The Ugly American Multiple Choice Test Questions

William J. Lederer
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Chapter 1, "Lucky, Lucky Lou #1"

1. Who is Lucky, Lucky Lou #1?
(a) Louis Sears, Ambassador to Sarkhan
(b) Lou Gehrig, American baseball player
(c) Louie, brother of Hughie and Dewey
(d) Lou Rawls, American jazz singer

2. What is a Sarkhanese?
(a) A citizen of Burma
(b) A citizen of planet Saturn
(c) A citizen of Sarkhan
(d) Someone who eats sark

3. What does Louis Sears call the citizens of Sarkhan?
(a) Energetic and youthful creatures
(b) Strange little monkeys
(c) Happy citizens
(d) Good decent people

4. Who informs Lous Sears about John Colvin's injuries?
(a) John Colvin
(b) Jeepo
(c) Margaret Johnson, his assistant
(d) Margaret Colvin

5. How did Colvin meet Deong?
(a) At a state dinner in San Francisco
(b) In Milwaukee at college
(c) When Colvin parachuted into Sarkhan during WWII
(d) In Hanoi at a shopping center

6. What medicine did Deong and Colvin put into the Japanese soldiers' food?
(a) Opium
(b) Ipecac
(c) Pepto Bismol
(d) Cocaine

7. How did John Colvin want to help the Sarkhan people?
(a) By arranging mortgages for them
(b) By teaching them to raise cattle
(c) By selling them rice
(d) By lending them money

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