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Chapter 1

• Stephanie goes to the bakery where Ranger tells her he is leaving for Miami for a few days.

• Stephanie goes to Lonnie Johnson's house but leave after a car opens fire on his house.

• Stephanie goes to find Melvin Pickle only to have him run to the roof.

• Stephanie promises Melvin a job if he will not jump.

Chapter 2

• Stephanie and Lula go to pick up Mary Lee who had stabbed her husband in the butt.

• Stephanie is confronted by a woman, Carmen, who says she is Rangers wife.

• Stephanie tries to call Ranger but the woman becomes agitated that Stephanie has his number and pulls a gun on him.

• Stephanie has her boyfriend, Morelli, do some research on Carmen and Stephanie gets her license plate number.

Chapter 3

• Lula and Stephanie find that Lonnie Johnson's house has been burned down.

• Stephanie and Lula find that the office...

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