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Short Answer Questions

1. What is used to justify royal authority in the First Treatise?

2. According to Filmer, who is considered the father of subjects in a monarchy?

3. In the First Treatise, whose heir is in question?

4. What is the basis of sovereignty of monarchs in the First Treatise?

5. Which kings does Locke discuss?

Short Essay Questions

1. What confusion arises as a direct result of equating birthright with dominion?

2. What does divine rights imply?

3. Describe some effects on inheritance mentioned in the bible and cited by Locke.

4. What does Filmer base most of his arguments upon?

5. Describe what Locke says about the relationship of men and women.

6. Describe the difference in opinion Locke and Filmer have about Adam's right to govern.

7. What point does Locke bring up regarding birthright, dominion, and possessions?

8. Explain what Filmer believes is the relationship between Cain and Abel.

9. What practice does Locke believe Filmer bases his theory of absolute monarchy?

10. According to Locke, what does the Patriarcha treatise say about freedom?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Locke advocates shared sovereignty in terms of gender equality at home. If both parents share equal authority, what do you think this means in terms of responsibility and hence power dynamics in society at large? Describe.

Essay Topic 2

What is the relationship of Adam to Eve in terms of power? What power do they exert over their children? Discuss how the relationship of Adam and Eve is essential to understanding power dynamics in society according to Locke.

Essay Topic 3

Consider the impact of absolute power in relationship to the right to govern. Is absolute power necessary for governing a country? Why or why not? When it is justified according to Locke? What are possible repercussions? Describe.

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