(d) Bales of gifts

9. Many outlying Mandan villages are abandoned due to
(a) Smallpox
(b) War among tribes
(c) Seasonal hunting
(d) Inclement weather

10. Andre Michaux was selected to lead an expedition west until Jefferson discovered that
(a) Michaux was under educated
(b) Michaux's interests lay in his own personal wealth
(c) Michaux was incapable of understanding his peers
(d) Michaux was an agent of the French government

11. Shannon stayed lost for so long because he thought
(a) He was chasing the keelboat
(b) The group would make better time
(c) He had been abandoned
(d) The captain was expecting him to scout ahead

12. Neither Captain took Sacagawea along to meet the Indians
(a) For unknown reasons
(b) Because they were concerned about her health
(c) Because she needed to stay with her child
(d) Because she was only good for negotiating

13. Jefferson undertook the preparation of
(a) Food packaging for the expedition
(b) A large list of "useful knowledge" to be gathered by Lewis
(c) Many different types of maps to guide the explorers
(d) Boats and clothing to be used by the explorers

14. To follow the large keelboats up the river, the expedition made use of
(a) Paddles
(b) Pirogues
(c) Ski-doos
(d) Inflatable vests

15. Meriwether Lewis and Thomas Jefferson's families have this in common.
(a) They both are avid slaveowners
(b) They smoke fresh-picked tobacco
(c) They are second cousins
(d) They own plantations in Virginia

Short Answer Questions

1. Lewis' political leanings favor

2. During Jefferson's time, Americans were obsessed with the concept of

3. Captain Clark's commission named him only as a

4. Clark's attitude toward hostile Indian tribes was

5. Lewis spoke to the Shoshone chief through

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