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Chapter 1 Youth 1774 - 1792 | Chapter 2 Planter 1792 - 1794

• Lewis is born in 1774 in Virginia to a plantation family of military accomplishment.

• A significant friend of his family is Thomas Jefferson, an owner of a nearby plantation.

• Lewis grows up an active and inquisitive boy, who gets a formal education.

• At nineteen, Lewis takes over management of the family plantation.

• A successful farmer, Lewis continues to increase the size of his family's land holdings.

• Lewis esteems the noble savage Indians, but has no moral quandary about slavery.

Chapter 3 Soldier 1794 - 1800 | Chapter 4 Thomas Jefferson's America 1801

• Lewis enlists as a private in the army during the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794.

• Lewis is accepted into the social circles of high-ranking officers due to his wealth and status.

• As Army paymaster, Lewis travels extensively on the western borders of the new frontier under William Clark.

• Lewis ascribes to Republican politics as opposed to Federal politics of...

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