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Section One, Pages 1-31

• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Choi, Susan. Trust Exercise. Henry Holt, 2019.

• Section One, Pages 1-31.

• The first section of the novel, titled “Trust Exercise” (each of the novel’s three sections has the same title), is told via a third-person narrator and focuses on two teenagers who attend a prestigious high school for the arts in the mid-eighties.

• As the novel opens, it is early in July, and Sarah and her boyfriend, David, are not yet 16.

• The narrator notes that “[t]heir romance has started in earnest this summer, but the prologue took up the whole previous year” (1).

• The previous year, when they had been freshmen, everyone had experienced the “taut, even dangerous energy running between them” (2).

• The two attended CAPA, the Citywide Academy for the Performing Arts, a “special” school that was “intended to cream...

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