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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ranger say he got arrested for when he was fourteen?
(a) Gang fighting
(b) Graffiti
(c) Stealing a car
(d) Breaking and entering

2. What did Joyce Barnhardt NOT do to Stephanie when they were in school together?
(a) Tell people Stephanie has three nipples
(b) Spit in Stephanie's lunch
(c) Tell people Stephanie doesn't wear underpants
(d) Give her a swirlie in the boy's bathroom

3. What does Ranger say Edward Scrog referred to Carmen as?
(a) Julie
(b) Stephanie
(c) Practice
(d) Dead weight

4. What does Luis tell Stephanie he does to stay in shape?
(a) Tae-bo
(b) Yoga
(c) Jog
(d) Pilates

5. What does Stephanie realize about Carmen while looking through Edward's scrapbook?
(a) They were distant relatives
(b) They went to school together
(c) They both were hung up on men named Ranger
(d) Her and Carmen look alike

6. How do Ranger and Stephanie travel to Virginia?
(a) Train
(b) Car
(c) Boat
(d) Plane

7. What does Ranger do when Morelli calls Stephanie?
(a) Tell's Morelli to stop calling
(b) Starts singing loudly so Stephanie can't hear
(c) Asks Morelli for a favor
(d) Turns her phone off

8. What does Stephanie learn about while at the funeral parlor?
(a) Ranger being kidnapped
(b) A hostage situation at the bank
(c) Ranger's daughter being kidnapped
(d) Ranger's daughter's death

9. What does Stephanie's mother say she will do for Stephanie if Stephanie takes her grandmother to the funeral and keeps her out of trouble?
(a) Stop setting Stephanie up on blind dates
(b) Wash and wax Stephanie's car
(c) Pay Stephanie's phone bill
(d) Wash and Iron Stephanie's clothes

10. What pictures in Edward's scrapbook make Ranger angry?
(a) Pictures of Ranger dying
(b) Pictures of Stephanie with Edward pasted beside her
(c) Pictures of Ranger visiting his daughter
(d) Pictures of Ranger's mother and father

11. Why does Stephanie choose Melvin Pickle to go pick up?
(a) There is an FBI warrant out for him
(b) He lives close
(c) She knows him
(d) She thinks it will be easy

12. What does Stephanie say about her answering machine?
(a) It's always telemarketers
(b) It is never turned on
(c) It is broken
(d) It is always full

13. Who uses a stun gun on Joyce when she pulls a gun on Lula?
(a) Melvin
(b) Lula
(c) Connie
(d) Stephanie

14. Who does Stephanie see while at the local bakery?
(a) Melvin
(b) The governor
(c) Ranger
(d) Morelli

15. What does Stephanie say will happen if Lula gets out of the car?
(a) Things will get ugly
(b) Luis will be a grease spot
(c) Luis won't be able to walk on the corner anymore
(d) Luis will regret it

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Stephanie's grandmother say she hopes that it was Ranger that took the little girl?

2. What does Carmen claim that Ranger has done?

3. What was Melvin Pickle arrested for?

4. What does Lula say they will tell Joyce when she wakes up?

5. Where does Melvin work?

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