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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Clark noted that he was concerned that the expedition had insufficient
(a) Food to feed their large crew for many months
(b) Supplies to deal with the multitude of Indians they will meet
(c) Arms and ammunition to make the journey safely
(d) Credit enough to puchase what they needed

2. Once they were on the Mississippi, Lewis and Clark decided to
(a) Make a side trip to Santa Fe
(b) Explore Missouri country
(c) Study the design of Fulton's steamboat
(d) Double the size of their group

3. France, having transferred the Louisiana Territory to the US, allows the expedition to
(a) Purchase guns from the French
(b) Include foreigners in the group of explorers
(c) Travel through American territory wihout hostility
(d) Freely trap for fur along the way

4. One of Lewis' most prized possessions was his
(a) Collection of horses
(b) Quinine remedy
(c) Air rifle
(d) Dry soup mix

5. It is important to Lewis that the men consider
(a) His authority as final
(b) His dog Seaman, when they eat meals
(c) William Clark his equal
(d) William Clark as second in command

6. Twisted Hair was a
(a) Nez Perce chief
(b) Dreamer
(c) Dishonest person
(d) Greedy man

7. Plantation owners constantly seek additional land because
(a) They wish to be free and independent
(b) They want more power over the territory
(c) They want to conquer the British
(d) They wear out the soil with tobacco planting

8. The men in the expedition were bound by the knowledge
(a) They needed to return safely
(b) They were making history
(c) They were dependent on Lewis
(d) They might not survive

9. Lewis hoped that the Indians would accept
(a) The concept of trading their furs for beads
(b) American sovereignty
(c) The ravaging of their lands
(d) The idea of sharing the buffalo

10. Meriwether Lewis, on the journey down the Ohio, contracts
(a) Malaria from mosquitoes
(b) Bilious fever from damp nights
(c) Dysentary from spoiled food
(d) Influenza from bad water

11. The Captains inadvertently caused trouble by giving the three Indian chiefs
(a) Beads
(b) Medals
(c) Promises
(d) Whiskey

12. When the funds were appropriate from Congress for the expedition, Jefferson undertook to
(a) Gather wagons and guns for Lewis
(b) Have Lewis come to live with him in the presidential house
(c) Show Lewis how to calculate latitude and longitude
(d) Have Lewis fully educated by experts in many fields

13. Clark's attitude toward hostile Indian tribes was
(a) To intimidate the tribes with their new model guns
(b) To alarm the Indians into submission
(c) To do everything possible to avoid a fight
(d) To always take them by surprise

14. Meriwether Lewis has a penchant for
(a) Picking tobacco
(b) Poker
(c) Horse grooming
(d) Rambling

15. In the Spring at Fort Mandan, Lewis felt that the expedition was really
(a) Coming to an end
(b) A pipe dream
(c) Just beginning
(d) Halfway finished

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Jefferson's suggestion to Napoleon regarding New Orleans?

2. The most serious delay in starting the expedition was due to

3. At Clark's River, or Bitterroot River, the expedition met with

4. The Arikaras' island is covered with

5. The men who served on Lewis & Clark's crew were punished for their violations by

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