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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 37 Last Voyage September 3 - October 11, 1809.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Sacagawea recalls the place where she was kidnapped by the Hidatsas, she
(a) Breaks down and cries
(b) Becomes withdrawn
(c) Shows no emotion
(d) Becomes protective of her child

2. Lewis was instructed by Sacagawea that, in Shoshone, "tab-ba-bone" meant
(a) Let us trade
(b) We are hungry
(c) White man
(d) We want peace

3. In preparation for the expedition, Lewis oversees the construction of
(a) A large, waterproof teepee for the troops
(b) Artifacts for trading with Native Americans
(c) Wagons to carry supplies overland
(d) A large, iron, collapsible boat

4. The Spanish were concerned that because of Lewis & Clark's expedition,
(a) Americans would begin sailing to Spain
(b) They would lose their fur trading monopoly
(c) They would be forced into making a deal with the US
(d) They would lose control of their gold and silver mining

5. Lewis proposed to free up the fur trade by establishing
(a) Requirements for trapping licenses
(b) A dominant relationship with the Indians
(c) Trading posts and forts along the rivers
(d) New laws that would prohibit British trapping

Short Answer Questions

1. Shannon stayed lost for so long because he thought

2. Lewis' men made wheels to drag their pirogues out of

3. During Jefferson's time, Americans were obsessed with the concept of

4. Prior to the beginning of the journey, Jefferson issues to Lewis

5. As they travel toward St. Louis, Meriwether Lewis feels that

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