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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Stephanie call to ask about the skip, Mary Lee Truk?
(a) Her father
(b) Her mother
(c) Grandma Mazur
(d) Lula

2. What does Stephanie ask Carmen if she would like when Lula drops Stephanie off at the office?
(a) A laxative
(b) Lunch
(c) A beer
(d) Some prozak

3. What does Connie say that Melvin is?
(a) Amazing at foot massages
(b) A great cleaner
(c) A filing demon
(d) A wiz at office work

4. What does Caroline pull out from behind the counter when Stephanie introduces herself?
(a) Pepper spray
(b) A knife
(c) A stun gun
(d) A shot gun

5. What does Carmen do when Stephanie shows that she has a cell phone number for Ranger?
(a) Hits Stephanie
(b) Rams Stephanie's car
(c) Spits on Stephanie
(d) Pulls a gun

6. Why does Stephanie say she didn't bring a gun?
(a) Didn't think they would both need one
(b) Her liscence experired
(c) It didn't go with her outfit
(d) It was in the shop

7. What is Luis Queen's trade mark?
(a) Alligator skin belt
(b) Pink and purple cowboy hat
(c) Lizard skin cowboy boots
(d) Cop tattoo on his shoulder

8. What does Stephanie give to every one until their appointment time comes?
(a) Old magazines
(b) Five dollars
(c) Coupons for breakfast
(d) A bag of chips and a coke

9. What is the Lead Guitarist, Sally, wearing in the band?
(a) Red Thong
(b) Red dress
(c) A Marilyn Monroe outfit
(d) A nun's habit

10. What did Mary Lee ask her husband before attacking him?
(a) If she still turned him on
(b) If her butt looked big
(c) If she was gaining weight
(d) If he was cheating on her

11. Why does Stephanie tell Ranger that Julie is alright?
(a) Edward asked for a ransom
(b) Edward needs her alive
(c) She is a smart girl
(d) Edward is playing her father

12. Where do Ranger and Stephanie learn that the fake Ranger was working when Carmen first met him?
(a) For the governor
(b) As mall security
(c) Rent-A-Cop agency
(d) Security guard at a lumber mill

13. How do Ranger and Stephanie travel to Virginia?
(a) Train
(b) Boat
(c) Car
(d) Plane

14. What does Ranger say Edward Scrog referred to Carmen as?
(a) Practice
(b) Julie
(c) Stephanie
(d) Dead weight

15. Where does Stephanie tell Carmen she is going?
(a) To get her hair done
(b) To the office
(c) To meet Ranger
(d) To get her grandma

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Stephanie see while at the local bakery?

2. Who uses a stun gun on Joyce when she pulls a gun on Lula?

3. How does Stephanie describe her state of mind after they left Edward's apartment?

4. What does Stephanie offer Melvin if he will come with her?

5. Who arrives and is trying to talk to Stephanie while she is talking to Melvin?

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