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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Tank say most women don't like him?
(a) He is a little gruff
(b) He is too into his work
(c) He is too big
(d) He is not very talkative

2. What is Scrog making?
(a) A ransom letter
(b) A bomb
(c) A pinata
(d) A map to where he is going to kill Ranger

3. How does Ranger describe the relationship between Scrog and his parents as far as he understands it?
(a) Holiday visits only
(b) Estranged
(c) Very close
(d) He had no family

4. What does Scrog do to Stephanie after he stun guns her the first time in chapter twenty?
(a) Shaves her head
(b) Undresses her and puts new clothes on her
(c) Ties her to a wheel chair
(d) Duck tapes her up

5. What does Morelli say when he shows up at Stephanie's place?
(a) He needs to talk to Ranger
(b) They know who is behind the kidnapped girl
(c) They have found the girl
(d) He is moving in

6. What does Ranger say he is afraid of more than being arrested?
(a) Being shot by a good samaritan
(b) Being ran over
(c) Finding Julie dead
(d) Loosing his shot at Scrog

7. Why does Lula say she is going with Stephanie?
(a) Her car broke down
(b) She needs something from the adult shop
(c) To see her fight the seventy-year-old woman
(d) As back up

8. What does Stephanie say they need to try doing to Caroline?
(a) Surprising her
(b) Knocking her unconscious
(c) Begging for cooperation
(d) Bribing her

9. What does Stephanie's mother say that she will do if they find different outfits to wear?
(a) Light a candle at mass for them
(b) Make them any dessert they like
(c) Sign over her house
(d) Pay for the new outfits

10. How does it appear that Scrog got out of the funeral home unnoticed?
(a) Basemnt door
(b) Back window
(c) They don't have any idea
(d) In a caskett

11. What does Stephanie's father say he wanted to do when the band shows up to practice?
(a) Go to the lodge
(b) Go to bed early
(c) Read the news paper
(d) Watch the ball game

12. Who approaches Stephanie while she is in the crowd at the funeral parlor?
(a) The lead investigator for the FBI
(b) Ranger
(c) Julie's mother
(d) Edward Scrog

13. What kind of jobs does Stephanie look for at the office?
(a) Jobs that can be quickly solved
(b) Jobs that don't require a partner
(c) Jobs that leave her working the desk
(d) Jobs that will take her to the ghetto

14. When does Scrog say he will try to get Stephanie?
(a) When she least expects it
(b) Midnight
(c) A week
(d) Two days

15. What does Stephanie Caroline had been arrested for?
(a) Assault
(b) Breaking and entering
(c) Shoplifting
(d) Indicent exposure

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Grandma bends over to plug in the amp?

2. What does Ranger say he will do if Stephanie sleeps with Morelli while Ranger is there?

3. What does Tank tell Stephanie when he calls her?

4. Lula tells Stephanie that you have to love a man that has his own what?

5. How does Scrog say he was able to get Julie on a plane?

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