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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 11- 15, pp. 182 - 204.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is despotic power defined in the Second Treatise?
(a) Arbitrary power that one man has over another man's life.
(b) Political power to preserve property.
(c) Political power as a result of voluntary agreement.
(d) Paternal power coming from nature.

2. What does Sir Robert conclude about the use of the term "children of men"?
(a) That it did not pertain to Adam who had no father.
(b) That the children of men were born to serve.
(c) That the children of men would be oppressed.
(d) That the children of men had power over Adam.

3. What can a subject do regardless of the type of ruler according to Locke?
(a) Be an anarchist.
(b) Appeal to the law.
(c) Make a stake for his own property.
(d) Take matters into his own hands.

4. What does paternal authority imply?
(a) That there can only be one king in the world.
(b) That men live for a long time.
(c) That monarchs will not survive.
(d) That the authority of kings will be challenged.

5. What joint power does Locke say is represented by the community?
(a) The power to create and break rules.
(b) The power of all the members in that society.
(c) The power to live wherever you want and to own property.
(d) The power to be free and to self-govern.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Locke say he cannot find proof for in the First Treatise?

2. What claim of Filmer's does Locke dispute?

3. To whom does Locke think a child owes the most?

4. In what country does Locke discuss the occurrence of cannibalism?

5. What is the relationship between surviving children when a father dies, according to Filmer?

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