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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Because Lewis' iron-frame boat failed, Clark directed the men to
(a) Make new canoes
(b) Pack themselves into the boats they had
(c) Store their belongings in a cave
(d) Walk instead of float

2. As Jefferson's protege, Lewis had the honor of
(a) Appointing Jefferson's cabinet members
(b) Delivering Jefferson's first State of the Union Address
(c) Being recognized as Jefferson's servant
(d) Coordinating Jefferson's social engagements

3. On their journey back to camp, Windsor and Lewis both
(a) Climbed cottonwoods for the view
(b) Nearly fell into a deep ravine
(c) Determined this was the Missouri
(d) Fell down numerous times

4. Plantation owners constantly seek additional land because
(a) They want to conquer the British
(b) They want more power over the territory
(c) They wish to be free and independent
(d) They wear out the soil with tobacco planting

5. Lewis travels extensively through the western frontiers in his position as
(a) Paymaster
(b) Army corporal
(c) Military transporter
(d) Stagecoach driver

6. When Sacagawea recalls the place where she was kidnapped by the Hidatsas, she
(a) Shows no emotion
(b) Becomes withdrawn
(c) Becomes protective of her child
(d) Breaks down and cries

7. What was Jefferson's suggestion to Napoleon regarding New Orleans?
(a) Sign the area over to the British to arouse enmity
(b) Cede the area to Spain in order to balance things
(c) Cede the area to the U.S. to prevent a war between allies
(d) Go to war with Spain to establish possesssion

8. After the hungry men gorged themselves on dried fish and roots,
(a) Their strength was regained
(b) They became violently ill
(c) They put off traveling for another week
(d) They reverted to horse meat

9. On their journey over the Bitterroots, Lewis and his men found
(a) Signs of spring
(b) A lagoon full of fish
(c) A butchered horse left for them by Clark
(d) A few buffalo

10. Lewis feels that Native Americans will become civilized citizens, but
(a) Wishes they would first learn how to dress
(b) Hopes he will not become involved in it
(c) Thinks it will take many centuries
(d) Does not believe African Americans will

11. In preparation for the expedition, Lewis oversees the construction of
(a) A large, iron, collapsible boat
(b) Wagons to carry supplies overland
(c) A large, waterproof teepee for the troops
(d) Artifacts for trading with Native Americans

12. Thomas Jefferson appoints Meriweather Lewis as
(a) Secretary of the Interior
(b) Secretary of State
(c) His personal secretary
(d) Secretary of Commerce

13. Lewis tells Jefferson that the Snake Indians have large quantities of
(a) Horses
(b) Furs
(c) Corn
(d) Buffalo

14. Shannon stayed lost for so long because he thought
(a) He had been abandoned
(b) The group would make better time
(c) The captain was expecting him to scout ahead
(d) He was chasing the keelboat

15. Jefferson undertook the preparation of
(a) Food packaging for the expedition
(b) Many different types of maps to guide the explorers
(c) A large list of "useful knowledge" to be gathered by Lewis
(d) Boats and clothing to be used by the explorers

Short Answer Questions

1. In the Spring at Fort Mandan, Lewis felt that the expedition was really

2. The primary means of overland transportation in the 1700s was

3. The Shoshones were intimidated by other tribes because they

4. Lewis realized that he was facing sixteen miles of portage, meaning

5. Lewis and Clark's meeting with Daniel Boone is a matter of

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