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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Winter at Fort Mandan was
(a) Extremely cold
(b) Pleasant and comfrtable
(c) Fairly mild
(d) Raucous and merry

2. Prior to the beginning of the journey, Jefferson issues to Lewis
(a) An unprecedented letter of credit
(b) A medal for courage and valor
(c) A warning to spend judiciously
(d) Marching orders for the expedition

3. Neither Captain took Sacagawea along to meet the Indians
(a) Because she was only good for negotiating
(b) Because she needed to stay with her child
(c) For unknown reasons
(d) Because they were concerned about her health

4. Lewis spoke to the Shoshone chief through
(a) A young warrior
(b) Captain Clark
(c) One of his French officers
(d) An elderly woman

5. Although he is formally educated, Meriwether Lewis returns to Virginia
(a) To coordinate the education of his sister
(b) To manage the family plantation
(c) To care for his ailing mother
(d) At the behest of Thomas Jefferson

6. The men in the expedition were bound by the knowledge
(a) They might not survive
(b) They were dependent on Lewis
(c) They needed to return safely
(d) They were making history

7. The two captains try to decide among two large river forks, which is the true
(a) Marias
(b) Yellowstone
(c) Missouri
(d) Columbia

8. In the Spring at Fort Mandan, Lewis felt that the expedition was really
(a) A pipe dream
(b) Just beginning
(c) Halfway finished
(d) Coming to an end

9. As Jefferson's protege, Lewis had the honor of
(a) Delivering Jefferson's first State of the Union Address
(b) Coordinating Jefferson's social engagements
(c) Appointing Jefferson's cabinet members
(d) Being recognized as Jefferson's servant

10. Lewis was under the assumption that the Shoshones would want to trade horses for
(a) Furs and hides
(b) Tobacco and whiskey
(c) Trinkets and beads
(d) White men's guns

11. The Shoshones were intimidated by other tribes because they
(a) Had no guns
(b) Had been ravaged by the Blackfeet
(c) Lived in an area of sparse game
(d) Were too weak with hunger to fight

12. Many outlying Mandan villages are abandoned due to
(a) Inclement weather
(b) War among tribes
(c) Seasonal hunting
(d) Smallpox

13. Lewis learns from Cameahwait that the Nez Perce Indians
(a) Fished the Columbia
(b) Lived west of the mountains
(c) Traveled north every year to hunt
(d) Were well educated

14. Why did expectations soar during this phase of the trip?
(a) Lewis thought there was a water link to the Columbia River
(b) Trade with Indians seemed promising
(c) The plains were full of timber
(d) The fur trade busienss was booming

15. Jefferson undertook the preparation of
(a) Food packaging for the expedition
(b) Many different types of maps to guide the explorers
(c) A large list of "useful knowledge" to be gathered by Lewis
(d) Boats and clothing to be used by the explorers

Short Answer Questions

1. Clark noted that he was concerned that the expedition had insufficient

2. Rather than ascend the Yellowstone, the expedition instead

3. Once they were on the Mississippi, Lewis and Clark decided to

4. Lewis' attitude toward gold during this expedition was one of

5. The men who served on Lewis & Clark's crew were punished for their violations by

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