Twelve Sharp Character Descriptions

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Stephanie Plum

This character is a bounty hunter who is not very good at his/her job. This character chooses to live alone and is in love with two people. This character is kidnapped and may have to watch one of the people he/she loves die.

Joe Morelli

This character is a homicide cop who used to be wild but now is calm and wants to get married. This character is forced to work with a person he/she doesn't like in order to save the person he/she loves. This character is patient believing the person he/she is in love with will eventually marry him/her.

Carlos 'Ranger' Manoso

This character is a bounty hunter and a security expert. This character is in love but doesn't want a commitment. This character's identity is stolen and this character's child is kidnapped.


This character is an...

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