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Lesson 1

Objective: Chapter 1 Youth 1774 - 1792 | Chapter 2 Planter 1792 - 1794 The objective of this lesson is to explore the aristocratic system of Meriwether Lewis' boyhood.

1. Discuss in class the aristocratic system that still seemed to be in place when Meriwether Lewis was a boy. Where did he fit in that system?

2. Was it appropriate that Lewis should receive special treatment due to his family's military connections? Why?

3. Divide the class in two. Have one side challenge the other on why slavery was necessary during this period of history in America.

4. Homework: How did the push for more land affect the environment in the agricultural south? Why did it persist?

Lesson 2

Objective: Chapter 3 Soldier 1794 - 1800 | Chapter 4 Thomas Jefferson's America 1801 The objective of this lesson is to explore Lewis' responsibilities in the military.

1. As paymaster in the military, what might Lewis' responsibilities have been? Discuss in class what this might have entailed...

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