Undaunted Courage Character Descriptions

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Big White

A Mandan chief who traveled to Washington to meet President Jefferson.


A Shoshone chief and Sacagawea's brother.

Toussaint Charbonneau

A French Canadian married to Sacagawea who served as interpreter for Lewis and Clark.

Pierre Chouteau

A merchant who, along with his half-brother Auguste, co-founded St. Louis.

Captain William Clark

Co-commander with Meriwether Lewis of the Corps of Discovery expedition.

George Drouillard

A valued member of the expedition, he was fluent in several Indian languages.

President Thomas Jefferson

Third president of the United States who commissioned the Corps of Discovery's expedition.

Private Francis Labiche

A member of the expedition, he served as a translator from French to English.

Captain Meriwether Lewis

He organized and led the first journey across the North American continent.

Manuel Lisa

A trader, explorer and merchant who provided supplies for the expedition.


A fifteen-year-old Shoshone who accompanied the Lewis and Clark...

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