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William J. Lederer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18, "The Ugly American and the Ugly Sarkhanese".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After studying communism, what does Father Finian conclude?
(a) Communism will win
(b) Communism is not a threat
(c) Communism was like a religion, a form of secular ritual, and evil
(d) Communism is like hula hoops and is a passing fad

2. What does MacWhite ask Atkins to do?
(a) Leave the room
(b) Move to Sarkhan
(c) Return to the United States
(d) Move to Burma

3. How did Ambassador Krupitzyn convince the Sarkhanese that the relief rice was from the Soviet Union and not America?
(a) He arranged for the rice bags to be re-labeled as coming from Russia
(b) A radio broadcast in Russian
(c) A spokesman from the Soviet Union discussed the rice on Sarkhanese television
(d) He produced 100,000 handbills with the information written on it

4. What was the solution proposed?
(a) To turn the newspaper editor over to the police
(b) To blow up the newspaper office that originally printed the rumor
(c) To slander the newspaper who originally printed it
(d) To bring the editors of the local papers to see the Ambassador

5. What does Knox decide to do?
(a) Start a new project with cattle
(b) Forget the enitre operation
(c) Take his plans directly to the communists
(d) Take his plans directly to the Congress of USA

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the reaction of Wolcheck and Monet's superiors to the details of the battle?

2. What is the surprise weapon the men decide to use against the Communists?

3. Whose books do Wolcheck, Monet and MacWhite study?

4. Who is the first person Father Finian looks for after he has learned the language and learned to eat the food?

5. Who is Joe Bing?

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