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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 11- 15, pp. 182 - 204.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Despite man's liberty, what does Locke argue that man should not be allowed to do?
(a) Destroy himself, creatures, or other people.
(b) Buy his neighbor's property.
(c) Acquire his neighbor's slaves.
(d) Divorce his wife.

2. What should judges be held accountable for?
(a) Decisions.
(b) Finding methods of punishment.
(c) Putting away offenders.
(d) Feelings of injured party.

3. What penalties can laws sometimes include?
(a) The loss of marriage.
(b) The death penalty.
(c) The loss of speech.
(d) The loss of a child.

4. What does Locke disagree with Filmer about concerning the rights of the first man in the world?
(a) The right to governance.
(b) The right to procreate.
(c) The right to fight.
(d) The right to acquire property.

5. What is the basis of sovereignty of monarchs in the First Treatise?
(a) That citizens accept the theory.
(b) That the power of Adam is conveyed to succeeding generations.
(c) That slaves do not rebel.
(d) That no one opposes monarchs.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has joint dominion over the children in Locke's opinion?

2. According to Locke, what right do men have regarding murderers?

3. What does Locke believe that citizens can do if a man is unfit to be the ruler?

4. What two government powers does Locke argue should remain separate?

5. In the First Treatise, what does Locke believe that the book Patriacha actually promotes?

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