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The First Treatise of Government, Chapters 1-5, pp. 5-36

• In the first five chapters of the First Treatise, Locke says slavery is the opposite of what the nation stands for.

• He believes that Filmer's Patriarcha says that all men are considered slaves.

• In the Patriarcha treatise, no man can be born free because the monarchy is based on absolutism.

• Divine rights prevents the natural freedom of man.
• The belief in the divine right of kings results in slavery for all men.

• Filmer equates the authority of a father over his son to that of a ruling monarch over his subjects.

• Filmer believes that fatherly authority began with Adam.
• Adam's power over his family is equated with the king's supremacy over his subjects.

• This power is absolute and unlimited according to Filmer.

• Locke does not believe in the absolute power of Adam and says there is no proof in...

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