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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Carmen claim that Ranger has done?
(a) Broke her heart
(b) Burned her house down
(c) Stolen her identity
(d) Taken all her money

2. What does Ranger say is the main reason he is staying at Stephanie's place?
(a) He is sure Scrog is coming after her
(b) So she can do the leg work for him
(c) It is the safest place for him
(d) He needs her contacts

3. What does Stephanie say her apartment usually is?
(a) Calm and quiet
(b) The last place she wants to go
(c) A safe haven
(d) Messy

4. What was Melvin Pickle arrested for?
(a) Public intox
(b) Public indecency
(c) Loitering
(d) Driving on a suspended liscence

5. Where does Ranger tell Stephanie he is going for a few day?
(a) Miami
(b) Galveston
(c) Little Rock
(d) Los Angeles

6. What happens to the phone at Stephanie's office?
(a) It gets shot
(b) Someone steals it
(c) Melvin rips it out of the wall
(d) Someone gets angry and cuts the line

7. What does Melvin threaten to do after Stephanie has introduced herself?
(a) Jump off the building
(b) Kill Stephanie
(c) Walk out into oncoming traffic
(d) Shoot himself

8. What does Stephanie find when she goes to check on Carmen's car?
(a) A knife
(b) Bullet holes
(c) Blood
(d) The kidnapped girl

9. What is the woman looking for Stephanie described as wearing?
(a) Biker leather
(b) A three piece suit
(c) Tee shirt and blue jeans
(d) All black

10. Why does Stephanie claim to be looking for the fake Ranger, Edward Scrog?
(a) He is dating her sister
(b) He got her cell phone
(c) He took her Ipod
(d) They were in a small fender bender

11. Who does Stephanie find in her apartment when she returns home?
(a) Morelli
(b) Ranger
(c) The kidnapper
(d) Her landlord

12. What does Morelli ask Stephanie when he calls her?
(a) If she will marry him
(b) If she is harboring a fugitive
(c) If she is safe
(d) If she has found anything out about Carmen

13. What does Ranger do when Morelli calls Stephanie?
(a) Turns her phone off
(b) Starts singing loudly so Stephanie can't hear
(c) Tell's Morelli to stop calling
(d) Asks Morelli for a favor

14. Where does Stephanie take Mary Lee before taking her to jail?
(a) Shoe shopping
(b) WalMart
(c) The bakery
(d) For some ice cream

15. What does Stephanie find Ranger has done when she comes home from work to change clothes?
(a) Eaten all her food
(b) Moved in equipment
(c) Let Rex out of his cage
(d) Put bugs in all her phones

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stephanie say about her answering machine?

2. What was Dave Nelson's old job?

3. What does Ranger say Edward Scrog referred to Carmen as?

4. What does Dan, the security guard, tell Stephanie that Edward had pictures of in his locker?

5. How was Carmen killed?

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