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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lula says she will teach Stephanie's grandmother?
(a) How to play
(b) Her moves
(c) How to do her makeup
(d) How to drive a man nuts

2. Who does Morelli teasingly say is there with him at home?
(a) Connie
(b) Joyce
(c) Melvin
(d) Lula

3. What does Stephanie's mother say that she will do if they find different outfits to wear?
(a) Make them any dessert they like
(b) Sign over her house
(c) Light a candle at mass for them
(d) Pay for the new outfits

4. What does Lula say she feels like because she drags people off to jail
(a) The grinch
(b) A hateful butt
(c) The repo man on your birthday
(d) The grim reaper

5. What does Stephanie realize about Julie when she and Scrog arrive at the motor home?
(a) She hasn't eaten in days
(b) She is wearing the same clothes as when she was kidnapped
(c) She has been beaten
(d) She is very ill

6. Where does Scrog intend to take Stephanie and Julie before he thinks about passports?
(a) Mexico
(b) Europe
(c) Australia
(d) Africa

7. What does Stephanie compare Ranger to?
(a) q
(b) Temptation
(c) A succubus
(d) The devil

8. What does Stephanie say about Morelli's house compared to her parent's home?
(a) His has a garage
(b) His feels bigger
(c) His feels less homey
(d) Her parent's have an extra bathroom

9. Who rides with Tank to take Caroline in to jail?
(a) Ranger
(b) A local street cop
(c) Stephanie
(d) Lula

10. Who does Stephanie say she is in order to get in to see Ranger's man who was shot?
(a) His lawyer
(b) His sister
(c) His wife
(d) A co-worker

11. What does Tank tell Stephanie when he calls her?
(a) She is being followed by two people
(b) Ranger is looking for her
(c) He lost her and to wait on him
(d) She has a blinker out

12. What does Ranger say he is afraid of more than being arrested?
(a) Finding Julie dead
(b) Being shot by a good samaritan
(c) Being ran over
(d) Loosing his shot at Scrog

13. Where does Edward Scrog tell Stephanie that he and her will go together?
(a) To the angels
(b) To their home
(c) To begin their new life
(d) To paradise

14. Lula tells Stephanie that you have to love a man that has his own what?
(a) Zoo
(b) Clothing line
(c) Barbeque sauce
(d) News cast

15. What is wrong with Lula's outfit?
(a) It makes her sweat
(b) It leaves a rash
(c) The zipper is broke
(d) It is too tight

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stephanie see on her counter that makes her yell at Ranger that she doesn't want it?

2. What does Stephanie's father say he wanted to do when the band shows up to practice?

3. How does Scrog say he was able to get Julie on a plane?

4. What does Stephanie's mother says she knows about Carmen's viewing?

5. What happens when Stephanie's grandmother says she can't see the casket?

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