Turtles All the Way Down Short Essay - Answer Key

Green, John
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1. What does Aza say about life being a story in Chapter 1?

Aza says that life is a story told about you, not a story that you tell. You pretend to be the author, because you have to. You think you choose to do certain things, but you are not the painter, you are the canvas.

2. In Chapter 1, what is Mychal's new art project, and how does Daisy tell him he can improve the project?

For Mychal's new art project, he is using Photoshop to average the faces of 100 people named Mychal. The average of their faces will be a new 101st Mychal. Daisy tells him that his averaging project should be about imprisoned men who had been exonerated later. She tells him that it will be easier, because they will all have mug shots taken from the same angle. Then it is not just about names, but about race, class, and mass incarceration.

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